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Up until a few hours ago I was about to post my column today, which was a 6000 word essay and reprints of comments, articles and facts, slaved over to make a simple point…

Donald Trump is not qualified to be the President of the United States, and Hillary Rodham Clinton is.

Hillary and Donald….


When I re-read it for the final time to cross the ‘Ts’ and dot the ‘I’s’, I realized that I would only be preaching to the choir while Trump supporters would just get more pissed off, call me an asshole, and go back to drooling on their shirts.

So, America, I decided to save you the pain and agony of having to read another long winded plea for sanity, reason and informed decisions when you vote to oust the current Republicans in Congress who have spent the past 8 years opposing changes  that would have benefitted the people of the United States, and to elect a successor to the current incumbent who is, like he has always been, dedicated to the people and not to the furthering of an agenda that would only benefit the few, as opposed to the many.

Hillary Clinton is that person.

Donald Trump is not.


What I Wrote on My Facebook Page Four Years Ago….

Robert Segarini

November 7, 2012 at 1:20pm ·

obama-hope-shelter-copy-500x752One of the people who commented here posted this comment (among others); “The only people impressed with his speech were the 50% of the electorate who voted for him–and probably not all of them. If you can recall something concrete that he said in that speech, I’d be interested in what you thought it was.” Well, he said a LOT of concrete things. Not only concrete, but full of passion, compassion, hope, respect, and great awareness of his, and America’s place in history. He recognized America for what it is; at the crossroads of accepting and respecting the rights and beliefs of ALL of it’s residents, regardless of race, colour, creed, or sexual orientation. The America that I grew up in. But don’t take my word for it. You can listen to and read EXACTLY what he said. An historic speech delivered by a President who has spent 4 years at war with his own House of Representatives, and STILL perseveres. America is lucky to have him, and the rest of the world is truly grateful he has another 4 years to undo what the Bush administration has done. A truly wonderful, heartfelt, speech.
“Our Country is recovering, a decade of war is ending.” Yep.

Full text of Barack Obama’s victory speech in the 2012 presidential election

Full text of Barack Obama’s victory speech in the 2012 presidential election….




Obama gave us hope.


…and even with his hands tied behind his back by a seditious Congress whose admitted agenda was to block his every move forward, place obstacles in his path at every turn, and compromise his bills to the point of removing the very essence of their intent, he still managed to accomplish many of his goals. Unfortunately, he was also blamed for problems associated with his efforts, problems caused by codicils attached to his work by an uncooperative Congress that gutted many of his propositions in order to render them either useless or ineffectual.


And even with that hampering his Presidency, he repaired much of the damage done by the Bush administration, and truly did try to make America great again.

That Donald Trump and his people ignored what Obama accomplished is bad enough, but they continue to blame him for the work of the Bush administration with outright lies and lack of knowledge.

Which, in and of itself, is just sour grapes and mean spirited. However…

…when a segment of the US population BELIEVES the lies and accepts them as truth, THEY have become the problem that is tearing the country down…and apart.

And like all malignant diseases…this one is spreading.


We can thank Donald Trump for exposing the racist, misogynistic, bullying, and potentially violent sub-culture that exists in larger numbers than previously thought.

Their issues and concerns need to be addressed, and the reasons for their discontent understood.

We need to stop the spread of this disease, prevent it from spreading, and then heal the wound that has been opened, so that a person like Donald Trump never gets this close to a seat of power again.

Of course, if he wins, we have only ourselves to blame.

So, please, my American friends, vote, and vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton, and whoever opposes the Republican Senators and Representatives from your place of residence.


From my FB friend, John McPeake….

“President Obama was the MacGyver of U.S. presidents. He was able to rescue the country with few tools at hand. It was as if he used duct tape and chicken wire to get the country out of the mess he found it in.All the while taking on hostile fire from the gop and other right winged nuts. Tough show to follow. But Mrs. Clinton will give it her best shot..Meanwhile trump,

” Cares not to come up any higher

But rather get you down in the hole

That he’s in”


Vote.. please”



And one last message to the Trump Supporters who may be having second thoughts this late in the game. If they can read past the quote, there is still a chance….

“Donald Trump is the biggest pile of horseshit to have ever fallen out of a horse’s ass.

…and that horse’s ass is the disenfranchised horde of  American People who support him.”


Are you really a part of this crowd? Watch the video.

Still with me? This is your last chance to stop yourselves from having a life of regret and remorse.

