…and now, a Message from Bob

Bob at the Lake

In the immortal words of E. Ernie Earnshaw (The Man Who Flew a Tree to Chicago and Left His Suitcase in the Trunk) “Fuck-fuck-fuckity-fuck-fuck”.
My column is not finished on time. Again.


Even with the best of intentions and scads of hunched-over-the-keyboard typing frenzies, I have failed to deliver. I will be posting it over the weekend between Jaimie’s and Roxanne’s, who are always on time and make me look even worse than I am, and I promise you a crackerjack read. In the meantime, look at this picture of the NRA’s latest Mascot, Billy, The Open Carry Goat…whose name, oddly, is Ryan.

Open Carry Billy Goat

Ryan “AT-AT” Dosowich

Thank you. Drive safely….


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