Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – We’ll See About XYZ


There is a lot going on right now and I really can’t wrap my mind around columns about X, Y and Z. These are some tough letters to cover and I have already been over them a couple of times in the past therefore they are about to be passed over. No offence.

SineadSineadThere are a couple of shows I am looking forward to seeing over the course of the next few days. On Friday night I am going to see my old friend Sinead O’Connor at Massey Hall in Toronto. She always manages to make the news but more often than not the ink is not about her music. We all know how fabulous her first couple of records are but her last two should not be ignored. In 2012 she released “How About I Be Me (And You Be You)” and although sadly ignored, it contained three of her best songs with “4th & Vine”, “Take Off Your Shoes” and the brilliant “The Wolf Is Getting Married”. This year she signed with Nettwerk Records and just released her tenth studio album “I’m Not Bossy, I’m The SineadBoss”. I have not spent as much time with this album yet but love the video for the first single “Take Me To Church” and think that “The Voice of My Doctor” should be the track released to radio (as if that even matters anymore). It has been a long time since I have seen Sinead (we worked closely together for her first couple of records) and hopefully I will be able to pop backstage to stay hello. She was originally signed to Ensign Records and last week Ensign founder Nigel Grainge got together at IndieWeek to reminisce over a couple of pints at the always charming downtown dive (said with respect) The Imperial Pub.

indie week 2014

Speaking of Indie Week thanks to Martin Waxman, Ingrid Hamilton, Jennifer Mair and Jennifer Perras for taking part, and bringing some much to the table, during our panel on publicity for your independent film. Some great insight for young film makers for a set of seasoned pros.

Frankie McQueen

Every year it seems a band blows me away at IndieWeek and this year was no exception as Calgary’s Frankie McQueen killed it during the opening night party at The Underground. It takes a lot to get The Bovine’s Darryl Fine and me to shut up and pay attention but these guys silenced us both. To put them in perspective think C’mon meets Biblical. A band to watch.

wantedsoundpictureThis coming Saturday I will be spending the entire day at the WANTED! Sound & Picture studios acting as a mentor, along with my pals Yvonne Matsell, Karen Bliss and others, as musicians will spend the day in a recording environment learning from some of the best producers and engineers in the business. I think a couple of spaces are still left and information can be found at

Art BergmanBecause of the Sinead show on Friday I am going to have to miss the birthday party for (weewerk records) run by the very passionate Phil Klygo. The event happens Friday night at The Great Hall in Toronto and will feature the live return of one of Canada’s musical treasures Art Bergmann. Still as caustic and political as hell Art has just released the very fine EP “Songs For The Underclass”. Too bad he isn’t opening for Sinead as it would be a dream double bill. Fans in the Ottawa area can see Art on Saturday night at The Blacksheep Inn in Wakefield.

The Lazys

This spring I saw a manic five piece Aussie band perform three shows in the course of 24 hours. The Lazys played a 2.00 AM set at The Horseshoe, played at noon at the Music Australia BBQ and then rocked the Bovine much later that night. Mike Campbell and I saw the first show and told everyone we know to haul their asses out to see the band. In the course of the next few days they were signed to The Agency Group by President Ralph James, to Canadian management by Larry Wanagas at Bumstead, to a Canadian record deal with Kim Cooke (Pheromone Recordings), had written with Ian D’sa from Billy Talent and laid down some tracks in Vancouver with Gggarth Richardson.

They are currently back in Canada and have been tearing up rooms in Toronto, Montreal, Dartmouth and Moncton and will be back at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern next Tuesday (October 28th) for a free show. After that they will be heading out west for some shows with The Headstones and Gloryhound. They are one of the best live bands I have seen in the last ten years and should not be missed live. Check out their Facebook page for all of their upcoming dates Also, keep an eye out for their new self-titled debut album. It rocks hard.


We have decided that I will continue with #WayBackWednesdays at The Kensington Lodge and will not be changing the night to Friday. So far we have had members of The Pursuit Of Happiness, Lava Hay, The Autumn Stones and others drop by for a great night of tunes and a lot of talk about rock around the main bar. The fun starts at 5 PM, come join the regulars.

So that I won’t fell any guilt towards X,Y,Z here are a couple of videos from XTC, The Yachts and, in honour of #WayBackWednesday and in memory of my old A&R boss (and Zombie’s guitarist) Paul Atkinson, The Zombies.




and a Zombie bonus….

Next week my lucky number’s 1!


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