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July 21st 2016….


  1. Last Thursday was the sixth annual “Radio & Records” party for music industry veterans from the sixties, seventies and eighties. As always a great time was had by all and it was nice to see so many old friends. In the past the event has been held at various private homes but this year was moved to Queen Street West at the Cadillac Lounge. Now there were names and faces that the general public would know, Mike Levine from Triumph and his lovely wife Rosie, legendary DJ’s David Marsden and Roger Ashby, but it was the old record company executives who I once held in awe who had the most impact on me. These were, and sorry to say at the time (late seventies), the men I who were the titans. Spotted were former CBS President Arnold Gosewich, A&M leader Jerry Lacoursiere, Capitol’s Deane Cameron, True North’s Bernie Finkelstein, Virgin’s Doug Chappell along with current Warner Music President Steve Kane (who we determined was the youngest person there). Former co-workers Barry Haugen, Jim Campbell, Ross Davies, Tim Williams and Brian Stutz were also spotted along with Chris Allicock and wife Jane Hawtin, Jane Harbury, Joanne Smale, Richard Flohil, Jeff Burns, Kevin Unger and scores of others I didn’t even get a chance to talk to. Jon Haust and Peter Moore brought their Grammy Awards for their work on a Bob Dylan package and it was kind of cool to actually hold one (not quite the Stanley Cup but cool none the less). Thanks to Gary Muth and Dave Charles for the invite.

Garden Party 2016

David Marsden Jane Hawtin Richard Flohil 

Picture by John Rowlands

  1. The Polaris short list has been announced and the great Canadian music debate is once again upon us. No matter how much I try to keep my ear to the ground it seems with each passing year there are less albums that I recognize. There are a few I have not heard on this year’s list along with a few am I a fan of and, of course, Carly Rae Jepsen. The first debate is always the long listers who did not make the cut (The Weeknd, Peaches, City and Colour, Art Bergmann and Justin Bieber), followed by who should win this year’s award. If I was to pick it would be PUP.  Agree or disagree with the choices, the important thing is people are passionately discussing new music.

  1. Next Monday night The Toronto Star presents TUNS at the Mill Street Brewery. TUNS consists of Sloan’s Chris Murphy, Matt Murphy from Superfriendz and Flashing Lights and Mike ONeill of The Inbreds. I missed their show during NXNE and I am thinking of heading down next Monday night to catch the indie “supergroup”. Chris is playing drums, Matt is on guitar and Mike is playing bass. They have released two singles so far (“Mind Over Matter” and “Mixed Messages” and their debut album will be released next month. On Monday night, along with a performance, the band will sit down with The Star’s Ben Rayner for a Q&A which could be a lot of fun.  If you are downtown tonight Polaris Prize nominees White Lung are playing the same series at the brewery.


  1. Along with his Sloan and Tuns duties Chris Murphy has also been playing shows with Moe Berg (The Pursuit of Happiness), Steven Page (Barenaked Ladies) and Craig Northey (The Odds). The four Canadian rock statesmen, now known as the Trans Canada Highwaymen, have been playing shows where they share songs and instruments and play decades worth of material that they are directly responsible for. It looks like they are going to be announcing more shows shortly. Here’s a little taste: 
  1. How did The Bovine manage to turn 25? It seems like only a few years ago I was hanging out on opening night with my buddy Chris Sheppard. There are all sorts of special events happening for the rest of the year, some cool 25th Anniversary merch, and, the Tiki Bar has officially become my go-to spot whenever it is warmer than 10 degrees. The Tiki during the summer reminds me of the good old days on the back patio of the Shanghai Cowgirl and it seems that every time I go there I run into friends. Happy Birthday Darryl, here’s to 25 more!


  1. Brad Fillatre is a friend to a lot of musicians in this country as he is the key man at Gibson Guitars. The Newfoundland born musician is getting ready to release his second solo album “Strangers” on August 12th via Sparks Music. Brad’s first solo record “Your Weakness” was released back in 2013 and prior to that he recorded an EP with the rock band The Evelyn Room. The first single from the new album is “Strangers” and it will give you a pretty good idea about the sound of this very introspective record. Brad will be playing at The Dakota Tavern, with a very special group of musicians, to kick-start the album. It’s a 7 PM show. Here’s the gorgeous video for “Strangers”. 
  1. This is the weekend that is equally loved and hated by The Beach community as the annual “Street Fest” shuts down Queen Street East from Woodbine to Beech Avenue tonight, tomorrow and Saturday from 6 PM until around midnight. There are bands on every street corner, tons of food trucks and vendors as well as the great local spots like Castro’s Lounge, My Place, Gabby’s, The Gull, The Peppery Cat and The Salty Dog who take care of our community the rest of the year. The Balmy Beach Canoe Club is not affiliated with Jazz Fest this year and for the first time in many a year it will not be open to the public. Also, if you were thinking of parking in the BBC lot forget it, the site is under construction until the fall. Faves on the Queen Street East walk include Paul James, TurboStreet Funk, Neil Chapman and Dr. Draw.


  1. Right now chances are I am on the patio of the new eOne Entertainment Complex welcoming Chris Taylor and the Last Gang Family to the eOne team. It is great ChrisTayloreOnein this day and age to watch a company expand and grow as so many are downsizing. With Chris now at the helm of the music division worldwide I expect great things to happen. In this business it is all about relationships and through his years as a musician, lawyer, manager and label owner Chris has a rolodex that is unsurpassed in this country and the envy of many in the world.

9. I keep discovering new music on late night TV and hats off to the music bookers on James Corden and Stephen Colbert for finding great new talent. Last week i was impressed by The Shelters and their Tom Petty co-produced single “Rebel Heart”. I had never heard of the L.A. -based band before their performance but it moved me enough to buy the single and add it to my Top 30 playlist.

  1. My indie pick of the week are the very young Whitby two-piece band Cleopatrick. Although I missed their show on the weekend at The Hard Luck Bar in Toronto they managed to get a little bit of it on video. Much like The Standstills a few years ago this is a band to keep your eyes on. 


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