The BobChart – Week 5

The Bobcast Bob May 6th 2013 Cropped

The BobChart is made up of tunes I think you would like or songs I feel are worth listening to. Most will be current, some will be lost gems, others may be older songs you may have missed, and some will just be live tracks that bring it. At any rate…It’s the BobChart. There are no fixed positions in the chart, so I am not listing the songs in any particular order. These are PERSONAL favourites and what has my ear and attention this week. Popular music may come and go, but Great music is timeless. Some songs and performances never die or fade away….


Some old, some new, some borrowed, and some rhythm and blue, this week’s BobChart is FULL of great music that is out there for you to find. We live in an era where all things are available, and the only “Best Before” music is the disposable product made for young people to share and enjoy together. We are blessed with an archive of music so rich and diverse, that it is amazing that, even as I type this, NEW music is being made that is as good if not better than what has gone before. Music is life, and it reflects us as much as it entertains us. Turn it up, relax, and float downstream….


The Move – Do Ya

Ahh, The Move. Progenitors of melodic heavy metal and the most underrated band to come out of England since Georgie Fame. This recording should be regarded as an important moment in popular music’s evolution just as Run DMC/ Aerosmith’s version of ‘Walk This Way’ and the Delaney and Bonnie ‘Accept No Substitute’ LP should be. All game changers…not in the public’s eye, but for the musicians who were influenced greatly by them. This record in particular not only reinforced the Brit stranglehold on innovation and risk-taking at the time, but created a genre that led to bands like Cheap Trick existing at all. Still one of the most powerful rock tracks ever recorded….

The Move – Brontosaurus

Another classic Move song that marries ‘50s rock and roll with the contemporary sound of the day.

The Move – California Man

Melody and guitar crunch…no one did it better. When Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne went their separate ways, Roy continued to push the R&R envelope while Jeff went full bore after the Beatles crown. ELO never caught on in England the way they did in America, proving once again, North America is quick to embrace that which sounds familiar, and doesn’t stray too far from the known universe.


James Taylor – Shower the People

ELO wore out their welcome in the US when it was discovered they had hidden tape recorders playing backing tracks while touring the ‘Out of the Blue’ album. When Jeff posited a comeback tour in the early 21st century, he had to cancel it due to lack of ticket sales. I had already forgiven him thanks to his magnificent work on ‘Free as a Bird’, the one and only Beatle song I will NEVER get tired of hearing. If you’re going to use backing tracks live…James shows us how to do it properly. Beautiful AND funny…just like I like my women.


Sugarloaf – Green Eyed Lady (Long Version)

This record stood out on the radio like a sore thumb. Atmospheric, cinematic, and loaded with great musicianship. Unfortunately, the lyrics are cringe-worthy and similar to something you would hear on a Styx LP. Hearing hippies call their women ‘Lady’ always sounded so pretentious to me…especially in the face of knowing that the best ‘ladies’ aren’t always ‘ladies’ when it comes to making love.

Sugarloaf’s roadies once tried to steal my band’s custom made gear after a gig together in Southern California. My roadies were bigger and tougher.


Moby Grape – Omaha/8:05

Live, this band blew most everyone they played with off the stage. So high on them at the time, Columbia Records released 5 singles all at once off their first album. Alas, the public didn’t get it and the band faded into obscurity. This clip is here because I love these two songs…and Mike calls them, “The Moby Grapes”. Tragically hilarious….


Xprime – Early to the Sun

I must admit I wasn’t too keen on ‘Prime’s Richard Simmons inspired video of this song, but this new live vid pays respect to an outstanding pop song from a group I feel is destined for greatness.


St. Paul & the Broken Bones – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Needing an Otis Redding fueled fix like I occasionally do makes finding this band a Godsend. Play that funky music white boy, indeed. Here’s a 20+ minute live performance from a band that tops my Must See Live list….


Reuben Cherry – Honey Kiss

If you can imagine a rock group based on Southern Fried R&B instead of Chicago Blues, you get this band who could have been their generation’s Rolling Stones. Pineapple Pete’s pedal steel ALONE makes them awesome, and combined with a Charlie and Bill worthy rhythm section, the songs and Curtis Mayfield inspired guitar work of Craig Riddock, and the charismatic and energetic singing of Scott McCord, this was an undeniable band with no equal then OR now. I still wish they would reunite.


Road Hammers – Mud

Country is the new Rock, the Hammers are torch bearers, and Canada just keeps producing AWESOME music!


