Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s of Rock’n’Roll – You Never Give Me Your Money


Wanna feel old? The track, “You Never Give Me Your Money”, was being recorded by The Beatles on this very day 45 years ago. Of course it would appear later in 1969 on their last true album recorded by the entire band “Abbey Road” (“Let it Be” was released later but recorded before “Abbey Road”). It wasn’t the first time the Fab Four had sung about the root of all evil, “Money (That’s What I Want)” appeared on “With the Beatles”, but it would be the last time.

It seems rather apropos their final money recording would be aimed at manager Allan Klein as his dodgy affairs with the lad’s cash flow would have a direct effect on the break-up of the band.

“Money” songs are a dime a dozen but money-inspired named artists proved a bit more of a difficult task. You can take these ten artists and songs to the bank.

Eddie Money

Somewhere in a box in the basement I still have a few Eddie Money dollar bills. The promo items were handed out at The El Mocambo probably back in 1978 when Eddie first performed there. Fueled by the hits “Baby Hold On” and “Two Tickets to Paradise”, and managed by legendary promoter Bill Graham, his self-titled debut soon soared to the top of the charts. Although the loveable lug never again achieved the success of his debut you have to give him credit for coming up with “Take Me Home Tonight” and bringing Ronnie Spector back into the spotlight in 1986.

“For The Love Of Money” – The O’Jays

I would like to thank Donald Trump for ruining this fine slice of Philadelphia soul as the once classic song now instantly brings to mind his candy floss lid and satin ties thanks to his “Apprentice” franchise.

Roseanne Cash

Johnny gets a lot of ink in these columns so it’s only fair we share the wealth with his little girl Roseanne. In various conversations with Steve Earle it became obvious that he and Roseanne were very close for a while. When once asked why he never married her the serial husband Earle replied “I like her too much”. With thirteen albums recorded since 1978 it is the relatively new “Black Cadillac” that moved me the most. Most of the record deals with the loss of her father Johnny and her stepmother June.

“M-O-N-E-Y” – Lyle Lovett

If you were going to start your Lyle Lovett collection I would begin with 1988’s album “Pontiac”. Although originally marketed as “alt country” along with the likes of Steve Earle and Dwight Yokum, Lovett is as much about the blues and swing as he is about country. This track appeared in the film “The Firm”.


From humble Vancouver punk rock beginnings arose one of rock`s best producers Bob Rock. As usual first impressions tend to leave the most indelible mark and it is still the band`s first single “China Boys” that I first think of when I hear the band’s name. “Eyes Of A Stranger” was the hit but “China Boys” was the money song.

“Free Money” – Patti Smith

From the best debut album of all-time 1975’s “Horses”. The punk-poet rocks out on this track driven by the drumming of Jay Dee Daugherty, the diving bass line of Ivan Kral and the swirling guitars of her partner in musical crime Lenny Kaye.


Love ’em or hate ’em it is hard to argue with the success of the Canadian band named after the change received from a $1.95 cup of Starbucks. Have you seen Chad Kroeger’s house that is for sale in Abbotsford, B.C.? Let’s see, 15,000 square feet, 16 acres, hockey rink and a dining room that looks like it is from the set of “The Tudors”. It’s yours for $8.9 million. Ok, Nickelback wins. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Kroeger is a Rock Star.

“MoneyGrabber” – Fitz & The Tantrums

I really shouldn’t like a band that does not have a guitar player but for Fitz & The Tantrums I will make an exception. “MoneyGrabber” was one of those songs with a hook so big it could not be denied. This track is from the LA based band’s debut album “Pickin’ Up The Pieces”. Last year they released “More Than Just a Dream” which featured the hit single “Out of My League”, which, they re-recorded partly in French for their Canadian pals.


The pride of Kitchener, Ontario (or “the K-hole” as WJ likes to say – Happy Birthday!). The band went from playing dances at my high school to touring with Led Zeppelin, The Guess Who and Uriah Heep. Pretty sure I also saw them at the old Ontario Forum (without a riot). They had some success on the charts with “Sitting On A Poor Man’s Throne” and “You’re Still the One”.

“Money Maker” – The Black Keys

Pretty hard to believe that Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney (The Black Keys) have released eight albums since 2002. This one is from their 2011 effort “El Camino”.


