Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – E is for A Little Bit of Everything

CamIt’s sports overload right now as the NHL season has kicked off, baseball playoffs have started, the English Premier League and Champions League are in full swing and Canadian Graham DeLaet gets ready to tee it up with some of the world’s best at The Presidents Cup this weekend.  Throw in the NASCAR chase and NFL and CFL it is lucky that I don’t have cable as I imagine I would be spending a lot of time alone.

Damian Warner 2Last weekend I met a different kind of athlete and one who is not being offered eight years at eight million dollars a year deals. Damian Warner is a 23 year old London, Ontario born decathlete who recently placed third at the World Championships and brought Canada to the medal podium for the first time since 1995 when Mike Smith represented our country.  Team Damian was looking to set up photo shoots across Toronto which showed Damian performing his ten events “out of context”. They contacted the Balmy Beach Canoe Club and we Damian Warnerarranged to have him shot putting on the lawn bowling greens and hurdling at the volleyball courts. What a great kid and inspiration. Expect to hear his name and see him on the podium in the next few years (he was fifth at the London Olympics). The photo shoots were fantastic and he took time to talk to everyone who approached him.

Speaking of Canadians last weekend Wendi-Jane and I were invited to celebrate the 80th birthday of Canadian actor Dawn Greenhalgh. As Dawn and Meganwell as being an iconic stage and screen actor Dawn is also the mother of Laurence, Samantha, Edwina and Megan Follows. It was inspiring to spend time with the talented family and to have a chance to speak with another great actor. Paul Soles, who, some of the more mature in the crowd will remember from the TV series “This Is The Law”. Of course his samantha-follows-photostage stories about Christopher Plummer and Glenda Jackson is what he is proudest of, but, as a teenager, “This Is The Law” was a staple on Canadian television. Kids of all ages will recognize his voice as that of the misplaced elf “Hermey” in the seasonal favourite “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”. Our own Bob Segarini will remember Samantha Follows from “The Edison Twins”. Dawn has just finished shooting the new David Cronenberg film “Map Of The Stars” and daughter Megan will be portraying Queen Catherine in the new CW series “Reign” which begins to air on October 17th.

John Catto from The Diodes posted a link to the film “CBGB” on his Facebook page earlier this week, and, fearing it would be closed, I alan as hillywatched the entire film. Can’t say too many good things about it although Alan Rickman did a good job portraying CB’s founder Hilly Kristal. The set designers did a great job of re-creating the club, and the infamous bathrooms, but most of the movie left me cold. There were some major continuity issues, artists performing songs they had not written when they supposedly played them in the club, and some of the cameos did not capture the essence of the original artists. The Lou Reed character left me scratching my head to say the least. I am sure the casual viewer won’t be as critical as Cover-I-Dreamed-I-Was-A-Very-Clean-Tramp-by-Richard-Hellsome of us you spent time in the club during its heyday. The soundtrack album should be fantastic.

Perhaps they should have based the story on the new book from Richard Hell “I Dreamed I Was A Very Clean Tramp” which chronicles the “Blank Generation” musician’s journeys with Television, The Heartbreakers and as a solo artist. A highly recommended rock’n’roll read and a great New York companion piece to Patti Smith’s “Just Kids”. Throw in Jim Carroll’s “The Basketball Diaries” and you have three takes on the origins of the CBGB scene.

For those of you living in Toronto I recommend a visit to the hot new boutique hotel The Templar at the corner of Adelaide Street West and Peter Streets (348 Adelaide Street West). There are 15 Mick Rock photos on display in the lobby until November 26thand they are on display for free. If you are a fan of Bowie (some of Rock’s photos are part of the AGO installation), Bryan Ferry, Queen, Iggy or Syd Barrett it is more than worth the ten minutes to pop by and have a look. The bar also looks pretty cool.

In keeping with our alphabet theme here are some Easy E’s for you

EBN OZN – AEIOU Sometimes Y

A long time guilty pleasure and a not quite one-hit wonder.  The first single ever recorded entirely on a Fairlight computer.

Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon

From the 1985 album “Ocean Rain”. Might be the best album from the Liverpool band.

Eye Eye – My Sensation

Featuring the late Mark Caporal on drums. Everyone in the Canadian music business loved that man. Sorely missed.

Eddie & The Hot Rods – Teenage Depression

Although they were lumped in with the 1976 UK punk movement these guys were pure pub rock.

Editors – A Ton Of Love

The latest from the great Birmingham band. They keep getting better with every release.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home

A staple on the new station Indie 88 this song goes back to 2009. They are hippies and I should hate it but Wendi-Jane smiles with joy every time it comes on.

Elton Motello – Jet Boy 

The English version of Plastic Betrand’s “Ca Plane Pour Moi”. Not as good as the original but the lyrics are far easier to comprehend.

The Equals – Baby, Come Back

The sound of London in the late sixties and the first hit from Eddy “Electric Avenue” Grant. Burton Cummings rocked a pretty good version on his album “Jukebox”.

The Extras – Circular Impression

Canadian new wave about a condom. How can you go wrong?

Elvis Costello – (I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea

My ode to the English Premiere League. Arsenal and Chelsea go at it in the next round of the Capital Cup. One of my fave Elvis songs ever.

And finally….

I am very sad to report the death of long time El Mocambo manager and door man Reggie Bovaird. Anyone who went to the El Mo in the seventies and eighties knew Reggie well. There will be a memorial this Sunday at the El Mocambo between 1 – 5 PM. I know that El-Fish will be watching. Here’s Reggie, Jonathon Gross and I back in the day.

Reggie 002

Reggie, Jonathon, and Cam


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The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll are proud to be presented by The Bovine Tiki Bar. The bar and BBQ opens daily at 4 PM and the BBQ rocks until 10 PM. Cocktails available after 10. Time is running out to hit the patio so the sooner the better. If it is cold or rainy plant yourself at The Rock Lobster Food Co. in the former home of the late great Shanghai Cowgirl. The back patio was hot yesterday afternoon and the lobster rolls and the maple corn dogs were going down just fine. Tasty Sam Adams is on tap, or, if you are more adventurous, there is a killer lobster Caesar which my business partner Todd Arkell swears by.

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