Frank Gutch Jr. Has Passed

Don’t Believe a Word I Say is shutting down until April 28th (Sunday) in memory of our fallen friend, colleague, and fellow writer and lover of music.

We are, as a family, crushed.

Starting on Sunday, for the following 7 days, we will be posting our feelings about Frank, and our favourite columns from this incredible gentlemans’s body of work. After that, I’m not sure, but Frank will always be alive in these pages.

God Speed, Safe Journey, and Rest in Peace, Junior.

4 Responses to “Frank Gutch Jr. Has Passed”

  1. steve purtelle Says:

    Ooohhh Nooo!
    So sorry

    • We’ve relied on Independent minds, DJ’s and writers like Frank to get the word out about us since day one; people who do what they do for the same reasons that we make Music: for the sheer, stupidly-simple, Love of it…
      If our culture is EVER to break free of its heavy Corporate chains again it is from that remnant Independent World that the rebellion will come.
      For us, in an art-form where sometimes a kind or perceptive word or a spin on a well-curated Radio Show is all that stands between writing ‘the next song’ and ‘packing it in’, Frank’s voice will be GREATLY missed.
      Here is his review of ‘Western Man’ from two years back…
      God speed Frank. I wish we’d had more time to talk….
      Love, Daisy House…/frank-gutch-jr-daisy-h…/

  2. rwwalker Says:

    Crushing. Frank was a brother-in-spirit. The cause of soul deep organic music has lost a champion.

  3. Audrey Martells Says:

    I’m just learning of Frank’s passing away. A great great soul!! i was blessed to have asked him 20 years ago to review my CD. He renewed my faith and always kept in touch. Love to his loved ones and friends.

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