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More years ago than I care to talk about, I was the president of a small plastic modelling club. We met on a regular basis and had a few displays throughout the year. My personal motto during that time was “A leader leads.”

For much of the 20th and 21st Centuries, the president of the United States has been the “de facto” leader of the Free World, a consensus builder, a calming influence. Previous American administrations have enacted legislation beneficial to great numbers of people. Some examples?

Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” helped America begin to get back on her feet after the horrific Great Depression. His “Lend-Lease” program in World War II provided the Allies with much of the material they needed to keep Fascism at bay until they were ready and able to defeat that evil credo. (After September 3rd, 1939, they were always willing.) Truman’s “Marshall Plan” helped postwar Germany rebuild its infrastructure from the ashes of defeat. Carter’s “Camp David Accords” saw Israel and Egypt make peace. These are just a few of the many.

Now let’s examine the present regime. This “walking conflict of interest” campaigned on a platform of lies, xenophobia and populism. He wasn’t a career politician, oh no, he would “build a wall”, “drain the swamp”, “Make American Great Again”. His rallies bore an uneasy resemblance, for me anyway, to Nazi Party rallies with their fiery rhetoric, simplistic slogans, groundless accusations and (mindless?) chanting. During the campaign, the television appearances of him and his supporters, regardless of the venue, degenerated into “word salads”, misdirection and simply “talking over” and interrupting the other parties in the “conversation”.

What really alarmed me was that many people accepted this dismissive behaviour, even after video/audio evidence was produced of his disdain for women, minorities and the LGBTQ community. I found that very troubling. I remember talking to someone shortly after the election, who told me that they, a Canadian, liked Trump “Because he gets things done!” When pressed to name one of his accomplishments, they were unable to, of course.

He composed his cabinet and staff of fools, incompetents, toadies and people who were just not up to the challenges presented by their posts. Footage from some of the Senate confirmation hearings was truly painful to watch, as in the face of questioning, many of his handpicked choices floundered in the quicksand of inadequacy, clearly totally clueless about the position they had been nominated for, regardless of its importance.

The ensuing sad trail of firings and resignations sings a dirge of hasty, ill informed or just plain bad decisions on his part.

Speaking of bad decisions, he is demonstrating nepotism and bad judgement such as I would expect from a fictional medieval king! Daughter leading a trade delegation! Son in law having access to classified information without a full security clearance! Come to his resort and have your picture taken with the person who carries the U.S. nuclear codes! Buy mugs at his properties bearing the Presidential Seal of The United States of America!

He has blatantly lied to the American people about everything from releasing his tax returns to divesting himself from his businesses to not governing by using “executive orders”. One of his earliest “executive orders” slashed business taxes, benefiting, among others, his own business organization. I was discussing his broken promises with someone, who said that they weren’t surprised that a politician had lied during the campaign. I replied that Trump had said that he would be “different” (See 5 paragraphs above.) He finally stated that Trump had “…just turned into a business politician…”. I pointed out that the president should be putting the needs of his country above his own personal agenda. I got no response to that statement.

His threats of a “trade war” and his attacks on American companies are playing havoc with stock markets, leading to an air of uncertainty worldwide. The tax cut bill that he signed recently is going to hurt a lot of “little people”, I’m sorry to say.

It’s clear that he has no idea about the “nuances” and complications of diplomacy. He insults both long time U.S. allies and “folks on the other side of the fence”, displaying all the panache of a schoolyard bully. And, like many bullies, he’s a coward at heart.

Case in point. After the multiple murders in Parkland, while much of the cream of the youth of America was in the streets demanding change, “Marmalade Mugabe” and his retinue were in Florida on a taxpayer funded “jolly”. They did not stay at the Holiday Inn, btw. He was on the golf course working on his “Putin game”. A “leader” would have stayed in Washington and arranged to meet with representatives of the protestors in an attempt to see what could be done to address this cancer.

Instead of a fruitful dialogue, we got “Faux Snooze” leading the charge against both the reputation and the motivation of the survivors of this tragedy, as well as a contemptible assault on them on social media. Did “Mister President” act in the public’s interest to make any kind of calming statement to his nation? Of course he did not.

These young adults are not going to drop out of sight just because it would be convenient for certain people. They are angry, they are resolute, they are computer literate and they are reaching voting age. They will vote, too. They realize that that is how real change will take place.

I firmly believe that reasonable people in the United States are starting to see through the greed and hypocrisy which 45 has exposed by his venal actions. I firmly believe that the midterm elections will herald the beginning of the return of sanity to politics in the U.S..

I can only hope that we in Ontario don’t make the same mistake that our southern cousins did.

When your biggest accomplishment is making sure that U.S. Grant and “Dubya” are not the worst presidents in U.S. history to date, maybe it’s time to seek other employment. And let’s not forget his “drunk uncle” Tweets on pretty much every subject a drunk uncle would tweet about.

See you soon.


3 Responses to “Peter’s Politics”

  1. I’m very sick of living in ‘interesting times’ .. 😉

  2. Peter Montreuil Says:

    Well put, Roxanne!

  3. Ditto and ditto……

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