Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – We’re Going North By North East

CamA couple of weeks ago my son Kyle and I headed down to The Horseshoe to see our boys Gloryhound. We were standing out front when Kyle said “that’s Jon Snow from “Game Of Thrones”. I looked over casually and thought he could be the little bastard. It was soon confirmed that it indeed was actor Kit Harington and we moved over to the pool table to say hello (like the good couple of fan boys we are). While waiting for an appropriate moment to pass to introduce ourselves (and give him a copy of the Gloryhound CD) Kyle pointed out another pool player and said “Dad, I am pretty sure that is Lane Pryce from “Mad Men”).

Mad Men (Season 5)He went straight to his iPhone and, in a matter of seconds, confirmed that Jared Harris (Lane) and Kit (Jon) were both in Toronto filming the movie “Pompeii”. As a big “Mad Men” fan I had no problem strolling over to Jared for a chat. They had just come from seeing The Rolling Stones and were pretty excited about their Air Canada Experience. Jared chatted with fans, posed for snaps and even bought Kyle and I a couple of 50’s. Very nice and generous chap. Back out on the patio we were joined by “Grimm” actor Sasha Roiz who is also starring in Sasha Roiz“Pompeii”. Meeting rock stars doesn’t really faze me but I still get a little star struck meeting actors. Speaking of actors, here’s the line-up for the 13th annual NXNE Film Festival.

This year we have incorporated NXNE Comedy and NXNE Art into the film festival and there will be four comedy features “Alone Up There”, “No Joke”, “Laugh Sabbath” – a compilation of shorts, and “A Universal Language” which will be screening at The Bloor Hot Docs Theatre. As I have not seen these films, they were programmed by Ryan Tonkin; I can’t really comment on them but can guarantee they will all be interesting. With NXNE Art you might see projections on walls all over the city. Should be very interesting to see what Kate Hollett brings to NXNE this year as we introduce art as a major component of the every-expanding festival. We are also doing two music screenings at venues this year. On Friday June 14 at 6 PM there will be a showing of “If We Shout Loud Enough” a great film on the Baltimore post-punk band Double Dagger at The Drake Underground. I became a huge fan of the band after viewing this movie about the band’s farewell tour. After the show Peals will be performing and that band features Double Dagger bassist Bruce Willen. Also on Friday June 14 we will be screening the new Spookey ken-russellReuben camp horror flick “Puzzleface” at 9:30 and 10:30 in the back room of The Bovine. The 17 minute movie features Spookey, singer Maylee Todd, Voivod’s Denis Belanger, and, in his last screen appearance the legendary director Ken Russell as God.

Here’s the line-up for The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema (506 Bloor Street West – across from Lee’s Palace). Don’t forget you can get in with a Priority Pass, NXNE wristband, NXNE film wristband or purchase a single ticket for $11 at the door.

Thursday June 13

6:45 PM – The Elwins “Forgetful Assistance” – A very clever music video from the young Ontario band.

6:45 PM – “Authentic – Young Rival’s Journey Through Canada”.

Follow the Hamilton based alternative band as they tour across Canada. This is what the road is really like. A great new film from Brendan McCarney and Mike Gillespie. Brendan gave us the surprise hit of last year’s festival with “Ages & Stages – The Story Of The Meligrove Band”. This is the world premiere.

9:15 PM – “All Out War”.

Follow four Bboys as they head to Toronto for the annual “King Of The Ring” battle. Some great breakdancing but more interesting is the story of the four young men coming to compete in the dance battles. Another world premiere.

Friday June 14

4:00 PM – The Flaming Lips “Silver Trembling Hands”. A new short live video from last year’s Yonge & Dundas Square headliners The Flaming Lips.

4:00 PM – “Mistaken For Strangers”.

Following this screening The National will be performing at Yonge & Dundas Square. The story of what happens when The National’s Matt Berninger invites his brother Tom on tour. Working as a road crew member Tom also decides to film a documentary about the band. A great film, with lots of The National music, it is the story of family and what can go wrong when two brothers’ worlds collide. Very moving.

6:30 PM – “B.B. King – The Life of Riley”.

