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This is not NEWS. I collect my information in order from the South North, East, and West, not the traditional North, East West, and South. If you want the NEWS, look elsewhere, If you want the SNEW, keep reading.



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This Is What I Think About the 2016 Presidential Race

I usually avoid the political stuff. I already get enough political crap on FB. So many untruths, opinions, insane sources, scare tactics and fear mongering, and most of it clearly from those who know nothing of how things actually work, what the process is, the context from which their ‘fact’ has been lifted, the opinions couched as fact, and of course, out and out lies to advance people’s agendas.

I get my serious news from multiple serious sources. I find that people who have experienced and have first-hand knowledge of the things they opine about tend to have better information than those who only have social media and hearsay to back them up.

Jan. 18-24, 2001

In the case of the 2016 American Presidential Pie Fight, I have this to say; If Hillary (Hills, HillBilly, Hill On Wheels, Hillzilla, Hillzabub, etc) is sidelined because petulant Bernie-ites don’t vote or vote third party, or (God Help us, are they THIS stupid?) vote for Trump, that is the ONLY way that heinous orange haired baboon will EVER be elected…and all that ego and righteousness from the far left aiding the knuckle-dragging idiots from the far right, will bring America to its knees. Hillary and Bill, with 16 years of experience in the White House and RUNNING the fucking country SUCCESSFULLY, and many more years in the service of that same country, and you people think there is a better choice in Bernie or Trump?  Jesus Fucking Christ! All this infernal finger pointing and know-it-all-ism is a pointless, annoying, idiotic, waste of everyone’s time. Truth be told, I almost hope all you angry Lefties and Righties start your stupid little civil war…just do it before November so Obama can declare the Emergency act and stay in the White House.

Why let go of the greatest president in modern times because of a law written by the Republicans almost 80 years ago? God, we are fucking idiots!

If I take all the opinions to heart, and buy into what is being said, we are about to elect an Asshole (either a girl one or a boy one, depending on whose bullshit you believe) to the presidency, because the Great one we have has to leave because…NO REASON AT ALL. Oh…and a piece of advice from an old friend. The best way to get out of the hole you find yourself in…is to stop digging. Everybody drop your shovels and go have a beer.

The Bob Report and Shopping News Endorses President Obama for a Third Term. Suck it, Stupid Law Preventing That.



Someone on Facebook found this picture offensive and reported it. Facebook removed it. It was censored by a hypocrite using Political Correctness as a weapon against free speech.

Dinner for Donald B and W


Somewhere out there is a man or woman who finds a winged dildo and a Gibbon in what could be construed as a compromising photograph, made sure that no one would be able to see what he or she found offensive. It is more likely that whoever it was found it titillating and darkly erotic, and became nervous thinking about the winged, throbbing, rubber phallus and pictured themselves in the Gibbon’s place, the frightening, hovering, faux tubesteak inches away from their own mouth.

Or, he or she is just an asshole with no sense of humour.





Is there a correlation between the ruckus caused by massive amounts of people searching everywhere playing Pokemon Go and the sudden disappearance of most Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking on our doors at 8:00 in the fucking morning?



In the CWs ‘Riverdale’, debuting on the CBS farm tam network this fall, Archie is having an affair with Ms. Grundy, Jughead is the investigative voice of reason, Betty is actually hot and sweet, Josie of the Pussycats won’t help Archie’s musical career, Cherry Blossom (whose brother has been murdered by one of Riverdale’s residents) is the ‘Mean Girl’ and troublemaker, and Veronica is a Latino who lives with her mother while Mr. Lodge is incarcerated for embezzlement and fraud.  Who knows what Pops beatlesand Mr. Weatherbee are up to….


Ron Howard’s documentary about The Beatles touring days. Seriously? There’s a need for this? Marketing touts “things you never knew about the Beatles”, but doesn’t bother to ask us if we care. How could there be any more information after almost 60 years of books, docs, movies, Beatle Cons, and interviews. I’ll be counting the bathroom stops and arguments about who gets to ride shotgun….



The San Diego ComiCon is the Holy Grail of comic/pop culture fans and dumpster to all coming movie trailers, action figures, and pop culture merchandise. Fans play dress-up, spend a shit ton of money on Spock Ears and Deadpool bondage hoods, Harley Quinn Butt Huggers, Wonder Woman Bullet Bracelets and Batarangs, and sit for hours in stuffy auditoriums listening to sales pitches from the casts of movies, the directors, and the producers and writers. Everyone has Skittle, Dorito, Red Bull, and Mountain Dew breath, and Storm Troopers tie up the bathrooms trying to get their armour off and back on. Have another five dollar Cherry Coke….


…or at least make it bearable. Whoever edited this together should be respected and elevated to Godhood. “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” may be uplifting and inspiring to some, but this video works much better for me. Shut up and dance, America.


Canada - The Ameweican Dream

Ethics, Tolerance, Beauty, Welcoming, Positive, Open, and Hopeful. For all our faults, we embrace the things that made America great. Still works here…could work again there.




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  1. kaptain beyond Says:

    everybody by now has no excuse really not to know that elections & democracy simply provide the ILLUSION of choice. the ruling elite get what they want regardless of which puppet party pretends to be in “power”. money is power, right? well all governments are in massive debts. you think there’s any power in debt? NO, you’re a slave.

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