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Nadia LogoYesterday I was driving home from work, and listening to the intrepid Mr. Rich Terfry(aka Buck 65) on CBC Radio 2, and as usual, the velvety voiced radio host had many music related facts to impart upon his listening audience.  The most memorable, one and the most shocking to me anyway, was a story that has been circulating about Robin Thicke and Marvin Gaye.  One was accusing the other of song thievery, but you may be just as surprised as I was to hear who was doing the accusing, and the subsequent suing.

The song in contention is Thicke’s latest innane but incredibly catchy hit “Blurred Lines”.  People apparently have noticed the uncanny resemblance the track has to a certain Marvin Gaye killer, classic, amazing song.  Take a listen to the songs back to back, and see for yourself if the rumour mill has it right.

Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines (I’m giving you guys the version with the boobs, you’re welcome Bob!)

Marvin Gaye – Got to Give it up

Unless your ears are broken (and I’d be very sad for you if they are), then you’ll definitely hear the aforementioned uncanny resemblance between the Thicke and Gaye…(insert juvenile chuckle here) tracks.  Now, is this just an instance of inspiration playing out, or is it straight up plagiarism to capitalize on the hitmaker power that familiarity and previous success brings?  Personally, I couldn’t give a shit.  “Got to give it up” is the clearly superior song, and if Thicke wanted to steal it to make some money, that would be a dick move, but it would be his dick move to make.  Or maybe he really was simply inspired by that song, or by the soul genre as a whole, and created a career resurrecting megahit as a result.  Whichever scenario is in play makes very little impact on my life, or the world as we know it.  But Thicke’s latest stunt takes the klassy with a capital K kake (cake); he’s “launched a preemptive strike” according to NPR and the Hollywood Reporter, against Marvin Gaye’s family.  Apparently, there were reported rumblings from 70s era songmaker’s family about “Blurred Lines” and its similarity to “Got to give it up”.  Words like “cash settlement” and “copyright infringement” were thrown around, so Thicke and company decided to get a jump on things by launching their own suit.  Legally or logistically, I’m not sure I can argue that they’re not in the wrong by taking this course of action, but for some reason it just FEELS wrong, to me.  It feels disrespectful to the estate and the family of a person who has so very clearly influenced Thicke and his crew to make that song.  It feels petty, and it feels cheap, and it’s just yet another layer to the cake of insanity that the world seems to be baking these days.  Damn it. Now I want cake.

boycottsochiOne my lovely DBAWIS cohorts already touched upon a certain topic this week, one that’s been on my mind for some time now.  In her wonderful way, Roxanne brought to light a controversial and deeply saddening subject, and, to put it as succinctly as I can: WTF Russia?  Roxy summed up the guts of the matter so well, I won’t rehash it here, but I will say that while Russia’s newfound stance on homosexuality is despicable.  I’m falling more and more into the line of thinking that the sane world should protest what Russia is doing, and there are some really smart ways that people are going about it.  Smart, peaceful and economically based protest, such as boycotting products made in Russia (Vodka for instance) is definitely a way to get the currently backwards acting country to sit up and take notice.  Petitioning the International Olympic Committee to rethink its decision to have the next winter Olympics in Sochi is also an intelligent and likely effective form of protest.  There are many paths to be taken that will hopefully result in real change in Russia’s newly instated policies, and the end of the awful abuses that are taking place there against innocent people.  But what’s most unfortunate to me is that Russia is not alone in its foul behaviour.

gaymarriageAll around the world, people pay far too much attention to what consenting adults and confused young people are doing with their own junk, to the point of discrimination and abject abuse.  To me, that’s absolutely batshit crazy.  But people like the Westboro Baptist Church continue to protest Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concerts because they sing about gay marriage, Republicans continue to declare that marriage is only for heterosexual couples, and it’s still illegal to be homosexual in many countries around the world.  In my mind, gay rights shouldn’t even be a subject for debate.  Gay rights should just BE.  Being homosexual doesn’t make you less of a human, and therefore people leading a homosexual lifestyle should have all the same rights as those who live as heterosexuals.  It doesn’t compute to me that this isn’t how things are, and it makes even less sense that it’s such a massive issue.  What two adults do isn’t anyone’s business but their own.  As long as they’re happy and not harming anyone, keep on keepin on!  But apparently the busybody bitches that tend to keep cropping up in every society, be it those hiding behind religion, “morals” or politics, just can’t let people live the lives they want to.

In a world where children are starving, animals are abused, and diseases and cancers still take loved ones from their families suddenly and far too soon, trying to battle for or against homosexuality should be the furthest thing from anyone’s mind.  If the homophobes around the world would put an ounce of the ridiculous amount of energy they expend spewing bile and hatred into something positive, just imagine the amazing things that could be accomplished.  And if gay rights activists didn’t have to spend so much time fighting for what they deserve simply by being humans on earth, imagine how many MORE amazing things could be accomplished!  Diseases could be cured, world hunger would disappear, peace could reign around the globe…well, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.  But my point remains; if the haters just used their hate powers for good, and not evil, all of that negative energy could be harnessed, and turned into something truly good, positive, and beneficial for everyone.

I know I’m living in a dream world if I think that this idea will materialize any time soon.  Sometimes, I wish there was such a dream world, where the world wasn’t filled with hate, violence and all things horrible (and I haven’t even touched on Egypt…I’ll save that for another column once I waterproof my laptop).  Maybe someday we’ll achieve what we’re capable of, in a good way. But until then, this song pretty much sums up how I feel.  I’d like to go to sleep one night, and wake up when all the insanity is over.  And when I realize it’s still happening all around me, I hope to be stronger and wiser, to help make a difference, if I can.

Avicii – Wake Me Up

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