Segarini: A Sunday Scrapbook

Big pictures and little words. The perfect combination for a quick read, some eye candy, and a few minutes respite from whatever you are engaged in. Sunday’s should be for relaxing, churchifying, cleaning the tile grout in the shower, or snuggling on the couch with a loved one, a kitty, or a half gallon of French Vanilla ice cream, a bottle of Frangelica, and an oz. of good hydro. For the sports inclined, you can park yer ass in front of the flatscreen with a bowl of chips or chili and a case of beer.

Now you can also stroll over to the ‘puter (or put your laptop on your lap), and enjoy some wild and wacky photos and words. Well, not really wild and wacky, more like fun and nutty, or edgy and goofy, or maybe shiftless and lazy or sanguine and zany. Define it any way you choose, but know this: You may experience a slight tingling in your fingers and a bit of dampness in your hoo-hoo. After all, these are the things that dreams are made of….

Seg’s Sunday Scrapbook

Snapshots and Stories for Modern Men and Women



The Two most popular photos I have ever run…As strange as it seems, these two photographs reflect not only the male and female readers I’ve had over the years, but the mysterious connection between chocolate and sex. I have read countless articles connecting the two disparate subjects, chocolate, that can melt either in your hands or your mouth, and sex, which can either cause you to relish life and all that it entails or cost you your home and most of your bank account if you happen to have it with the wrong person and make some stupid decisions because of it. The two most popular photos speak volumes about my readers’ desires and interests. I shan’t tell you which was the most popular, but one did stick out over the other.

Oddly, neither one has anything to do with music, media, radio, or records, although each seems to be a delicious and tempting cupcake.

We may have misjudged you.


So what was I doing 33 years ago? I didn’t always sit in front of a keyboard and monitor with my eyes bleeding and my fingers aching. At one time I was busy and ambulatory. So busy, in fact, that I rarely had time to do much else other than play. Also, you’ll notice a newspaper ad for the El Mocambo. Take a close look at the acts. You got to play the Elmo when you had earned the opportunity back then. Nowadays, it’s just one more place you either start out playing with your high school Buds, or pay to play. Hurumph. Calendar courtesy of Pete Kashur 1979. Hopefully, the new owners of the Elmo will restore it to its former glory.


 She’s beautiful AND has a great picture to share…This woman’s name is Carla Lockhart. She has been a friend since she was about 14 years old. One of the Holy Quartet of rock fans I have known since forever, Carla, Cherie, Cee Cee, and Melanie were the driving force behind the Family Tree’s ascension to prominence in Stockton California in 1965. As you can see, Carla was a perfect example of the California Girl the Beach Boys and Van Halen have been yammering about for the last 40 years. Not only is Carla beautiful, she has also lived a life full of music, adventure, and unique moments. While living in Nashville she snapped this picture and has given me permission to share it with you.

Left to Right: Les, Chet, Mr. and Mrs. Lockhart, and Shel Silverstein. Sitting in the chairs are Les Paul and Chet Atkins. Looking on are Carla’s parents, and standing off to the right, looking like a stalker, is the one and only Shel Silverstein. Pretty awesome stuff for a woman who grew up in Lodi, California and loved the rock and roll. The picture was taken backstage at Ryman Auditorium, home of the Grand Old Opry.


Delightful, charming, and destined to make an impact…After years of Government gobbeldegook, and the misplaced concern of otherwise intelligent ‘representatives’ of Canadian songwriters, artists, and musicians, Satellite Radio was finally greenlit to broadcast in Canada. I was fortunate enough to be hired by SIRIUS SatRad at the outset and enjoyed 3 years of on-air hijinx on Iceberg 95 playing 100% Canadian music and cracking wise with Pie, and my operator/producers Matt, and later, George Christie. We had only been on the air for a heartbeat when we presented a show at Toronto’s Mod Club that featured a clutch of new, young performers that Liz Janik, our Program Director, was sure would make a name for themselves, and Ron Sexsmith, who already had. Over the next few years every one of the acts proved themselves, winning Junos, Grammy nods, and acceptance worldwide as serious components of Canada’s talent pool. Pie took this picture of Leslie Feist and I, just outside the greenroom on the top floor of the Mod Club, right after her set. She is as witty and as charming as her music.


“There’s just this little clown…you won’t even notice”…The ‘little clown’ not only owned the Roxy album cover, it made this full page ad for the LP that ran in Billboard, Rolling Stone, and other music magazines look like it should have read, “The Circus Is Coming to Town!”  Thanks again, Elektra art and marketing departments. Have you ever seen a rock band look so glum?


