Whilst toiling away in the dead of last winter for Harvey Kubernik’s grand new
1967: A Complete Rock Music History of The Summer Of Love book – Page 175 should bring back memories to Toronto-area readers in particular – I made sure to keep the Pig Player fully loaded with this specially time-worthy setlist…

67. “I Dig Rock and Roll Music”  (Peter, Paul and Mary)

66. “It’s The Little Things”  (Sonny and Cher)

65. “Western Union”  (Five Americans)

64. “You Can’t Do That”  (Nilsson)

63. “Reflections”  (Supremes)

62. “We Had A Good Thing Goin'”  (Cyrkle)

61. “Gimme Little Sign”  (Brenton Wood)

60. “Fakin’ It”  (Simon and Garfunkel)

59. “Bottle Of Wine”  (Fireballs)

58. “Here Comes My Baby”  (Tremeloes)

57. “Soul Finger”  (Bar Kays)

56. “Let It All Hang Out”  (Hombres)

55. “Yellow Balloon”  (Yellow Balloon)

54. “There Is A Mountain”  (Donovan)

53. “The Letter”  (Box Tops)

52. “It’s Getting Harder All The Time”  (Mindbenders)

51. “Bernadette”  (Four Tops)

50. “Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie”  (Jay and the Techniques)

49. “Incense and Peppermints”  (Strawberry Alarm Clock)

48. “Nobody But Me”  (Human Beinz)

47. “Sweet Soul Music”  (Arthur Conley)

46. “Mirage”  (Tommy James and the Shondells)

45. “Don’t Sleep In The Subway”  (Petula Clark)

44. “Cold Sweat”  (James Brown)

43. “Sit Down, I Think I Love You”  (Mojo Men)

42. “Higher and Higher”  (Jackie Wilson)

41. “The Boat That I Row”  (Lulu)

40. “Darling Be Home Soon”  (Lovin’ Spoonful)

39. “Little Games”  (Yardbirds)

38. “Come On Down To My Boat”  (Every Mother’s Son)

37. “Jimmy Mack”  (Martha and the Vandellas)

36. “Gentle On My Mind”  (Glen Campbell)

35. “See Emily Play”  (Pink Floyd)

34. “Electricity”  (Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band)

33. “Don’t Go Out Into The Rain”  (Herman’s Hermits)

32. “Expressway To Your Heart”  (Soul Survivors)

31. “Have You Seen Her Face”  (Byrds)

30. “I Second That Emotion”  (Smokey Robinson and The Miracles)

29. “Casino Royale”  (Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass)

28. “She’d Rather Be With Me”  (Turtles)

27. “Groovin'”  (Young Rascals)

26. “Flying On The Ground Is Wrong”  (Guess Who)

25. “Baby, You’re a Rich Man”  (Beatles)

24. “Happy Jack”  (The Who)

23. “Friends Of Mine”  (Zombies)

22. “Death Of A Clown”  (Dave Davies)

21. “Dandelion”  (Rolling Stones)

20. “Are You Experienced?”  (Jimi Hendrix Experience)

19. “If You’re Thinkin’ What I’m Thinkin'”  (Dino, Desi and Billy)

18. “Brown Shoes Don’t Make It”  (Mothers of Invention)

17. “Cornflakes and Ice Cream”  (Lords of London)

16. “Love Is All Around”  (Troggs)

15. “Half Past Midnight”  (Staccatos)

14. “To Love Somebody”  (Bee Gees)

13. “I Was Made To Love Her”  (Stevie Wonder)

12. “Transparent Day”  (West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band)

11. “Twelve Thirty”  (Mamas and Papas)

10. “The Rain, The Park and Other Things”  (Cowsills)

9. “She May Call You Up Tonight”  (Left Banke)

8. “Pay You Back With Interest”  (Hollies)

7. “You Got What It Takes”  (Dave Clark Five)

6. “Bowling Green”  (Everly Brothers)

5. “The Girl I Knew Somewhere”  (Monkees)

4. “When I Was Young”  (Eric Burdon and the Animals)

3. “Waterloo Sunset”  (Kinks)

2. “Him Or Me (What’s It Gonna Be?)”  (Paul Revere and The Raiders

1. “Heroes and Villains”  (Beach Boys)

…and whilst listening, Don’t Forget to dig 50 summers ago deep yourself Right Here,

tellin’ em Groovy Gary sent’cha.

Popular among Hippies after. The Summer of Love. This style. Of living gave Hippies a chance. To connect with nature and religion. Wavy Gravy was a leader of one of the Pig Commune in New Mexico. Wavy Gravy also was the MC at the Woodstock festival.


Gary appears here whenever he wants

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DBAWIS_ButtonGary Pig Gold may have grown up in Port Credit, run away to Hamilton to join his first rock ‘n’ roll group, hung out with Joe Strummer on his first-ever night in the UK, returned to T.O. to publish Canada’s first-ever rock ‘n’ roll (fan)zine, run away again gary pig gpld facong leftto Surf City to (almost) tour Australia with Jan & Dean, come home again to tour O Canada with that country’s first-ever (authorized!) Beach Boys tribute band …but STILL, he had to travel all the way back to the USSR to secure his first-ever recording contract

6 Responses to “GARY PIG GOLD’s SUMMER Of ’67 TOP 67”

  1. kaptain beyond Says:

    okay fun list. but only one Beatles? mmmmm….

  2. No “King Midas In Reverse” ?

  3. Awesome piece on the Summer of Love, Gary! If I were still doing the Lil’ Rhino Gazette, you can bet we’d be doing a whole tribute ‘zine. I’ve been groovin’ on songs from that summer all year. Thanks for the list; I see some here I can add to the song rotation. 😁

  4. […] I’d already been a fervent fan for a couple of years, having spent most of my Grade 8 art class making swirly sketches of Jimi in charcoal. Plus the Are You Experienced album was right up there – almost – with Monkees Headquarters on my 1967 Most-Played List. […]

  5. […] a band as seemingly pliant as The Byrds could withstand such turbo-charged, jet-sped times, and by the summer of ’67, after two spectacular years and four spectacular albums, the band imploded, as much a victim of […]

  6. […] remains asutterly eye- and ear-boggling today as it must have played duringthat otherwise supple Summer of Love. 8. FUN IN ACAPULCO  (dir. Richard Thorpe, 1963)This particular patently-packaged “Elvis […]

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