The BobChart – Week 14

The Bobcast Bob May 6th 2013 Cropped

These are some of the songs that caught my ear this week. As usual, The BobChart breaks the format rules, chooses from the past, present, and future, and doesn’t care what you do as long as you do it well. It’s ALL about the Music, Baby!


Oakland Stroke

So, I see this video in my Newsfeed and being familiar with not only Lou Pomanti, his incredible taste in music and other musicians, I clicked on play and was blown away. If you love Tower of Power as much as I do, go see these guys as soon as you get the chance. I missed them last night because I had to finish this Chart to share with you today. Oh the irony….


Fourplay – Rollin’

My all-time favourite group of musicians just KILLING an infectious groove rarely heard done this well. Everything in its right place, the music breathes like a living thing…and the sound! Dear rock and roll and pop producers; This is what music sounds like when there isn’t any compression or tweaks to make it louder. You can hear the dynamics, and feel the tension and release between the players. Every instrument sounds like the instrument is supposed to sound. And the snare…right where it should be and sounding like a million dollars. This track makes me move…and is on repeat as I type this.


Leonard Cohen – Almost Like the Blues

Ain’t no flies on Leonard, no how. From his soon to be released album. There is no wonder the man is a National Treasure.


Blackie and the Rodeo Kings – Sometimes It Comes So Easy – Live at The Bluebird Café

A fine bunch of great Canadian musos and good friends, pickin’ and a grinnin’ in Nashville with the cast of ABCs Nashville television show and some lucky patrons. Colin Linden kills it in this clip….


Martin Mull Sings the Blues

Watched Martin’s film “Serial” the other night and I STILL laugh myself silly. More accurate now than it was when it was originally released back in 1980. Reminded of Martin’s musical skills, I dug up this old clip and have been listening to it this week. Now I have to download some episodes of ‘Fernwood Tonight.


The significant other and I watched this movie the other night and found a film that you MUST see. It’s called “Chef”, and it has landed on my list of All Time Best Movies That Aren’t Filled With Super Heroes, Aliens, or Explosions. Easily top 10, maybe top 5. It features a great story, an amazing cast, and a wicked soundtrack. Not only is it Food Porn, it makes an amazing statement about creativity, passion, and friends and family. A complete and utter delightful surprise. Here’s 3 of the tunes from the movie. Oh…and we start off with the trailer….

Courtney John – Lucky Man

Quantic & Nickodemus Feat. Tempo & The Candela Allstars – Mi Swing Es Tropical

Perico Hernandez –  La Quimbumba


Howzabout a little Power Pop?

Hard to find pop songs this good these days. Fee Waybill, Wally and the boys, Dwight, and Tom before he built a career out of 3 chord mid-tempo grinders. These four records are from my Songs I Will NEVER Get Tired of Hearing list…EVER.

The Tubes – She’s a Beauty

The Romantics – Talking in Your Sleep

Dwight Twilley – I’m On Fire

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – Rockin’ Around With You


Die Mannequin – Sucker Punch

I have loved Die Mannequin since day 1, and their new CD is another step up for this Toronto Band. Care absolutely SHREDS the vocal on this and the band is just tighter than a Scottish Lotto winner. It always amazes me that you can walk into a bar in this town and hear this kind of world-class rock.


The Damn Truth

Montreal also seems to be going through a musical renovation these days, too. Tipped by Ralph Alfonso, I caught this group at Cherry Cola’s last weekend with Toronto’s Secret Broadcast and another great local outfit called Andreas. Where are all these amazing singers coming from? Is it the water? The poutine? Whatever it is, keep doing it. Arcade Fire? Pfffft…I’ll take the Damn Truth.


Nickelback – Edge of a Revolution

Before you go all Avril on me, give Chad Kroeger’s latest a listen. The lyrics have a message, the band sounds better than they ever have, and this track actually rocks without pretension. I think Chad is making good use of the band’s success and access to young minds to deliver a strong message in a rock song…something rock used to do all the time, but rarely does anymore. There is a lot of great under-the-radar Indie stuff out there delivering an informed viewpoint and taking a stand, and maybe Nickelback’s effort will kick the door open a little wider for more conscientious lyrics and music to gain access to a wider, mainstream, audience…the audience that needs to hear what these records have to say.


Doug Elliott’s 94.9 The Rock Pick of the Week

More homegrown talent making more homegrown records for us to be proud of. The Arkells win me over with this one….

Arkells – 11:11


Coming Soon! Bicycles and Gridlock – How to Eliminate the Hazards and Annoyances of Both!

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