Oh how we used to dance…Back in 1999 I was working as head of Creative Services for (think Pandora and Spotify only a decade too early and much better) and saddled with creating a television commercial for our website. These are pictures taken by the fabulous Janis Rees as part of that project. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Suze Burmester and I tripping the light fantastic and tangoing for the camera. The dancing would have put us right up there on the reject pile for ‘So You Think You Can Dance’…the laughter is genuine. Photos by Janis Rees.


From Left to Right: Wayne Cullen, David Henman, Bob Segarini, Brian Greenway, Ritchie Henman, and Kootch Trochim. Beer by Brador.

Dudes? These guys? Oh, come on!…This is what happens when 6 guys who have been playing 5 sets a night, 7 days in a row and drinking the entire time, stand still long enough for someone to snap a picture. Believe it or not, women actually found us attractive. All the Young Dudes upstairs between sets at the Mustache in Montreal late 1974. Photo courtesy of Oliver Clarke.


 Left to Right: Jim, Pie, Bob, and Greg

A Magic Moment at Steve Anthony’s 50th Birthday Party…Right after Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor sang ‘Close to You’ to Steve, a capella. You could almost hear Karen Carpenter spinning. Toronto 2009…



From Left to Right Brian, Bob, and John. 1982

When the future looked so bright we had to wear shades…Brian Stutz was in the thick of the music business, I was recently brought into radio by Warren Cosford and then Gary Slaight, and DJ John Mahjor was the King of All Media in Toronto. Check out the prices on the menu over our heads…


Our Bluestein is standing by the phone now…Back when a local band could work 7 days a week, the Agent of preference in Toronto was a man named David Bluestein. Blue was so incredible on the phones, booking dates and getting good prices for his artists, that we used to sit in his office and watch him work. He could carry on two different negotiations on two separate phones at the same time, genius-level entertainment in itself. I don’t know how many of these t-shirts he handed out, but I know only his problem children got them. The idea was to stop us from digging ourselves a deeper hole when we got in trouble at gigs. I do know that Greg Godovitz and I were given the first 2 shirts because we were always in shit. David was a keen observer of bad behavior and the creative talent that made trouble inevitable. The man loved his music, too. He once booked the Grateful Dead in Toronto, and then spent the day on their road crew just so he could hang out with them. Now THAT is a cool agent/manager.


Left to Right: Ritchie Henman and William “Kootch” Trochim. Can I interest you in a size 12 concrete shoe?

Waiting for Tony Soprano?…Two older Dudes snapped at ex-April Wine drummer Jerry Mercer’s 70th Birthday party a couple of years ago in Montreal. Is it just me, or do Ritchie and Kootch look like made men in this picture?


 Joe Jackson and Mike St. Denis. Gary Taylor’s Rock Room 1979

And what song did we play first?…The Segarini Band did a tour of Canada back in 1979 and spent 10 days of it in Vancouver doing television shows, a couple of concerts, and a week at a place called Gary Taylor’s Rock Room. Gary, still a dear friend to this day, was the kind of club owner/host that bands used to dream of. The meals were comped, the booze was on the house, and the strippers that peeled in the bar directly beneath the stage were on call to hang out in the rock room when they weren’t dancing.

One night Gary told us we could start late and hustled us off to the Commodore Ballroom to see New Wave sensation Joe Jackson. We got to watch the show from the side of the stage and were impressed with the trio and how great they actually were. Joe was gracious and charming and his band were just the nicest guys imaginable. When we went back to the Rock Room, they came with us and after hearing a couple of songs, Joe asked if he could sit in. The first song he and I sang together? I Left My Heart in San Francisco.


 Left to Right: Bob, Ernie, Kootch, and Randy. The Wackers Montreal 1974

Wacker High…At one point that was going to be the name of the Wacker’s fourth album before Ernie came up with Wack and Roll. Cherie Porter organized dozens of school buses and high schools and after obtaining permission slips and insurance, and transported somewhere between 500 and 1000 kids up to the top of Mont Royale for a photo shoot for the album cover. The Wacker stunt drew all the press you could hope for, and Juan Rodriguiz, then the chief entertainment writer at the Montreal Star wrote a 2 page article about us and slapped it on the front page of the Star’s entertainment section the Saturday after the shoot along with this picture, which remains my all time favourite candid shot of the Wackers and of rock bands in general. You can see a smattering of kids behind us, waiting in the warm Montreal sun, and  the Wackers, wishing they were anywhere but where they were. It was a magic band, and an amazing time.


Bob and Randy in Montreal at an Outdoor concert 1975

After The Wackers broke up, there was a lot of speculation as to what the reasons were. It was simple; Elektra had changed hands and no longer wanted to release our records. Still, rumours persisted about Rand and I having some sort of blood feud. True, we had drifted off in different musical directions, but remained friends, even working together on a few projects and recording together a couple of times. I attended and enjoyed his solo shows, and he in turn seemed to be a Dudes fan. This picture was taken at an outdoor show we both did, Rand with his band, I in The Dudes. Can’t remember who took the picture, but it finally shut everybody up who had been gossiping about our ‘feud’.


