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NadiaI recently received some flack, and a lot of attention for a very ranty column I wrote.  One thing that struck me as funny is one particular piece of criticism that I received:  one commentor asked why I would choose to focus on music I didn’t like, rather than seek out cool new music that I could grow to love?  It’s always fun when people make assumptions about you without knowing you, since finding and talking about new music is my raison d’etre!  So I figured for this column, I would share some new and amazing music that I’ve recently come across, or have loved for a while, with all of you!


Bend Sinister

These B.C. natives recently passed through Toronto, touring their latest album Animals.  Not only is that record (in my opinion) their best to date, Bend Sinister’s live performance is also better than ever.  Daniel Moxon’s voice is without compare: clear, strong and just incredible live in every song.  With hints of psychedelic rock, a bit of grunge, and lots of fun 70s pop thrown in, Bend Sinister is in a genre all their own, and it’s a great one.  I’ll be writing up a full review of their Horseshoe appearance for Addicted Magazine very soon, but for now, check out their pop rock stylings for yourself just below! Frank Gutch Jr, this one’s for you!

The Darcys

This Juno nominated band is another Canadian gem that grows brighter and brighter every day.  Their latest album Warring is a rich and gorgeous tapestry of words and sounds.  And to all the literary romantics out there, the band is named after the best fictional male character ever created, Pride and Prejudice’s Mr. Darcy.  If that doesn’t make you an instant fan, I don’t know what will.  Oh, maybe their music?  Well take a listen below, this is their latest single and I’m completely addicted to it.

Brews Willis

Do you like fun loving, kinda raunchy music that dosen’t take itself too seriously?  Then Brews Willis is for you.  Their latest video blends Tokyo Police Club with a little Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and even a little Weezer to boot. It’s music for people who are sick of bands that have no sense of humour, who want to drink, dance and just plain rock out.  Check out their boundary breaking video here and let loose, for a couple of minutes at least.

Band of Skulls

I’ve been a fan of this British trio since their first record Baby Darling Dollface Honey.  It’s music that’s easy to sing along to, gets in your head and doesn’t leave for days, not that you would even want it to.  I was immediately hooked from the very first listen.  I was such a fan that I actually taught myself the bassline to “I know what I am” when I first bought my little Squier bass for my birthday a couple of years ago.  Now, Band of Skulls are back with a brand new album, Himalayan, a show in Toronto (be sure to check in with Addicted Magazine because we’ll be giving tickets away), and more awesomeness than ever before.  Check out the dark and twisty “The Devil Takes Care of His Own” from their second album below:

The Zolas

There are some songs that incite such an intense emotional reaction from you that you just can’t shake them.  It’s music that evokes feelings and memories so strongly that you feel shaken by it, changed even.  That’s the kind of music the Zolas make.  These Canadian indie rockers know how to take an emotional experience that everyone has been through, and translate it so beautifully into song that every person hearing it thinks it’s about them.  Pretty intense huh?  Check out “Knot in my heart” below.  It’s a song that so perfectly describes how you feel after the end of a relationship.  And no matter how over things you think you may be, you can’t help but feel the prick of tears behind your eyes as the song fills the air around you.  It’s a beautiful thing.


This past Sunday I attended the Prism Prize Gala, a new prize and grant for great music videos, the little brother of the Polaris Prize for albums.  I’m still heartbroken that Arcade Fire won, since I had my heart set on Hollerado’s “So it goes” music video/documentary hybrid taking the prize home.  Watch the video yourself and see ifyou agree.  It’s a poignant and touching story, set on a serene backdrop that once held so much chaos, violence and trauma. Im talking about modern day Netherlands, and the beautiful WW2 story of heroes from both sides of the war that Menno Versteeg wrote upon the death of his grandfather.

It brings tears to my eyes every time, and I still can’t believe that this song essentially became yet another victim of the Arcade Fire circle jerk that the music industry insists on participating in.  But I digress from my positive message.  Hollerado’s song, “So it goes” and the entire album White Paint are a staple on my turntable. It’s great new music you should definitely be aware of, so check it out for yourself.

The Mahones

A column so close to St. Patrick’s day would not be complete without a mention of the Mahones.  Part Irish, part Canadian, this band makes lively, fun and exciting Irish punk music that you can’t help but drunkenly attempt to jig to.  I got the chance to attend their St Patrick’s day show, and aside from watching one of the Good brothers of the Hideout smash glasses in a drunken joy rage, I couldn’t’ have spent the holiday in a more Irish way.  And I will still always marvel at the lovely Katie McConnell’s ability to make playing an accordion look so effortless and sexy.  Between her mesmerizing performance, Finny McConnell’s contagious energy, spirit and unmistakable Irish bark of a singing voice (and I mean that in the best way), The Mahones are a force to be reckoned with in music.  Check out their killer anthem “Drunken lazy bastard” below:

Got some music recommendations you want to share with me?  Use the comments below and spread the musical wealth!

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DBAWIS ButtonNadia Elkharadly is a Toronto based writer with a serious addiction to music. Corporate drone by day, renegade rocker by night, writing is her creative outlet.  Nadia writes for the Examiner (.com) on live music in Toronto and Indie Music in Canada.  She has never been in a band but plays an awesome air guitar and also the tambourine.  Check in every Tuesday for musings about music, love, life and whatever else that comes to mind.

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  1. Funny you should mention Bend Sinister, Nadia, as I was just last night listening to either The Verge or CBC3 and had to put my glasses on to see who was playing and damned if it wasn’t Bend Sinister. I shall have to dig further, fur sure. I have also wondered about the Darcys. I think Hollerado is a cool name— not Phil Villapiano or Biff Pocoroba cool, but close. Two things, though. It’s flak and not flack (I know you really wanted to hear that) and raison d’etre? Do all you Canucks talk like that?

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