As those arbitrators of all things rock and roll prepare once again to indoctrinate some more of their own on behalf of what remains of the music industry, I decided to virtually canvas some of MY musical heroes with one simple, or perhaps not so simple question:

Should PAT BOONE be inducted as well into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame?

Phil KaufmanRoad Mangler Deluxe

Pat Boone? Pop Hall Of Fame …or the White Buck Shoe Hall. But never Rock ‘n’ Roll!  (P.S.: Where is the “ROADIE Hall”?

R. Stevie MooreDIY home recording iconoclast (whose father Bobby actually attended East Nashville High School with Pat!)

Yes! Debate irrelevant: 50 hits, reason enough!

(I’ve been knowed to be wrong… but not very often!!!)

carolkaye_01Carol KayeBassist on many of the Greatest Records Ever Made

I think that Pat Boone should be inducted in the RRHOF because, regardless of who he supposedly “copied” or tried to “sound like,” he did something no other singer of his time did:  He brought pop-rock into the mainstream of music, in a pretty good way I’d say.

P.S.: I played guitar (and then bass later) on many of his things. He was doing stuff back then that the ordinary pop singer didn’t do at all.

Jeff Tamarkinformer editor, “Goldmine” Magazine, and coming very soon with Howard Kaylan’s Turtles autobio

Of course not, but I don’t believe James Taylor should’ve been either. Neither one is a rock ‘n’ roll singer.

Stephanie Chernikowskiworld-renowned photographer (…who actually once received a kiss from the PRE-ARMY Elvis!!)

Absolutely not. He is not rock ‘n’ roll.

Bob BrainenWFMU-FM

It’s all relative, and there are people nominated and selected that have less to do with rock ‘n’ roll than him.

As far as his place in the scheme of things, he was someone who watered down rock ‘n’ roll, but I enjoy some of his records, so I’d say YES.

BeachGirl45For one, he put out a great record produced by Terry Melcher called “Beach Girl” in ‘64 (written by Melcher and Bruce Johnston, who also did backing vocals). The flip-side was “Little Honda.”

Peter Noone,  the Artist formerly known as Herman


If he is inducted before Davy Jones from the Monkees and Tommy Lasorda, who

surely are more to do with rock ‘n’ roll than Pat Boone, I will make Little Jimmy Osmond the editor of “Q Magazine.”

Mike McDowell“Blitz” Magazine

Does Pat Boone belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?


Joel SelvinSan Francisco Chronicle

CartoonPatI’ve heard Boone on this subject – the popularizer vs. the innovator – and while he’s right about the significance of the popularizer, his records were too god-awful to last. I’m sorry, his “Tutti Fruitti” doesn’t hold up, while Bill Haley’s “Rip It Up” may out-rock Little Richard (boo! heresy!)

I say vote for Fabian. When it comes to phony rock and rollers, he’s the real deal.

Jon SievertHumble Press

NEVER! Pat Boone was the ultimate anti-rock ‘n’ roll figure, created by record companies for the sole purpose of shielding white America from the likes of Fats and Little Richard while ripping them off.

And his music really sucked, which should be the ultimate criteria for determining worthiness.

Irwin Chusid“Songs In The Key Of Z”

I have a DEFINITE opinion on the matter.

The answer, by the way, is Yes.

Domenic PrioreSunset Strip historian

No. Unless Phil Collins gets in. Because they are equals.

Mark JohnsonCold Weather musician

ElvisAndPatPat Boone was a more relaxed actor than Elvis Presley (let’s put that adult contemporary smooth temperament to good use) – more at ease on camera and he could deliver his lines without making you feel like he knew he was “on” all the time – which unfortunately was how I perceived Elvis in most of his films.

Why are we talking about Rock and Roll when we could be talking about a Lifetime Achievement award for Journey to the Center of the Earth?

Brett MilanoBosstown journalist

Yes, but only by virtue of that cocktail version of “Stairway to Heaven” he did a few years ago.

Phil Angottia man with Life and Rhymes

No, absolutely not. He doesn’t have a rock ‘n’ roll bone (boone) in his body.

Mick Farrenoriginal Deviant

Richard_Boone_Paladin_1962My first instinct was no, never; it would be insult to Little Richard. RICHARD Boone did more for rock ‘n’ roll as far as I’m concerned.

But then I thought, yeah, why not? It only shows the RRHOF as the dumb hype tourist trap farce it really is.

Induct everyone! Tiny Tim, The Chipmunks, One String Sam, Frank Stallone, The Big Bopper. I mean, where’s Syd Barrett, or Roky Erickson, and did they ever get round to Gene Vincent?

I can’t even keep up with the self congratulatory nonsense. It’s the Paul Shaffer world and I don’t go there.

Bruce Farley Mowatformer writer for “The Globe & Mole – er, Mail”

There are a number of things to consider in the context of this question:

First of all, does the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame accurately reflect the genre itself?

pete_seegerI think not, and to prove my point, consider the reaction of Pete Seeger:  When that old banjo strummin’ guy was indicted – er, inducted, he went up to the podium with a facial expression that was equal parts confusion and disgust.

You see, Seeger HATED (and probably still hates) “rock ‘n’ roll” right from the get-go. So, to be honored with such an award was  a) either a backhanded face-slap or  b) completely misguided.

I’m guessing it was based on the latter principle.

However, if the minions that be in the RRHOF want to let Boone in, it would be totally consistent with their aesthetic parameters. In short, to quote another HOF’er: Sure! “Open the door and let him innnnnn, oh yeah.” Because it just doesn’t matter any more.

