Segarini: The BobChart – Week 13

The Bobcast Bob May 6th 2013 Cropped

Sometimes it is difficult for me to justify what I hear on the radio with what I hear on the internet or hear because my friends send me a link to something new I haven’t heard before. It’s as though we live on two different planets, the music from one all slick, and familiar, and friendly, the music from the other, unique and full of character, and, at times, even challenging.


There are good qualities to both approaches, and depending on what floats your boat, something for everyone if you are vigilant and spend some time with your eyes (and ears) open, and on the ball.

These are some of the tracks that have caught and held my attention recently. If you haven’t heard them, I hope there is something here that you will enjoy…feel free to let me know or make suggestions of your own. This time around, we feature mostly new tracks, with one full album from the past that you may have missed…hell…I’m SURE you missed…most of you, anyway. Saddle up, Buckaroos…here we go….


Fast Romantics – Friends

Borne out of Calgary four years ago, this band not only has a cool name, but have managed to land on TV soundtracks, flown to NY to play the last gasp of CBGBs, and have done it all as Indie artists through and through. This is from their latest release, ‘Afterlife Blues’.


The Shook Twins

Damn you, Frank Gutch Jr!. Once again you scooped me, mainly because you make your deadlines and I don’t. Nevertheless, good taste is good taste and you have it in abundance. What the hell is in the drinking water out there in Backwoods, Oregon? Here’s a pair from the Pair. Brought to my attention last week when they sent a letter to American Idol to turn down an offer from the televised karaoke contest to appear as contestants…separately. Twins. Play together. Have a career. Perform separately. More proof that American Idol is run by trained chimps that need more training.

Time to Swim



L.A Getaway – Full Album

First of all, a review to explain to you what you are about to hear….

Review by Matthew Greenwald  AllMusic

Probably the greatest and most obscure supergroup album, L.A. Getaway combines the talents of a core group of Joel Scott Hill (guitar/vocals), Chris Ethridge (bass/piano/vocals), and Johnny Barbata (drums). The fact that lead singer Hill remains a largely unknown and under-recognized talent as a singer is one of the reasons for this album’s obscurity. Hill’s blue-eyed soul vocals on such rockers as “It’s Your Love” and Dr. John’s brilliant, New Orleans-soaked “Craney Crow” clearly attest to his sheer genius. Perhaps the album’s crowing achievement is a version of Booker T. Jones’ slow and smoky gospel/blues workout, “Ole Man Trouble,” which is aided by the songwriters’ Hammond organ performance and a sterling background vocal arrangement. For this reason alone, L.A. Getaway is worth acquiring, even as an expensive Japanese import. There are numerous guest appearances on the record, including keyboard performances by Dr. John and Leon Russell. In many ways, producer Paul Rothchild used his cache to bring in as much talent on one record as he possibly could, while still retaining the band’s overall group identity. As well, in relation to this, Etheridge’s performances are fabulous, particularly on his rare lead vocal on the title track. Barbata also shines on all of the cuts, and his playing dwarfs some of his other, excellent work on records by CSN&Y and the Turtles. In the end, the album remains a vital document of the period (early 1970s), and is well-worth seeking out.

Got it?

This is an incredible work, and sounds as fresh and amazing as it did when it was first recorded. The participants, the producer…all at the top of their games and putting out 100%. Here’s hoping you have killer speakers….

…and here’s a short bio on Johny Barbata, who, along with Joe Larson and “Fast” Eddie Ho, were the go-to drummers in L.As rock community for years.

Johny Barbata


Old Man Canyon – Take Me Higher

Old Man Canyon had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-ohhhh. Oops, wrong old guy….


KD Lang and Bahamas – Lost in the Light

Seems this ‘Bahamas’ guy is a big deal. Never heard of him until this duet with KD turned up a few days ago. Damn, that woman can sing. She has a voice that soothes and nurtures. I will never forget the first time I saw her perform. It was at Albert’s Hall at the Brunswick in Toronto. She was dressed up like Olive Oyl and sang a ballad laying on the stage next to a tipped over mic stand. Awesome then…awesome now.


The Asylum Choir – Welcome to Hollywood

From one of my all-time favourite albums…all 27 minutes of it. Imagine Zappa being in the Beatles. Then imagine The Beatles living in a shack on a dirt road somewhere in the rural Oklahoma backwater. The shack is surrounded by stacks of hubcaps, rusted out pickup trucks on blocks, a bathtub with a transmission in it, and a tree swing. Now imagine them making an album about going to L.A. Basically…this is the LSD Okie Sgt. Pepper. From Gary Lewis and the Playboys to Delaney and Bonnie, to Joe Cocker, and a long career as a solo artist, Leon Russell’s Asylum Choir project with Marc Benno STILL stands out as his most quirky, undefinable work. …absolutely riveting.


Mushy Callahan

Toronto Indie band with great songs and great chops. More rock and roll from the hottest music scene in North America, maybe the world…. Here’s a pair. …and thanks to Peter M for constantly telling me and anyone who would listen how good this band is and what great people they are.

Weathered Eyes



And finally….

Doug Elliot’s 94.9 The Rock Pick of the Week

Another band from The Big Smoke. Also great kids with terrific music. I love The Rock.

The Honeyrunners – Under Control


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  1. Peter Mlontreuil Says:

    More greatness! Thanks, pal. Your columns are always such great reads.

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