The BobChart – Week 4

The Bobcast Bob May 6th 2013 Cropped

The BobChart is made up of tunes I think you would like or songs I feel are worth listening to. Most will be current, some will be lost gems, others may be older songs you may have missed, and some will just be live tracks that bring it. At any rate…It’s the BobChart. There are no fixed positions in the chart, so I am not listing the songs in any particular order. These are PERSONAL favourites and what has my ear and attention this week. Popular music may come and go, but Great music is timeless. Some songs and performances never die or fade away….


Not a lot of new music caught my ear this week, but the few that did are included here. Instead, I went back to the future to rediscover some old favourites you may have missed, and found a couple of new takes on great songs I’m sure you remember.

Turn up your speakers and spend some time listening to that which has merit, you can dance to, or makes you think. The heart and soul of life, the connective tissue that binds us all together…music.


Julian Troiano – Mraz in Her Headphones

Julian’s father, Frank tipped me to him online and in person at the 35th Anniversary party for Jim Norris’s Canadian Musician Magazine. I met Frank’s brother back in 1966 when my band, The Family Tree opened for his band, The Mandala, for 4 days at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, California. Dominic Troiano was an incredible artist and performer. At 17, his nephew shows the same promise Dom did way back when. Here’s a pair from the latest talent to emerge from the Troiano gene pool….

Julian Troiano – A Song for You


Donald O Connor – Make ’em Laugh

One of my childhood inspirations and a consummate talent whose star should shine much brighter than it does. Undeniable greatness from a man who could do it all…and a killer piece of music and an old school song worthy of eternal respect.


Harry Nilsson – 1941

It has always disappointed me that Harry is best remembered for 2 songs he didn’t write (Everybody’s Talkin’, and Without You) than he is for his amazing catalogue of memorable tunes. These are the first 2 songs I ever heard him sing…just him and an old acoustic guitar, sitting on Patty Faralla’s bed the day she introduced us. These are the recorded versions.

Harry Nilsson – Without Her


Buffalo Springfield – Bluebird

Again, For What It’s Worth was my least favourite BS song and, of course, their biggest hit. I love every song from their first album, but this later addition is one of two great songs Stephen Still wrote (in my opinion) that deserve a little more respect all these years later. This is the long album version and has one of the best sounding acoustic guitar tracks ever recorded.


Julian Taylor Band – Zero to Eleven

Julian is a mainstay in Toronto, first met when he was bartending at Dora Keough on the Danforth, and later as a performer in the same club. Not only an affable, good guy, the man has talent up the wazoo and proven here. He has newer material but no video yet. Check this one out and if you are in Toronto, go see him live as soon as you get the chance.


July Talk – Summer Dress

Yep…just had to play another July Talk track, their latest. Cannot get enough of this band….


Cadence – True Colors

A fan for years, Cadence embraces all the things that attracted me to Doo-Wop and a capella music when I was a kid, and bring to it a vibrancy that makes it both fresh and nostalgic at the same time. Two of my favourite songs done so well, that these versions eclipse the original recordings as well as remind you of them.

Cadence – I Wish


Chromeo – Old 45’s

Like I have said before, even the radio finds great artists and songs these days despite what many of us think. There is not a bad track on Chromeo’s latest CD, but this one really caught my ear. Check out his appearance on Darryl’s House as well….


Josh Kaufman – I Can’t Make You Love Me

I don’t watch the reality shows that try to convince us that they create stars with one song and a hair stylist, but so may FIT (Friends I Trust) tipped this guy to me I had to check him out. When I found this version of one of the best, heartbreaking songs ever written, I was sold. Out of all the covers, this one comes closest to rivaling Bonnie Raitt’s original masterpiece.


And Finally….

94.9 The Rock Doug Elliott’s Pick of the Week


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DBAWIS ButtonBob “The Iceman” Segarini was in the bands The Family Tree, Roxy, The Wackers, The Dudes, and The Segarini Band and nominated for a Juno for production in 1978. He also hosted “Late Great Movies” on CITY TV, was a producer of Much Music, and an on-air personality on CHUM FM, Q107, SIRIUS Sat/Rad’s Iceberg 95, (now 85), and now publishes, edits, and writes for DBAWIS, and continues to write music, make music, and record.

One Response to “The BobChart – Week 4”

  1. Hey, Bob,
    If you’ve never heard it, try to obtain the third and final studio album by the 60’s San Jose band, ‘People!’… “There Are People And There Are People”.
    It was after Larry Norman had left the band, is less psychedlelic pop, and more rock with some very interesting tunes and arrangements (“We’re Off To See THe Wizard”, “The Willy Tell Experience”, “There’s A Man”… including a nod at Edvard Grieg’s “Hall Of THe Mountain King”, etc.).
    It opens with MY favorite rendition of Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth”… uptempo, with a driving rythym section and a funked out horn section. Like no other version I’ve heard. You might enjoy it.

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