Karl Ikola,  Anopheles Records

I did listen to my mother’s Pat Boone 45s as a little single digit lad in the very early ’70s, but I can’t say I particularly liked them even then …even before I had taste : )

Kim Cooper,  still Lost in the Grooves

Christian BooneWhen I was fifteen, the headmaster of my freaky new age alternative school somehow

arranged that his students would appear on Pat Boone’s Christian cable show.

As all of the other kids and teachers were desperate to be televised, I was unable to get out of joining this group at the taping, which took place in Pat’s large suburban tract home high above the Sepulveda Pass – in a street of houses notorious for having been built atop improperly sealed landfill!

There was no way in the world that I was going to appear on a Christian TV show hosted by someone who had turned vital ’50s rock ’n’ roll into namby-pamby candyfloss, and I was saying as much to my pal Chris when Pat ambled over to ask why we weren’t with the other kids. I’m pretty sure he heard enough of my screed to get the point, but he was extremely gracious and we reciprocated.

Chris and I sat out the taping, remarking that Pat didn’t seem like such a bad guy, really. I don’t think he belongs in the Hall of Fame, but then many of the patboonealbum1past inductees don’t either, and his entry would at least inspire debate.

His ‘50s recordings presumably generated royalties for some deserving folks and helped ease the mass acceptance of rock songwriting. I haven’t felt the need to demonize Pat Boone since the day he played it so cool with a couple of snotty kids. And you gotta admit, that heavy metal phase was a hoot.

Ian WhitcombRagtime Raconteur and one-time Father of Irish Rock 

I’m assuming by your tone that you assume most rocksters to have nothing but contempt for Pat Boone. But I have always liked his music and the man himself.

In fact, I have very fond memories of his version of “Love Letters In The Sand,” since it was to his record that I received my very first kiss from a teenager called Debbie Briggs in a punt (that’s a low flat-bottomed boat) on a man-made lake at an upper-class holiday resort in East Anglia, England in 1957. Needless to say, I was a teenager, too. And what a kiss it was! Sent tingles all over me and I’ve never had an experience as intense since. Boone’s record was what got her going.

What these silly myopic rocksters don’t understand is that Boone was a crooner in the great tradition of crooners, going back to the 1920s. And the mellifluous and comforting voices of the best crooners will continue to spread contentment long after the noxious caterwauling of the Dylans have been buried in a black hole.

you_turn_me_onDuring my rock ‘n’ roll period I appeared as a guest on The Pat Boone Show, where I sang “You Turn Me On” to my uke accompaniment. Then I handed the uke to Pat who proceeded to strum and sing “Love Letters In The Sand” while Soupy Sales and I provided a tasteful doo-wop backing noise. I told Pat the story of the kiss. He seemed impressed at the time. I have this show on film to prove that I’m not lying. I’ve been known to invent, you know, but this was for real.

I’m sorry Boone decided to go heavy metal, thus denying his impeccable wasp background.  Somebody must stand up for pure white traditions and if it has to be me, so be it.

Chad StuartChad & Jeremy


Because he didn’t make a genuine contribution to the art form.

Because he made records which were a pale imitation of the genuine article.

Because he never poured his heart and soul into his recordings.

Because he was a pop singer, and they don’t count.

(The “pop” hall of fame, maybe.)

Henny de PaterDutch Country D.J. Association

Will, or Must, Pat Boone be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Why not??

elvis and booneLike Elvis, he did a lot of sweet ballads. My old girlfriend loved that warm and tender voice, and by telling her that Pat Boone was my favorite too (but then, what I DIDN’T tell her was I was really a Rocker at heart!), I scored many points and left other guys, who were after that same girl, far far behind me.

That’s why “good old” Pat ought to be inducted:  So that other people won’t forget him either.

Your thoughts as well, of course, are more than welcome below.


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  1. Yeah, But do we really want to see PHISH playing Pat Boone songs at the Induction Ceremony?

  2. I, too made out to “Love Letters in the Sand” and thought “Speedy Gonzales” although unconcsiously racist, was a decent pop tune. It ain’t enough to get him in; besides he not only bit off the hand that fed him, he chewed it offf to the shoulder!
    And then there’s Debby………………

    If he can do “American Pie” in Boontling……weeeeell, maybe.

  3. Strummer Says:

    Carol Kane was the bass player on many records working in The Wrecking Crew.How about a list of their best tunes? Cheers…

  4. I like “Love Letters In the Sand”…I also like “The Stroll” by the Diamonds. These songs aren’t enough to push either act into the Hall.

    I include the Diamonds here in the Boone discussion because most of their major hits were extremely ‘sanitized’ versions of what were considered ‘rock’ songs back then…eliminate the one or two good songs by either act, you’re left with rotten remakes or utter tripe (“Don’t Forbid Me” by Boone, “(She Say) Oob Dooby Doom” by the Diamonds).

    And for the record, I thought the metal CD was a hoot! But overall, I’m sorry, Pat, I see no induction in your future.

  5. Randall Oberg Says:

    So Pat Boone was so bad he was good type thing. But then again you have the likes of Pete Seeger as an inductee. Who never ever ventured into the rock and roll forte. Peace love and understanding ya sure Pete. Rock is rebellion not an fuzzy old man and his banjo. So ya go ahead and induct Mr. Pat Boone into the rock & roll hall of fame it doesn’t really matter who really cares.

  6. […] surprisingly then, one of its first signings (besides Mr. Cosby of course) was the great white Pat Boone and his strangely countrified, recorded-in-a-single-day, produced-by-Zal-Yanovsky-even Departure […]

  7. […] would make him look bad. There would be no Andy Williams without Como’s influence. Of course, Pat Boone’s favorite singer of all-time is Perry Como, which speaks volumes without actually saying […]

  8. […] it sure would be nice if Tylin Whaler gets the keynote call when that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame finally does allow Patrick Charles Eugene Boone past its gold lame gates.  But until that […]

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