Cameron Carpenter: Rock’n’Roll By The Numbers – Five Years


It’s so hard to believe it has been five years. I still expect to see him on Queen Street East and catching a glimpse of that smile that was like no other. It seems like yesterday when we and our kids would watch the Beaches Easter Parade as we huddled into the front booth of Scratch Daniels chowing down on chicken wings while Yasmin, Kari, Kyle and Sean would be filling their mouths and pockets with the chocolate being given away on the parade route.

On New Year’s Eve he and Michaela would also try to drop by the house and there was always a massive pair of hugs aimed at my mother. It’s so hard to believe it has been five years since we lost our friend Haydain Neale.


There was a very special party held last Monday night to celebrate the music of Haydain’s band Jacksoul. Friends, family, the band and fans joined together at the new Roots flagship store at 80 Bloor Street East in Toronto to acknowledge the band’s history and to pick up a copy of the just released Greatest Hits CD.

Roots Tribute

With pictures and videos of Haydain all over the store it was a celebration of his short but remarkable life. It was more than fitting that the event took place at Roots as Haydain was a long time ambassador for the store and he was so close to Root’s Director of Communications Raymond Perkins that he performed at Raymond’s wedding many years ago. The Ron Lopata led band was on hand and they performed three of the band’s best known songs with very special guest vocalists.


One time label-mate Luke McMaster sang “Somedays”

Jacksoul Tribute

Ivana Santilli took over for “Unconditional”


Divine Brown absolutely crushed “Can’t Stop”

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Haydain’s daughter Yasmin addressed the audience.


I have had the pleasure of watching her grow from a sweet little girl into a poised, confident, intelligent and beautiful young lady. Haydain had a lot to do with this transformation and she is also blessed to have a mother as strong as Michaela Hudson. Yasmin recently penned a story in our local Beach community newspaper which you can read at Haydain loved the Beach and it is fitting this tribute appeared in our local paper.

As well as seeing the band back together it was equally great to see all of my old friends from the Sony BMG family. Current Sony Music President Shane Carter hosted the event along with Raymond Perkins and former BMG President Lisa Zbitnew was also in attendance. Shane and Lisa provided a lot of comfort for Haydain, Michaela and Yasmin after the initial accident and are still there for the family. If you don’t know the music of Jacksoul I highly recommend you pick up the 16 song remastered collection which can be purchased at select Roots stores and the digital collection is available on iTunes.

Here are five more fives.

“Five Years” – David Bowie

I am a huge Bowie fan and own pretty well everything he has released from my 1964 45 of “Liza Jane” all the way up to the triple- CD just released “Nothing Has Changed” retrospective which was released this month. It’s a pretty incredible retrospective of his career and the deluxe version is presented in reverse chronological order beginning with the brand new “Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)” and finishes with the aforementioned “Liza Jane” from 1964. There is a lot of material from the last few albums and some might complain that the “golden years” from the seventies are a little under represented. There are all sorts of other compilations that cover this era more than adequately and I appreciate the inclusion of the new material as well as the very old pre-Space Oddity music. “Five Years”, one of Bowie’s best, is not included on this package. Also worth checking out is the Seu Jorge version which appeared on the soundtrack for “The Life Aquatic”.

The Dave Clark Five

The leaders of the second wave of the Beatle’s led British Invasion. It was the Dave Clark Five who finally knocked the Fab Four off the charts when “Glad All Over” top hold of the pole position. Once the floodgates were open the DC5 were on the plane and were the second invasion band to perform on the Ed Sullivan show and soon a handful of their hits, “Bits And Pieces”, “Catch Us If You Can”, “Anyway You Want It”, “I Like It Like That” and “You Got What It Takes” raced up the North American charts. Maybe subconsciously it was always the drum sound that was the most distinctive thing about the band as most bands were named after their drummer.


Five Guys Walk Into A Bar – Faces

One of my favourite box sets of all-time. The four disc 67 song collection is the definitive collection of Faces material and is chock-full of rarities including demos, rehearsal recordings, B-sides and live versions of their classics. The band was a combination of members of The Small Faces and The Jeff Beck Group. When Steve Marriot left the Small Faces in 1969 to join Humble Pie, the remaining band members, Ian McLagan, Ronnie Lane and Kenney Jones, asked Jeff Beck band members Ronnie Wood and singer Rod Stewart to join the now much taller Faces. With Woods and Jones in the band the Faces would in the future share a family tree with The Rolling Stones and The Who as well as hundreds of other bands. Sadly the band never had the massive success they deserved but oh boy did they have fun trying.

Five O’Clock World – The Vogues

One generation might remember this song from the film “Pirate Radio”, another might remember it as one of the two theme songs to “The Drew Carey Show”, another from the soundtrack for “Good Morning Viet Nam” and my generation remembers when it topped the Canadian charts way back in 1966. As I begin spinning every Wednesday night at 5 PM I often use this track to kick-off my evenings.


Five For Fighting

I have two vivid memories of this American pop band, basically an outlet for singer John Ondrasik III. John was a huge hockey fan and named the band after the term for the major hockey penalty. When they performed in Toronto, around the time of their biggest hit “Superman (Nothing Is Easy)”, I arranged for Toronto Maple Leaf tough guy Tie Domi to attend the show and present John with one of his game worn jerseys. Around the same time John and I were stranded in London, England, attending a Sony convention which unfortunately coincided with the 9/11 attacks. We sat around a hotel bar watching the BBC as I passed my cell phone around (which had a world plan and worked perfectly from overseas) to band members so that they could call home and check in on their families. It was a surreal time.


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