The North American premiere of the new Jon Brewer film about the blues legend. Narrated by Morgan Freeman the film features everyone from Bono and Barrack Obama to Ringo Starr and Bruce Willis. Even if you’re not a fan of the blues this is an extraordinary look at B.B.’s life.

9:15 PM – “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road”. The Canadian premiere of the five minute short about the tourists who flock to the Abbey Road “zebra crossing” made famous by The Beatles.

9:15 PM – “The Rolling Stones – Charlie Is My Darling – Ireland 1965”.

One of the best moments of the year was when I met legendary Stone’s manager Andrew Loog Oldham back in March. Newly discovered, never-before-seen-footage has been woven into an intimate, behind-the-scenes diary of early life on the road with the Stones. Shot just weeks after “Satisfaction” hit #1 on the charts, it features the first professionally filmed concert. Charlie is my Darling –Ireland 1965 captures the band before they became legend.

If you went to see The Stones while they were in Toronto you can complete your guitar trilogy with this movie which features Brian Jones.

Saturday June 15

1:00 PM – “FILMAGE – The Story of DESCENDENTS / ALL.

A big score for us as this is the world premiere of this documentary about the two legendary bands. The night before the screening various musicians in this film will be performing as Flag at The Opera House. I can say I didn’t know too much about either band before seeing this film and can’t believe what I missed. A fascinating story and one that will make you become a fan. As with every great documentary it is also a story of personal triumph and tragedy.

3:30 PM – “Alone Up There” – Comedy

6:30 PM – “No Joke” – Comedy

9:15 PM – “The Global Groove Network”.

Another world premiere and another great Canadian film. Director Courtney James takes us on a journey into the past, present and future of EDM (electronic dance music). This documentary is a look at how the past can reflect the present; how music can shape your identity. This is a story of a music culture that has grown from the underground and evolved the mainstream since its inception 40 years ago.

Sunday June 16

1:00 PM – “A.K.A. Doc Pomus”.

This was one of the first films submitted and I wrote about it last fall on these very pages ( A great story of a great songwriter and a damn near perfect picture for Father’s Day.

Darryl-Fine-of-Bovine-Sex-Club-Watusi-Shanghai-CowgirlSome great news this week. I was heading down to the Bovine to see if Darryl was around as I needed to drop off the aforementioned Spookey Reuben film “Puzzleface”. I wasn’t sure if he would be working on Rock Lobster or maybe at his nearby apartment. As I got to the Bovine there was a sign on the sidewalk saying “Bovine Tiki Bar Open”. It was just after 4 PM, the weather was gorgeous, so I headed upstairs. Worst case scenario I could have a pint and leave the film and have one less thing to worry about next week. As it turns out Darryl was having his lunch and we had a chance to Bovine Tiki Loungecatch up. The good news is The Tiki is open every day at 4 PM and from 4 PM until 10 PM the BBQ, with a great Hawaiian inspired menu and a couple of new killer cocktails. The deck is fantastic, the music is space age pop, and all of the old regulars are making it their hangout. I ran into Gary Butler from The Autumn Stones who is excited about their NXNE gig Saturday June 15 at 8 PM at Rancho Relaxo (you can download a couple of their demos at The Elmo and an equally excited Al Nolan whose band Downbelows are playing with Flag at The Opera House on Friday June 14 at 9 PM. If you miss that show Downbelows will be rocking The Bovine with the 3Tards on June 22nd. Our artist Morgan Cameron Ross will be at The Supermarket on Friday June 14 at 8 PM and has just been added as the support act for Michael Bernard Fitzgerald at The El Mocambo on Saturday June 15. Doors at 7 PM, Morgan should be on around 9 PM.

NXNE, a film festival to run, turning 54, my son Kyle turning 24, The MMVA’s, the fabulous annual Field Party, 4 AM last call and Father’s Day. Just another week of rock’n’roll.


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  1. EditButler Says:

    CC! I’m a day late and a dollar short. Just read this column today/now. Thx for plugging our show — I guess I know now why it was so packed!!
    GB/The Autumn Stones

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