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It has been yet another busy week. A birthday, a festival, a ball game, a house party, a couple of bar shows, and, another busy week coming up. This was a lot easier at 37 than it is at 57.

  1. Facebook


As much as it drives me nuts with everyone’s opinions on every little thing, it is a nice day on your birthday. I kind of suck at posting for other people’s birthdays but it is fun when it is your own. Thanks to all who posted something or sent me a message. It can definitely make your day. Now, speaking of Facebook I have just delved into the world of Facebook live. Every Thursday Darryl Hurs and I will go live on Facebook for a chat about music and Indie Week. Because of Indie Week Manchester we may be moving the time from 6 PM Eastern to around noon so it is not too late for our English friends. Once we are locked into a weekly time I will let you know.

  1. Blue Jays

toronto-blue-jays-logo-png-1024px-toronto-blue-jays-logo.svgI have not been to a live game for many, many years. Back in the good old record company days I had access to tickets all of the time and had some memorable nights back in the old SkyDome. I was sitting in the MCA seats when Joe Carter won the World Series for us and spent a great evening with my daughter Kari along with Pat Benatar, Neil Geraldo and their daughter Haley when the girls were about 10 years old. Pat watched over the young ladies in the MacDonald’s Playland while Neil and I had a couple of pints and watched the game. My kids Kari and Kyle, along with Lydia and Mario, decided to take me out to the ballpark last Monday for the Phillie’s game. Boy, things have changed. It’s nice to see everyone wearing Blue Jays gear but I really could do without all of the mindless selfies being shot and, first rule of attending any sporting match, you stay in your seat until there is a break in the action. When people weren’t taking pictures of themselves they were up and down like yo yo’s.  Anyways, happy to be back at a game (they lost 7-0) and lovely to spend a night with my “4” kids. Thanks guys.

  1. Father’s Day

KyleI am glad I had my children when I was young as I so enjoy their company now that they are young professionals. As a matter of fact my son Kyle is 27 today! Them taking me to the baseball game took me back to my adventures when my Dad took me a couple of times to see a game at Jarry Park  (before we had a team), and then to games at the old Exhibition and finally to The SkyDome. I think I enjoyed those games the best as we would often head out with his crew after the game for beers or the occasional Rusty Nail. Good times. Happy Father’s Day Dad!  Happy that I have reached this old age and have you, and Mom, still with us.

  1. Polaris Prize


Ok, let’s get back to music. The long list was announced yesterday and the great Canadian musical debate is now in full swing. As always an eclectic long list it is with Justin Bieber in one corner squaring it off with Art Bergmann while Peaches goes toe-to-toe with Carly Rae Jepsen in another. The short list of ten will be announced July 14 and the 2016 Polaris will be presented at The Carlu in Toronto on September 19th. My early money is on PUP but I have been wrong almost every year.

  1. Bestival

Odesza at Bestival Toronto 2016 Day 1 at Woodbine Park-5

There was a lot of on-line bitching in my neighbourhood of how much the building of The Bestival site was interfering with the entitled locals dog-walking space for their little jacketed designer dogs, and, how much noise and congestion there was going to be over the course of the weekend. Well the crowds were friendly, money was pumped into the local economy and everyone walked away happy from the UK Fest that re-located from Centre Island to Woodbine Park. The park looked fantastic, and, by facing the main stage towards the lake, the sound was not a hindrance for the locals. I hope they do many more of these as it was great to walk down the street to see the likes of The Cure.

  1. Straight 8’s

castros-torontoEvery Friday afternoon Toronto’s favourite bartender Teddy Fury, and his friends, play at Castro’s Lounge in The Beach. I have a standing appointment pretty well every Friday and usually see the band when they are loading in and never get a chance to catch them live. Last Friday I made sure that I caught their second set and had a great time listening to some rockabilly classics. Great fun, great beer, and an easy pass the hat to pay for your entertainment. Highly recommended and then you can head down to the street to The Peppery Cat to catch Sam Taylor and East End Love. It’s nice to see a few bars rockin’ in the Beach again.

  1. CIMA

Bill King pic

L – R: Bernie Finkelstein, Bill King, Rik Emmett, Al Mair, Gil Moore, and Neill Dixon. Sir Richard Flohil flies the Bird

Picture courtesy of FYIMusic and Bill and Kris King

Although I was not able to attend I wanted to say congratulations to four of my friends who were rightly honoured by CIMA earlier this week. CMW boss Neill Dixon and I go flohil on stageback to when I used to write band bios for his label Solid Gold. Sir Richard Flohill is one of the most respected publicists in the world and I can only hope to have his drive and stamina if I ever reach his age. Attic Records co-founder Al Mair has always gone out of his way to check up on my business doings and has been that way since I first met him when I was a young punk of 18 hanging out at the 3 Days in March convention back at the Toronto Harbour Castle, and Dine Alone/Bedlam founder Joel Carriere is from the new breed of record company/management people who are making the new rules for all of us and are pushing the industry forward. Well deserved on all four fronts. Now, I can think of a few ladies who might be deserving in 2017….

  1. Euros


Second only to the World Cup in this footie fanatics mind. New England gear is on today and by the time this column hits I will either be jubilant or completely crestfallen. It`s a great month for football.

  1. Brown Shoes

I don’t care how hip it is supposed to be but brown shoes with anything other than a brown suit look ridiculous. Have you kids never heard of George Gobel? And, by the way, you’re wearing floods.

  1. Vinyl

About to watch the entire first series on DVD and can’t wait to dive in. Look for a full review in the coming weeks!



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