I soon as I hear the name Pennywise all I think of is the annual Warped Tour. The second (third?) generation California surf-punk band has been continually cranking out the tunes since 1988.

“Money City Maniacs” – Sloan

From 1988’s “Navy Blues”. When I was coaching my son Kyle in minor hockey we made the championship game one year, and, as they played tunes before the game, I paid the rink announcer a visit and asked if he could intro our team, sponsored by the Toronto Firefighters (hi Bryan!), with this tune. We let the other team warm up for a couple of minutes and just before the ref came to the dressing room to get our team on the ice this song came blaring over the speakers, sirens wailing, and our boys hit the ice. Of course we won.

Billion Dollar Babies

This is the band that was formed by guitarist Michael Bruce, bassist Dennis Dunaway and drummer Neil Smith after their services we no longer required by Alice Cooper at the end of the “Muscle of Love” tour. They recorded one album “Battleaxe” in 1977 but good luck trying to find a copy. Reminds me of the “Shouting & Pointing” album by Mott which was recorded in 1976 without Ian Hunter on vocals. Sad to see such great players fail after the departure of their vocal focal point.

“Money” – Pink Floyd

This was from the official high school “stoner” album which seemed to end every party once all the girls had gone. Of course which Torontonian of a certain age can forget going to the planetarium for “Laser Floyd” on a weekend night? Still a drop-dead classic and one of the first records many of us listened to which had swearing in it.

DJ Cash Money

The Philly based turntable whiz was a contemporary of DJ Jazzy Jeff, was the first inductee into Technic’s “DJ Hall of Fame” and won the DMC World DJ Championship in 1988. Cash also took the DJ championship in 1987 at the New Music Seminar, which, back in the day, was one of the big highlights of the New York based conference.

“The Big Money” – Rush

Rob Quartly, a local video pioneer, and Geddy’s brother Allan Weinrib came up with this 1985 clip which was absolutely cutting edge computer technology for its time. The song appeared on the album “Power Windows”. Please note the world-class “rat-tail” that Mr. Peart is sporting (although I should not be one to pass judgement on any hair style).

Buck 65

Along with hosting the Radio 2 Drive show on CBC for the last six years Rich Terfry (aka Buck 65) is one of Canada’s most inventive hip-hop artists incorporating a myriad of influences in his raps. Back in the day when he was known as “Stinkin’ Rich” he was signed to Sloan’s Murderecords and became a fixture on the burgeoning Halifax scene adding a different dimension from the perceived grunge-heavy local music culture.

“It’s Only Money, Tyrone” – Marah

This is from the Philly band’s 2000 release “Kids in Philly”. This gritty little ditty will appeal to fans of Springsteen and The Hold Steady. The prolific band has released eleven albums, and a couple of EP’s, since 1998. They are one of those bands who I love when they pop-up on my shuffle.

50 Cent

Can’t say that I am a big fan but success speaks for itself and when you have 30 million in sales worldwide and own a slew of other businesses I guess you are doing alright. I still kind of like “In da Club” from his 2003 debut album “Get Rich of Doe Tryin'”.

“Money (That’s What I Want)” – The Flying Lizards

It was a huge hit back in 1979 but probably had more detractors than fans. It was one of those “one-hit wonders” that wore very quickly but still haunts those who have heard it to this very day. It was a song that I had to play every weekend when I DJ’ed at Toronto’s infamous “Nuts n’ Bolts” back in the seventies. Speaking of DJ’ing next Wednesday August 6th I will be spinning tunes at my favourite intimate downtown haunt “The Kensington Lodge”. Located at 21 Kensington Avenue, and owned by former Lava Hay member Michele Gould (maybe I will spin “Don’t Tell Me”), there is a front and back deck, wicked long bar and intimate dining area. Our theme is WayBackWednesdays and next week I think I will take everyone back to the seventies with some classic Bowie, Roxy Music, Sparks and whatever else moves me. Come on by and maybe they will make their special raspberry mojito or, you can sit at the bar and I can challenge you with a game of “name that tune”. Once we get up and running we are going to do vinyl nights as well! Should be lots of fun and, if nothing else, I am going to love the music.


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