Cameron Carpenter – 10 CC – August 4, 2016

Cam Indie Week

Columns are going to be few and far between for the next five or six weeks as my workload increases, a move on the home front is imminent, there seems to be BBQ’s and events every weekend and there are a lot of shows coming up. Better than not being busy. Music helps me get through the days and nights and here are several songs that I am currently enjoying.

  1. “7” – Catfish and the Bottlemen

Once I got past the truly awful name I really started to enjoy this Welsh band. This is the second single from their new album “The Ride” following the rather brilliant “Soundcheck”. Their North American tour kicks off on September 18th and the only Canadian date is a show at The Danforth Music Hall on October 14th which I think will be a must see.

  1. “Drake’s Dad” – The Arkells

This Hamilton band is on the precipice of arena-rock status. Their fourth album “Morning Report” is being released today and this is the second single. Yes, that is really Drake’s Dad in the clip. The song, with great gospel vocals, is like a story being told by the drunken stranger at the end of the bar. It follows the fantastic first single “Private School”. It seems like only yesterday they were hanging around the old XM studios on Avenue Road.

  1. “Dukes” – Repartee

After having met two different members of the band at two different parties I still had no idea what the band sounded like until I finally heard “Dukes” on the radio and the announcer back-sold it (very much a dying art). The St. John’s band started to make inroads on the rock back in 2012 winning a slew of awards and then migrated west picking up some ECMA nods. They are now based in Toronto and this is a slice of pure pop.

  1. “Mind Over Matter” – TUNS

I missed the band when they played at the Mill Street Brewery a couple of weeks ago but won’t make the same mistake twice when they announce their next local show. This is just great powerpop from Chris Murphy, Matt Murphy and Mike O’Neill.

  1. “Spirit” – Wintersleep

It’s pretty hard to follow-up a single as good as “Amerika” but Wintersleep have done it. Six albums and fifteen years in this Halifax band just keeps getting better with age.

  1. “Put Your Money On Me” – The Struts

Sometimes you just can’t keep a good song down and this is a classic example. This is from the English band’s 2014 album “Everybody Wants” but is only now starting to break on American rock radio. They kind of remind me of a UK Strokes.

  1. “Change My Mind” – Amos the Transparent

Song removed from YouTube

amos the transparent

Of course I have a soft spot for this Ottawa band as they were one of the first artists we ever played on XM Canada, and, we managed them for a couple of years.  This is one of the best songs they have written in years and you can pick it up from their website

  1. “Got Your Number” – Serena Ryder

It’s been about four years when we last heard Serena with her hit single “Stompa”. This new little rocker is from her upcoming album and just catchy as well. You will be singing it to yourself within a couple of days.

  1. Brad Fillatre

If you don’t have Tragically Hip tickets next Wednesday night Brad will be debuting his new album “Strangers” (street date August 12th) with a crackerjack band at The Dakota Tavern. It is a 7 PM set.

  1. Lou Dawg’s


We have wrapped up our series of Indie Week acoustic shows and I wanted to publically thank all of the great artists who came out to perform and the great staff at the venue for taking such good care of us.


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