Pat Blythe – Bowie, Beatles and Blowing Noses…..


Today’s column is going to be….how you say….short and sweet. I am a little under the weather and so will ride this out in jammies, drinking hot toddy’s, tea and, if at all possible, catching a few zzzzzzz’s. Many of you frequently comment on my apparently abundant energy while also warning me about burning the proverbial candle at both ends. Energy I have in spades. I just go with it. Life is way too precious to be sitting in the background. It’s here to take pleasure in, however you get it.

There is so very much going on I want to grasp every moment I can. Roxanne gave me the perfect gift for my birthday (and my new bathroom) last year. It’s a candle holder with a glass panel on each side. The lettering says, LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE. Roxanne knows me very well….these are the words I live by.  As for the lovely bum on the right, that’s a birthday card from sister Carrie sent from Scotland several years ago. I do love a man in a kilt.

IMG_5026 (3)

I may push it a bit with all my club hopping, but I certainly don’t feel it. When I’m tired I sleep. Otherwise I’m a woman in motion. When you’re spending time with throngs of people around, or in close quarters with someone who has a cold, there’s a pretty good chance you may catch it. I don’t…..normally. But this time the bugger landed a home run and I now have a runaway nose and a lovely cough.

Bowie Tribute

Friday night was the David Bowie Tribute at Cherry Cola’s. The club was crammed, full to capacity. So many bands and solo artists got up on stage to pay their respects and perform their heartfelt tributes to a man gone way too soon but left an indelible mark on all of us. Mike Stanfield and Blackdog Ballroom performed along with the King Beez, Lavender Orange, Dani Nash and many other artists listed. It was a riotous good time. Each performance lasted two to three songs with Bowie himself blasting through the speakers in between sets. I remained until the last note was played. Our hostess Cherish Stevenson was looking every bit the part of the Goblin “Queen”.

Changes – David Bowie

Bowie  had a rather delicious sense of humour, about the world around him but particularly about himself. Below are some wonderful clips that, all together, are actually one of the best tributes I’ve seen.

Funny and Adorable Moments – David Bowie

Bowie night at Cherry’s….a Montage of Fun

IMG_4723 (3)

Cherish….the Goblin “Queen”

IMG_4598 (3)

Lavender Orange

IMG_4620 (4)

Who’s “manning” the Bar Boys…..

IMG_4711 (2)

Second Pass

IMG_4784 (3)

Our own Matt Groopie

IMG_4800 (3)

Mike Stanfield, Blackdog Ballroom

IMG_4580 (3)

Lavender Orange….Great Sax

IMG_4644 (3)

Jay Macedo


Sunday night found me at Seven44 and a celebration of The Beatle’s sixth studio album, Rubber Soul.

Rubber Soul cover

Another packed house and happy dancers filled the dance floor. First set, lots of oldies from the sixties, part of the “British Invasion”. Much loved songs triggering many fond memories. It’s funny how we never forget the words….permanently embedded in our brains and, in many cases, engraved on our hearts. Second set, Rubber Soul, “the full monty”. The album was recorded in four weeks and released on December 3, 1965, just in time for the Christmas market. “Nowhere Man”, “Norwegian Wood”, “Drive My Car”….it was the second Beatles album to contain strictly originals. Produced by the incomparable George Martin, the album incorporated several genres including  pop, soul, R&B, folk, and rock. Almost immediately Rubber Soul began its 42 weeks on the British charts, holding the top spot for eight weeks. One interesting note, “To mimic the sound of a harpsichord on “In My Life”, Martin played the piano with the tape running at half-speed. When played back at normal speed during the mix down, the sped-up sound gave the illusion of a harpsichord”.

IMG_4962 (3)

….and Yes, the Real Deal for Norwegian Wood

The Making of Rubber Soul – The Beatles

I’m Looking Through You – The Beatles

Girl – The Beatles


It’s 12:30 am Wednesday morning. I’m going to go tuck myself in with a hot toddy, a box of Kleenex, some music, and snuggle into my favourite sweater while it snows outside. Goodnight.

All photographs by Pat Blythe, A Girl With A Camera “The Picture Taker”





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  1. Jane Harbury Says:

    hope you are feeling good again Love your posts

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