Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock – G2

I have confused myself with the damn alphabet as I seem to find a way every week to work whatever artist or song into a column in some weird fashion. Right now there is a lot on my plate as we hit the homestretch of the planning for NXNE and I don`t have time to deal with the damn alphabet or whether or not I have confessed my love for `Candy`s Going Bad` by Golden Earring. Plus my s key snapped off the computer and my keyboard keeps shifting and screwing up punctuation.

Last year I took over as Film Festival Manager and the amount of work it takes as we get near the festival is incredible. We need to schedule 45 films, find openers, secure screening copies, find out what directors and stars are coming and then help with their schedules. I know we will sit back in a couple of weeks when all the madness is over and pat ourselves on the backs for a job well done but right now it seems there are not enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished yet alone write and research a column. The next couple of weeks might meander but stick with me and I will right the ship.

Thanks to Diane Foy for hosting us last week at the kick-off to “Female Eye Film Festival Party”. Ambrose and I attended the party at Cherry Colas and it was nice to meet some local filmmakers as well as hang out with fellow DBAWIS writers Bob Segarini, Nadia Elkharadly and newbie Emer Schlosser. Always nice to see Glenn and Cherish at Cherry’s and hats off to Diane  for also showcasing four new female artists to the film crowd. Seemed like a good test drive for a week of NXNE film festing.

My long time buddy Mike Campbell had a nice piece written about him yesterday in the Halifax Herald by long time rock scribe Stephen Cooke. A few of you will remember Mike as he and his TV partner Mike Rhodes travelled across Canada for MuchMusic. Mike then moved to Halifax and started up “MuchEast” and “Going Costal”. Since then him and Rhodes have opened a fantastic club/restaurant in Halifax called “The Carleton”. ( The food, drink and music are fantastic and it is a must see on your next trip to Halifax. Now anyone who knows Mike is totally aware of his love for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and this is what Mr. Cooke addresses. It’s a good read.

We have managed to secure a few late World Premiers for the NXNE and are happy to announce that “Bring On The Mountain” and “The Ballad Of Danko Jones” have been added to our line-up.  “Mountain” is a 90 minute documentary about the life and times and Canadian rocker Danko Jones and his little Canuck band that managed to conquer Europe. It is a great insight in to the music business about someone who was always going to do it his way. It will screen Tuesday June 12 (come on by and buy me a birthday beer) at the National Film Board at John and Richmond at 6:00 PM and will repeat at the NFB on Friday June 15th at 12:30 PM. “The Ballad Of Danko Jones” is a 24 minute short film (and very big budget) starring the band in a rock’n’roll adventure which has them cross paths with the likes of Elijah Wood, Selma Blair, Ralph Macchio and Lemmy. This film will screen on Wednesday June 13 (drop by and buy me a birthday hangover beer) at The NFB at 3:00 PM. Actually, if you are an aspiring film maker I would suggest this is a session you might want to attend. We will start at 3 PM with the Canadian premiere of “My Hometown” which is a Yoko Ono narrated animated short. This film was made by Jerry Levitan and his team. Now Jerry was nominated for an Oscar a few years back for his short film “I Met The Walrus” when the 14 year old Jerry managed to access and interview John and Yoko at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto in 1969. The two combined shorts run about 10 minutes and then Jerry will do a Q+A. Jerry’s films will be followed with a short documentary of the making of a “one take” Amos The Transparent video (who are playing Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto Friday night) and a chat with director Gavin Michael Booth. After that will be the world premier of “The Ballad Of Danko Jones” and the directors will be there for a Q+A as well. Not a bad deal for $10 at the door or admittance with a NXNE wristband or delegate badge.

Keeping on the Canadian music theme that day we will also World Premiere “Ages & Stages – The Story Of The Meligrove Band” at 4:30 PM on Wednesday at the NFB. This is another great documentary about a fine Canadian band and their trials and tribulations on the Canadian scene. Pretty well every band on the CBC Radio 3 playlist makes a guest appearance in this one. The band will also host a party with musical guests Nixon, The Fabulous Yawn. The Two Koreas, Dinosaur Bones. Magneta Lane and a surprise guest at 586 Richmond Street West at 7 PM. Great bands and food and beverages from Steam Whistle and Caplansky’s.

The film portion of NXNE kicks off Monday June 11th at the NFB at 5:30 PM (drop by and buy me a birthday-eve beer) with a special screening of “Genius Within – The Inner Life Of Glenn Gould” which is in celebration of his 80th birthday. Glenn was raised in the Beach area of Toronto and attended Malvern Collegiate (my high school as well) with my father. To facilitate early NXNE delegates a satellite registration will be available Monday and Tuesday at the Hyatt Hotel on King Street West. We also will be screening three short films Monday (Preacher’s Son video for “Come On”, “Happily Dysfunctional – The Story of Transistor 66 Records` and “Going Deaf For Nothing – The Story of a Rock`n`Roll Band“) at 8:00 PM. Our rule for screenings is the shortest films run first and are followed by longer films. Each block presentation is well thought out and it is always worth it to check out the entire package. On Tuesday night, once again at the NFB, we will be showing `Randy Parsons – American Luthier`, `Dan’s Chelsea Guitar – A Neighbourhood Music Store For The Whole World“ and the Australian film `Persecution Blues – The Battle For The Tote` which chronicles the life and death of a very hip Melbourne rock club. At 8:00 PM Tuesday (after the 6:00 PM screening of `Bring On The Mountain`) we will present `The Disposable Film Festival 2012 Competitive Shorts`with the always entertaining and knowledgeable Dr. Carlton Evans in attendance.

While strolling down Queen Street East earlier this week I was very surprised (and happy) to see a store by the name of The Record Vault which is opening this Friday at 2156 Queen Street East (near Maclean Avenue – east of Woodbine – west of Beech). Might need to wander down Friday to see what’s up (and whether they are buying).

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Ok, I lied. You are going to have to wait one more week for something very cool and very rock’n’roll that will be happening at The Shanghai Cowgirl (538 Queen Street West). It involves a famous English rocker, a celebrated Toronto photographer and, of course, Shanghai owner Darryl Fine. This will give you the perfect excuse to drop by for a meal at some point this summer.

Cameron Carpenter has written for The New Music Magazine, Music Express, The Asylum, The Varsity, The Eye Opener,  The New Edition, Shades, Bomp!, Driven Magazine, FYI Music News, NXNE, The Daily XY and Don’t Believe A Word I Say.

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