Mushy Callahan – Weathered Eyes

My friend Peter’s favourite band, Mushy is a band of brothers who deliver the rock on a platter loaded with beer and kick ass. See them live all over Southern Ontario. Here’s the first single from their new CD.


Michael Jackson Hologram – Slave to the Rhythm

Zombie Michael makes an appearance at this week’s Billboard Magazine Awards as a Hologram that dances better than the Tupac Hologram, but isn’t as adorable as the Jemm and the Holograms hologram. Loved watching the living Michael dance and some of his songs are truly wonderful, but this sort of cheese makes me thankful that real music is still being made, even if I have to sit here all day and look for it myself. Still…hats off to the Code Monkeys who make nostalgia come alive like this. THAT’S talent…now…can we have a movie starring Han Solo and Marilyn Monroe?


Daryl Hall – WPLJ (White Port and Lemon Juice)

Along with Brian Wilson, James Taylor, and Johnny Mercer, Daryl is one of the greatest American songwriters in the history of pop music. One of the reasons for that is his unwavering dedication to the music that has informed his own, and his constant search for great contemporary artists to perform with. If you aren’t watching Daryl’s House every chance you get, you are missing out on some INCREDIBLE performances. This is one of my favourite clips from DH…the core band from a couple of years ago showing the love for a Doo-Wop classic originally recorded by the 4 Deuces. Great music NEVER goes out of style….


And Finally….

94.9 The Rock Doug Elliott’s Pick of the Week

Band Of Skulls – Hoochie Coochie


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DBAWIS ButtonBob “The Iceman” Segarini was in the bands The Family Tree, Roxy, The Wackers, The Dudes, and The Segarini Band and nominated for a Juno for production in 1978. He also hosted “Late Great Movies” on CITY TV, was a producer of Much Music, and an on-air personality on CHUM FM, Q107, SIRIUS Sat/Rad’s Iceberg 95, (now 85), and now publishes, edits, and writes for DBAWIS, and continues to write music, make music, and record.


2 Responses to “The BobChart – Week 5”

  1. Ya Got me, Bob! Always was a huge Move fan, but never made the California Man/Move connection… always thinking of it as a Cheap Trick exclusive. Nice one!
    Moby Grape’s 1st LP and Grateful Dead’s 1st LP have always been in my list of top must have album’s… both filled ffrom beginning to end with lotsa great rock and musical performances in their own unique styles. Then members died and/or changed and what made them so beautifully exclusive went right out the window, with the occasional gem buried in a lot of schlock and excess. Too bad.(BTW I have always thought that 8:05 could very easily have been written and/or sung by you).

    How about introducing those down here in the States, who most likely don’t know (or have forgotten) to a few of the great older Canadian groups.
    Couple of suggestions: the Paupers (Magic People, Think I Care, Black Thank You Package, One Rainy Day, It’s Your Mind… and so many more).
    Chilliwack (All Over You, Groundhog, Fly At Night, My Girl [Gone Gone Gone]… this one obviously heavily Hall & Oates influenced, Arms Of Mary, etc.)
    Both of these bands should have been way bigger than they ever got down here.

    Other ancient artists i Might suggest exposing to today’s listeners:
    Arthur Alexander
    Hoyt Axton
    Long John Baldry
    Beau Brummels
    Blues Project
    Booker T
    Chambers Brothers
    Perry Como (my personal opinion is that rock had some of it’s earliest beginnings in what he and Rosemary Clooney were doing back in the early 50’s… I’d bet money that listening to them influenced, as it did me, folk like Elvis, Carl Perkins, the Everly Brothers, etc.)
    Bobby Darin (Nobody could swing like Bobby, NOBODY! Maybe Sinatra had the best swing band in the business, but vocally, Bobby swung around them all)
    Dave Clark 5 (I was a DC5 fan before I was a Beatles fan)
    Dr. Hook (Putting aside “Cover Of The Rolling Stone” their catalogue of music is VERY musical and emotive.)
    Speaking of which, what about Shel Silverstien?
    There’s a few suggestions off the top of my head,. I’d be happy to list more if you’re interested.

  2. Doug Chappell Says:

    Bob glad to see you pumpin’ St. Paul and The Broken Bones, I have been into them for a while now and been turning people onto them. Another great act is Alabama Shakes, between these two acts my musical faith has been restored with some new/old R&B in the Stax/Volt/Fame style . This type of music was a huge influence on what the early 60’s Toronto bands were playing at the dances.

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