Paul Williams and I at Cherry Cola’s

Paul Williams is a very cool guy. Great writer, witty storyteller, and easy as hell to talk with. Back in 1969, he almost ran over me on the A&M lot when I was leaving a Carpenter’s session and he was driving out the front gate in a brand new high-end blue Mustang, two hands and a shock of blonde hair all that was visible behind the steering wheel. When I related the story to him at Cherry’s, he looked at me and I thought he was going to say he couldn’t recall the incident, but instead, he just said “Green’.

“Green?” I queried

“The Mustang was green, not blue.” He said, brow furrowed, recalling the car and the moment.

“Green.” I repeated. “Not the easiest colour to be.”

He has a great laugh….


Tim Bovaconti, Nick Lowe, Me, and Ron Sexsmith backstage at the Mod Club

Hadn’t seen Nick live since Rockpile played Massey Hall about 100 years ago. His opening line to me? “Hey, it’s the Canadian me!” referring to a story in the British music magazine, ‘Sounds’. I reminded him I’m not, nor is he the British me. Lucky for him….


On the set of “With Her” an Indie film where I cameo as a famous author at a book signing

Emer Schlosser talked me into this. It was hot, but fun. Met some nice folks and got to pretend I was a famous author. Maybe someday…I can pretend to be  a cowboy.


Caren Cole Me Drew Winters and Conridge Holloway

Segarini, Cole, and Winters was the name of the group, and one of our biggest fans was a guy named Conridge Holloway, who, at the time, happened to be the quarterback for the Toronto Argonauts. After coming to a bunch of gigs, he asked if he could sit in on congas. He was a member of the band after that. Connie was a great pal to hang out with, and we had some serious good times. First man I ever met who could mix a drink and pass a joint while driving 80 miles an hour down Eglinton Avenue….Connie had the fundamentals down cold.


Late Great Movies

I went from producing MuchMusic to hosting an all night television show Thursdays through Saturdays on CITY TV. It was too much fun. If I ever find the ‘Best Of’ reel, I’ll show you what 4 guys and a budget of $0 can do to fill an hour and 40 minutes of TV every week. We were awesome! Terry, Paul, Ty, and I did what it takes dozens of people to do. Still proud of what we accomplished there.


Yes…I’m Batman

The aforementioned Ty is Ty Templeton, comic book writer/illustrator/creator. Ty works on stuff for Mad Magazine, Bongo Comics (The Simpsons) DC and Marvel, and heads up his own school for those who want to get into the biz. He has used me in comics for decades. I have been Martian Manhunter’s boss, Joker’s henchmen, numerous cops and thugs, and even killed Robin once. Ty has a great blog and posted the above there one day. Me as Batman…I’m in the last row. I’m BATMAN!


Pope Bob

Just finished singing a couple with Elton Rohn at a Ribfest. Godovitz gave me the nickname The Pope…here I am living up to it. May the Force be With You.


And finally…

Snoop Bob

Peace Out!


Segarini’s regular column appears here every Monday

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Bob “The Iceman” Segarini was in the bands The Family Tree, Roxy, The Wackers, The Dudes, and The Segarini Band and nominated for a Juno for production in 1978. He also hosted “Late Great Movies” on CITY TV, was a producer of Much Music, and an on-air personality on CHUM FM, Q107, SIRIUS Sat/Rad’s Iceberg 95, (now 85), and now publishes, edits, and writes for DBAWIS, continues to write music, make music, and record.

4 Responses to “Segarini: A Sunday Scrapbook”

  1. Bob,I met you once at a gig in Kingston,and introduced myself with my nickname Kootch.You told me your best friends name was Kootch.Not sure if you were referring about Danny or William.Also my wife and I are going to Nashville in a couple of weeks to see Nick Lowe at The Mercy Lounge.Cant wait.Cheers

  2. Katherine Trowell Says:

    OMG . . having a serious flashback . . The Maidenhead Bar, Alexis Nihon Plaza, 1972 . . I worked upstairs at The Bali Hi (had hair down to there) . . we met at Maidenhead, friends with Sonny (his sister worked there . . Barbara?)
    I KNEW it was you Bob . . . wow . . old photos open old doors, neh ? awesome ! (you wrote the theme song for a tv series ) oh god, it’s all coming back to me now (like a tsunami) ! I had just left Sennecal/Mashmekhan . . DKD had signed me in to Canada, was 6 months on the road with Mash. before I ever saw Mtl. . . were we ever that young ?

  3. Lawrie Ingles Says:

    Lovin the new look your Bibship!

    Love Doc

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