Here are the facts concerning the believability of your Leader, straight from the man himself.
The sad thing is…he is counting on YOU to blindly put him in the Oval Office, EVEN THOUGH he has fed you lie, after lie, after lie.
You see (and I know this is going to hurt) He thinks you are stupid enough to get him there….
Those of you who get red-faced with anger (ear-steam optional) when you read this (though most of you won’t read past the headlines) are welcome to seethe with hate and reject the truth.
It is what he hopes you do… and he’s counting on it.

You’re welcome.


Fraser and Daley….


Alec Fraser and Mike Daley celebrate the release of their latest CD, 50 Miles of Elbow Room, Wednesday, November 9th, from 8pm until 11pm at The Inter Steer on Roncesvalles in Toronto.

If you are in Toronto or its environs, I heartily suggest you get your butts down to the Inter Steer to join the festivities, have some incredible food from the menu, and enjoy some real music from real players. I’ll post a full review of the CD in a forthcoming column, and if you’re planning on attending Wednesday, make a reservation or come early…they always pack the place.

And in case you are unfamiliar with Alec and Mike….

Reprinted from my DBAWIS column dated May 7th 2012


We all know guys like this. They are rarely the main attraction in a crowded room. No, these are not the guys that walk into a room and immediately command attention. Rather, they are more akin to the charismatic head-turner’s wingmen; the more stealth-like companions to the stars, whose easy going charm and unassuming demeanor disarm those around them with quiet wit, dry conversation, and unheralded skills. These two individuals do not announce their presence with obvious flourish, nor do they seek either celebrity or adulation. They are like us; fans of music, looking to have a good time, and comfortable in their own skin. That is why, when they mount the stage and pick up their instruments and start performing, our jaws drop open and we see them fully for the first time. Our first thought? These guys are fucking amazing!

They aren’t brothers but they might as well be. These two diverse, yet strangely symbiotic individuals, share a love of music that is so organic, that you have difficulty grasping their ability to move from genre to genre, decade to decade, mixing both far-flung covers with original compositions and yet somehow manage to produce a unique sound all their own. With an ease matched only by an almost long forgotten duo who had a similar gift, The Smothers Brothers, and another brother act whose harmonizing voices continue to inspire singers to this day, The Everly Brothers, Fraser/Daley take you on a musical rollercoaster ride complete with instrumental skills and goose-bump raising vocals, that make many 5 and 6 piece bands trying to navigate the same waters sound like unarmed contestants in a small town karaoke Battle of the Blands. Fraser/Daley have an understanding of the music they play that rivals that of the originators, and their own compositions can look the classics in the eye knowing they are as good as what has gone before.

In a perfect world, major labels would be crawling over each other to sign these guys, radio would be playing their singles out of the box, and agents would be sending them out for months at a time to play sold out shows around the globe. They would be following in the footsteps of all the great artists before them whose musicality was their calling card, their joy of performance infectious to a fault, and whose instantly accessible and ear-worm worthy songs would join all the other timeless compositions we’ve fallen in love with upon hearing them for the first time.

To these seasoned veterans (who bristle with the enthusiasm of a couple of newly-minted teenage music fans) this IS a perfect world. They play what they want, where they want, when they want. They don’t need a record label, they have one of their own. They get radio airplay on the more eclectic stations out there whose criteria is to play great music instead of the product manufactured to fit their formats, and they have such a busy schedule as it is, that they would be hard pressed to find the time to tour as much as they already could. It is me and all the other fans of Fraser/Daley that want to see them be wildly successful, but the two-man band themselves seem to be happy doing exactly what they’re doing. They love their jobs, have lovely, supportive, families, play constantly to enthusiastic audiences big and small, and always…alwayswith a smile on their faces and a joy of performance that seems almost maniacal at times. I envy them.

Their Music Speaks for Itself

Every time I see them, they trot out another half dozen songs I’ve never heard them play before. I honestly think they know more songs than any 5 other artists combined. Here’s just a tiny sampling….

The Oldies Demo

The Old Blues/Spiritual Demo

…and as far as original material goes….

Beat It on Down the Line

The Devil Herself

That Hellhole I Call Home

…and their latest composition, a song that is always different every time they perform it….

All Marijuana (Is Medicinal Marijuana)

Seriously, you have to see these guys live. I’ve been going to see them every Wednesday night at a great little restaurant/bar on Roncesvalles Avenue in Toronto for the last 2 years. Check them out at The Intersteer, 361 Roncesvalles Ave, between 8:00 and 11:00 any Wednesday night. I promise that you will want to come back every week.

