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I’m staring at a blank page….my mind is a million miles away. Not sure what today’s column will turn out like. Focusing is increasingly difficult with a plethora of things running through my mind. The synapses are firing off so fast I’m in a spin. So much happening recently at such a rapid fire pace. Externally I have two laptops on the go, Amy Winehouse (Wake Up Alone) playing in the background and a good friend who needs help from a system that is so totally broken and letting her down. Amy sure sets the mood. Internally, how quickly can someone go from elation to shear “pissoffedness“? Answer….about a nano second. How do you scream at a blank page on a screen?

Wake up Alone – Amy Winehouse

(sigh) It will all work in out in the wash.

Music for the Mind

Okay. Friday night found me once again at Cherry Cola’s for the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund fundraiser. A full house and three acts. Jay Macedo, Secret Broadcast and Say Yes, all giving their time to support this wonderful cause. The evening was hosted and organized by Macedo, whose passion is not only music but the good it can do. I was there to listen and work and happily ran into a number of friends….Peter Montreuil, Mike Stanfield (Blackdog Ballroom), Hem Advani, and of course our illustrious publisher and editor, Bob Segarini.

Sean and Cherish were doing a masterful job of manning the bar while Jay performed on stage and cavorted around the club having a great time promoting “the cause”.

Gloria Lipski, a certified Music Therapist, took to the stage to thank everyone for their support and gave us a brief education on music therapy and a rundown on the Trust. Her co-worker, Christine Lever ,was also in the crowd and it appeared both ladies were enjoying themselves immensely. The Trust’s  mission….to promote, develop and support music therapy services in order to restore, maintain and improve the mental, physical and emotional health of Canadians. The vision….to create better lives through the transformative power of music therapy. I’ve see the healing and remembering affects music can have on a personal level. Two uncles, one with Alzheimer’s. The other suffered a debilitating stroke. The latter has had a 95% recovery and he sings again. The former will never recover but music is what he knows and remembers. All his favourite songs….he still has that.


IMG_5148 (3)

Gloria Lipski …. beautiful smile

The Lineup…..

Jay Macedo and his band opened the evening’s festivities and they were on fire. Secret Broadcast were up next followed by Say Yes. The dance floor was busy and the evening hit a high note with Say Yes vocalist Adam Michael and Macedo on stage together. The great vibes in the room were palpable.  A truly fab evening for a very worthy cause.

IMG_5189 (3)

L-R –  Kyle T, Jay Macedo, Charlie McKittrick, Riley Himmrich

IMG_5427 (3)

Adam Michael from Say Yes and Jay Macedo rockin’ the house

IMG_5250 (3)

Secret Broadcast – L-R – Will Bennett, Matt Lightstone, Keith Heppler (drums ), Curtis Harding with Bob Segarini

IMG_5458 (3)

Say Yes – L-R – Michael Zane, Adam Michael,  Jordan Hastings

It was off to the Linsmore Tavern on Sunday to see Sam Taylor and The East End Love who have a summer residency there, performing every second Sunday of the month from 6-9pm. You have GOT to catch them! It is so worth it! Taylor was just smoking on Sunday. He disappears into another world when he starts playing. The blues just swallow him up and that Gretsch has such a magical sound. The two of them are a perfect match. Our table was populated by Roxanne Tellier (Veronica) and her husband Shawn as well as Cashbox Canada Magazine editor Sandy Graham. Pat Kelly appeared after his GIG rehearsal with the merch. The Love (as I call them) were joined by guest bassist Chris Briscoe who plays a very smooth and tasty bass. He makes it look so easy. ….and speaking of tasty, drummer/percussionist Jace Traz has an intuitive instinct for what’s required at any specific moment during the song. His skills are some of the sweetest I’ve heard. Beautifully understated. It was a wonderful ending to the weekend. Great music, great friends.

IMG_5623 (4)

Taylor in action

IMG_5695 (3)

Chris Briscoe

IMG_5737 (3)

The Three Amigos – L-R Ari Lyon, Sam Taylor, Chris Briscoe (I just love the pure joy on Briscoe’s face)

….and finally, GIG. Opening was last night (Tuesday) at the Panasonic Theatre on Yonge St. Not to be left out, the audience is involved with the show and encouraged to participate. It was so much fun. Yes, on opening night there are bound to be some glitches but, personally, I didn’t notice them. The show is a “take” on one aspect of the music business, how to get from here to there, depending on what your “there” was. The story line involves three performers at varying stages of their careers portrayed by Nick Walsh as the rock star, Nicole Robinson as the diva, and Tiera Watts as the up-and-coming singer. Add the two agents representing opposing ends of the spectrum….the veteran agent who still does business on a handshake (Pat Kelly), the other (William Alexander Doyle)… prepared to sign your life away ’cause it’s all about the money. Stokes the MC was “the Rapper” and the host of the show. The cast were having a great time on and off the stage and I took advantage of the intermission to capture some of their moments with the camera. One particular song stood out for me, performed by Tiera Watts…. “Time for a Change”. Her voice was perfect for the song and it appeared to resonate with the audience. It certainly did with me. I’m heading back on Thursday….more picture taking. There are some great shots to be had! It’s a limited run so check out GIG before it’s gone.

One final note, I gotta say Mike Thomas is one kick-ass drummer and the sound of his kit is bloody amazing. What a backbone. The kick has got the ideal pop/bass sound that reverberates without being overpowering. Perfect!

Opening night GIG shots….

IMG_5746 (3)

L-R – Leah Canali, Danik Mcafee, Maya Kiltron

IMG_5759 (3)

Pat Kelly

IMG_5790 (3)

Mike Thomas….tuning up

IMG_3704 (3)

The Diva – Nicole Robinson

….and that folks, about sums up the past week or so. The page is no longer blank and yes, it will eventually all work out….it’s all good.

Tomorrow – The Research Turtles

All photos by Pat Blythe, A Girl With A Camera “The Picture Taker”

Writer’s note — Two new websites will be up-and-running in the near future harbouring my catalogue of photos ( and writings ( Will keep you all posted on the progress. In the meantime check out my FB page for new photo albums going up shortly.


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dbawis-buttonIn “real” life Pat Blythe has spent the past 32 years as a consultant and design specialist in the telecommunications industry. After an extended absence Pat is now heading back to the GTA clubs, immersing herself in the local music scene, tasting what’s on offer, talking to people and writing once again — sharing her passions and her deep love of music. Together for 34 years, Pat also worked pblythealongside her late husband Christopher Blythe, The PictureTaker©, who shot much  of the local talent (think Goddo, Frank Soda and the Imps, Plateau, Buzzsaw, Hellfield….) as well as national and international acts,  Currently making her way through 40 years of Chris’s archives, Pat is currently compiling a photographic history of the local GTA music scene from 1975 to 1985. It continues to be a work in progress. Oh…..and she LOVES to dance!

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  1. Hi Pat, Just read your article and thank you. I have read many articles on Nwe Jinan but yours truly captures the spirit and the importance of this movement. This Nishiyuu, generation, of First Nations have so much to say and the talent that Nwe Jinan is uncovering, heart by heart, is incedible and very important for each kid and for us all as a nation. Thanks again for taking the time to listen, reflect and comment…and stay tuned…

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