Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – Something For Everybody

CamIf you are a regular reader of DBAWIS you know there is something for everybody posted here almost daily. Bob has assembled a crew that is second to none and knows the latest cool band playing at Cherry’s or The Bovine as well as the guitar tunings used in the studio by Paul Revere & The Raiders on the B-side of “Kicks”. Want to know what writing for “The Tonight Show” was like? Got it. What it’s like to interview a Beatle? Got it. Have you ever dreamed of getting drunk with Jim Morrison or Dave Grohl? Been there, done that.  Want to know the catalog number of a certain Klatuu album? We don’t need to Google that. Love the past and present scenes in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Los Angeles, Hamilton and the Pacific Northwest? We can take you into the past, and, well into the future. We’re young, we’re old, we’re boys, we’re girls.  Bob Segarini, Frank Gutch Jr., Jaimie Vernon, Nadia Elkharadly, Roxanne Tellier, Darrel Vickers, Justin Smallbridge, Gary Pig Gold, Doug Thompson, Alex Payne and yours truly comprise a pretty compelling dirty dozen. Something for everybody.

And speaking of everybody……

“Everybody Wants Some!!” – Van Halen

As long as people listen to rock there will always be the Van Halen debate. David Lee or Sammy (sorry Gary). I say leave with who brought you to the party and that will always be Mr. Roth. Now I love me some Sammy (he was the voice on one of the greatest hard rock albums of all-time “Montrose”) and I liked a lot of what he did with Van Halen, but, when I think of the band I see the scissor-kickin’, satin wearin’, jive-talkin’ David Lee Roth. This little gem is from the 1980 album “Women And Children First” and John Cusack fans will recognize the song from the film “Better Off Dead”.

“Everybody Wants To Rule The World” – Tears for Fears

This is the song, and album, “Songs From The Big Chair”, which placed the British pop stars on top of the American charts. For all intents and purposes Tears were Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith (and it’s Curt who handles the lead vocals on “World”). In the nineties Curt married an American co-worker of mine and they two of them (along with their two daughters) still live happily in L.A.. As Curt is a Man U and LA Galaxy fan this Arsenal/TFC fan tends to avoid his football rants. Rumour has it there may be a new Tears for Fears album in the future.

“Everybody Hurts” – R.E.M.

There was a time when this moving video seemed to be on TV screens every ten minutes. While hair metal exploded all around them R.E.M. were one of the few alternative bands to embrace, and advance, the MTV generation. Their mini-movies to the making of videos to a whole new level thanks to the heavy input from former art student Michael Stipe.

“Everybody Loves Somebody” – Dean Martin

Dean Martin, much like Jackie Gleason, was one of the biggest television and film stars of the fifties and sixties. With appearances on variety shows, celebrity roasts, as Matt Helm and as a loyal member of The Rat Pack, Dean was everywhere (usually playing the lovable drunken rascal). Although Frank Sinatra had recorded the 1947 song it was Dean who would have the hit single in 1964. It was such it hit it knocked The Beatle’s “Hard Day’s Night” from the top of the charts. Perhaps this was the impetus for Dean’s son to form the rock band “Dino, Desi & Billy” who would have a hit the very next year with “I’m A Fool”

“Everybody Plays The Fool” – The Main Ingredient

The term R&B is thrown around a little too liberally for my liking nowadays and most of what is hailed as R&B currently is little more than auto-tuned studio wizardry. This is the kind of R&B that was topping the charts when singles were still 69 cents at Sam the Record Man. Did you know that the lead vocals on this Main Ingredient hit were handled by Cuba Gooding Sr.?

“Everybody’s Right, Everybody’s Wrong” – Sham 69

1978’s “That’s Life” may have been the first fully fledged punk concept albums. I remember picking this up as a very expensive import at Records on Wheels. There is something about this song that reminds me of what The Streets would be doing close to 30 years later.

“Everybody Wants You” – Sloan

This very Beatles-esque track comes from the boys eighth album “Never Hear The End Of It”. Although the band originally signed to Geffen Records this would be the first album that would crack the Billboard charts.

“Everybody’s Talkin’” – Harry Nilsson

Many assume that Harry Nilsson wrote this Grammy winning track, but, it was written and first recorded by Fred Neil in 1968. Fred should be thanking his lucky stars as the song was picked as the theme song for the movie “Midnight Cowboy” and one can not think about the movie and not the song. There is something magical about the perfect song placement in film or television and this placement is the gold medal standard for music supervisors.

“Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby” – The Beatles

Another person who should be very happy for an artist recording one of his songs is Carl Perkins as The Beatles covered his 1957 at the height of Beatlemania in 1964. With George Harrison on lead vocals the track appeared on the U.K.’s “Beatles For Sale” album while in North America it appeared on “Beatles ’65”. Nice to hear George getting a chance at the lead vocal podium.


“Everybody’s Stupid” – Sparks

If Sparks had one album that could be deemed their rock album then it’s 1976’s “Big Beat”. Ditching their English band (who had made the brothers stars) they came out harder and louder on this album more than any other. Sharp eyed pop fans would have spotted the band performing two songs from “Big Beat” in the cult classic film “Rollercoster”.

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