Justin Smallbridge: Drake Speaks! (Kind of….)

Justin LargeEditor’s Note: We encourage creativity here at DBAWIS, and the crew who write for you always step up to the plate.

Today’s column is a departure from our usual modus operandi, and I was thrilled to receive it from once-a-month contributor Justin Smallbridge, he of no small talent and a cutting wit. What else can I say about a man I met because of the review he wrote of my first Segarini album, “Gotta Have Pop”, which included the line, “This album sucks like a Hoover”. I liked the review so much I had it blown up to a 6ft. by 7ft. sign which hung in the offices of Bomb Records until the label folded.

Here’s Justin’s column.

Now I’m waiting to hear from Drake’s lawyers….

fake panel 01A

fake panel 02B

fake panel 03C

fake panel 04D

fake panel 05E

fake panel 06

fake panel 07

fake panel 08H


Justin’s column appears here every 4th Monday or so….

Contact us at: dbawis@rogers.com

DBAWIS ButtonJustin Smallbridge is, among other things, a writer, producer, broadcaster, voiceover artist and record collector.

2 Responses to “Justin Smallbridge: Drake Speaks! (Kind of….)”

  1. Peter Montreuil Says:

    Too funny!

  2. […] Smallbridge’s column on Drake was the other best thing I’ve ever read, and it really says  much of what I would say myself […]

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