About Mike Daley and Alec Fraser

mike-daleyGuitarist/vocalist Mike Daley fell in love with the blues as a teenager in suburban Burlington, Ontario. He voraciously learned from records and eventually made a serious study of music, studying jazz guitar and earning a Ph.D in musicology from York University. Meanwhile, Mike was keeping a busy playing schedule, working with Rita Chiarelli, Suzie Vinnick and Jeff Healey while also releasing solo work. He relocated from Hamilton to Toronto in 2003, and began working with Alec Fraser in 2007.

Mike Daley is a professional musician, writer and lecturer based in Toronto, Canada. He has a Ph.D in musicology and ethnomusicology and has published scholarly articles on Bob Dylan, Patti Smith and Paul Butterfield. As a guitarist, Mike has worked with Jeff Healey, the Travellers, Classic Albums Live, and many others over a twenty-five year professional career.

alec-and-da-bass Glasgow born producer/musician Alec Fraser came to music through his father Alec Sr, a boxing musician. With many uncles in the Merchant Navy bringing back records from America, artists like Hank Williams, Jimmy Rodgers, Muddy Waters, Johnny Cash and Louis Jordan became influential in getting a six year old Alec to learn the guitar. Since immigrating to Canada as a teenager he has played bass with international artists such as Bo Diddley, The Drifters, Kim Wilson, Ian Gillian, Willie” Big Eyes” Smith, Ray Benson, Walter Trout, Mel Brown, Sam Myers, Finis Tasby and Cream’s Jack Bruce as well as touring and recording with The Jeff Healey Band and the acoustic band Brokenjoe.

Canadian artists like David Wilcox, Jack de Keyser, Morgan Davis, Danny Marks, Jerome Godboo, Rick Fines and Gospel singer Danny Brooks have all had Alec as their bass player and have helped him receive the 2004 Mapleblues bassist of the year award. Recently he has played with Randy Bachman, Colin James, Matt Minglewood, Steve Strongman, Eric Sardinas and Tony “Wild T” Springer.

As a producer and/or engineer, Alec Fraser has recorded some of the blues worlds finest. Jeff Healey, Snooky Pryor, Pinetop Perkins, Billyboy Arnold, Paul Oscher, Willie Smith, Mel Brown, Curley Bridges, Lil Dave Thompson, Harmonica Shah, Fruteland Jackson, Sam Myers, Finis Tasby, Kenny “bluesboss” Wayne, Julian Fauth and Jimmy Bowskill. Alec has done all of Jeff Healey`s Jazz Wizard recordings and most of the Electro-fi records roster.

Alec Fraser has produced many records over the years that have recieved recognition and awards. Here are some worthy of attention.

Jeff Healey– “Mess Of Blues” 3 weeks at number one on the Billboard blues charts and stayed on for months after.

Jack de Keyzer– 6 String Lover/ Blues Album of the Year 2003 Juno award

Morgan Davis– Painkiller/ Blues Album of the Year 2004 Juno award.
and also won the 2004 Maple Blues award for recording of the year.
Morgan Davis– Blues Medicine 1999 Maple Blues award for “Producer of the year”

Pappy Johns Band– “Blame it on Monday” (2002 Canadian Aboriginal Music Producer Award)
Pappy Johns Band– ’Full Circle’ Best Blues Album at the 2004 CAMA’s

Some Cds that Alec produced for Electro-fi Records can be found at
Billy Boy Arnold– Billy Boy Sings Sonny Boy
Julian Fauth– Ramblin’ Son
Harrison Kennedy– Ramblin’ Son
Fruteland Jackson– Tell Me What You say
Harmonica Shah– Listen At Me Good
Willie ‘Big Eyes’ Smith and the Juke Joint Rockers– ”Bluesin’ It” ( Juno and MBA nominations)

Visit for more information and live schedule.


Segarini’s regular columns appear here whenever someone actually eats a bag of Kale Chips

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dbawis-button7giphyBob “The Iceman” Segarini was in the bands The Family Tree, Roxy, The Wackers, The Dudes, and The Segarini Band and nominated for a Juno for production in 1978. He also hosted “Late Great Movies” on CITY TV, was a producer of Much Music, and an on-air personality on CHUM FM, Q107, SIRIUS Sat/Rad’s Iceberg 95, (now 85), and now publishes, edits, and writes for DBAWIS, continues to write music, make music, and record.


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