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Another collection of ten things of late that have transpired, inspired, expired, or, just made me tired.

  1. Old Friends

Cam and Jeebus

As everyone has been pointing out 2016 has taken its toll and outside of the musicians and artists we have lost there is an alarmingly high number of friends, family and co-workers who are leaving us far too soon. I am writing this on Tuesday and tomorrow I will be paying my respects to two dearly departed. When you move onto a new street, as we did some six summers ago, there is usually a ripple effect from your residence outwards. We knew one neighbour very well when we moved in but soon found new friends and acquaintances up and down the block. Dale lived two doors up and had lived on the street for her entire life. Raised her kids and then helped out with the grandchildren. Although we were not “sit on the porch and share a glass of wine friends”, we shared hellos, stopped to chat, and, if I was out shovelling I would just keep going and often clear their front walk. As have so many she recently lost her battle with cancer and I am sure the entire street will be in attendance tomorrow night for a final send-off.

  1. BMG

Mindy BMG New York

The three companies I worked for the longest were Quality Records, BMG and MCA (now Sony and Universal). I still have friends from all three labels. It has been a very tough couple of years for my BMG family as we have lost dear friends Shelley Snell, Nadine Gelineau, Doug Kinaschuk and, last week Terry Carson.  Armed with a cocktail and a smile that could light up a room Terry was a true record company salesman and could ship them out like no other. He loved his country music and loved his record company conventions where he could outlast many half of his age. Terry died very suddenly last week at too young an age and I am sure there won’t be a dry eye in the house tomorrow. I know I will be spending as much time talking to those who are still with us as, and I mentioned this is an early column, you just don’t know what might be the last time you see someone.

  1. Spaceface

We presented their show last Sunday night at The Piston and what a wonderful band to work with. Jake Ingall’s is the guitarist for The Flaming Lips and this is his Memphis-based side project. Live they were like a cross between The Amboy Dukes and Spiritualized with great guitar playing, fabulous lights and a throw-back psychedelic sound. They have dedicated fans who like to dress up and I spotted a giraffe and a spaceman happily dancing away. I don’t think The Piston has ever seen so much confetti and so many balloons and pool noodles (yes, pool noodles) in their backroom since the venue opened. The band was very gracious to the promoters and the audience and it was great to work with artists who just wanted to go on stage and play (and were concerned that the promoters might have lost some money). This was their first ever Canadian gig and hopefully they will back later this year.

  1. Ginger Ale & The Monowhales

I have seen this young Toronto band perform a couple of times in the last year but on Sunday night they really started to show the potential that they have. Their stage show is joyous to watch and I am very much looking forward to the new material that they are getting ready. I have no skin in the game but just like the band.

  1. Dylan Hennessy

There is a young generation of musicians who are busking, going from open mike to open mike, recording, writing and all around becoming full-time musicians. They will play on the street with an acoustic, come to an open mike armed with the latest looping pedals and then pick up a band for a club gig. One of those kids is Dylan Hennessy. When I saw this I was pretty blown away.

  1. Rock Lobster

rock-lobster1Sorry to see that the Rock Lobster on Queen West had closed. It is so tough to make any restaurant work these days and when you couple that with a complete lack of spring followed immediately by street closures, things get tough. I am looking forward to seeing what “The Dime” will be all about and hopefully it will take us all back to the glorious days of The Shanghai Cowgirl. In the interim we still have the lovely Tiki Bar high atop the Bovine for our summer hang-out. There are a great group of regulars up there and always fantastic music playing.

  1. Euros 2016


What a crazy tournament so far. As of this writing there are still four teams left but by the time you are reading there will only be two. I think an injury-riddled Germany will be in tough against host nation France and I hope that Wales get past Portugal. As I did before the tournament I predict France being crowned the champions. I was thrilled for Wales and Iceland and the giant strides they took and, as always, totally gutted by live-at-ch England’s performance. Now, bring on the EPL!

  1. Live From City Hall

For the summer they are moving the shows outdoors and beginning at 12:30 PM (as opposed to the usual 5 PM Rotunda shows). This week The Fugitive Minds will be performed. Grab some street meat and have lunch at Nathan Phillips Park. It’s a long cold winter.

  1. Grey Goose

grey goose

Tonight could be epic. Heading over to “Spoke on the Water” (greatest name ever) for a Grey Goose event.  Spoke on the Water is the private sister club to King West location and is the former Toronto Island Yacht Club, where, Bovine founder Darryl Fine learned to sail. More on this one next week.

  1. Family


Just a shout out to the family. Had a lovely BBQ at my daughter’s new home with her hubby Mario on the weekend and played a little bocce ball (lost). Off to Dad’s this weekend for a get together with his grandkids and then off to Paris, Ontario next weekend for a pool party at my sister’s. It is nice to have them all around. Most of our birthdays are in the summer and here’s to son Kyle (June 16), Mom (June 22), nephew Sean (July 4), Wendi-Jane (August 1), sister Kelly (August 10),  daughter Kari (August 21) and, new friend of Justin Trudeau, Sue (August 31).


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