Peter Picks a Peck of Players

One of the things that most impressed me about Frank Gutch Jr’s “nose for noise” is that he started finding this great music before the Internet, almost before electricity, in fact 😉. The Internet has made such a difference in our lives, connecting us mostly for good, but sometimes for bad, sadly. In any case, it has certainly eased our access to music of all kinds, genres and eras.

For my part, I make no secret of the fact that I like good music, that I like indie music. I will often check on Facebook, and it can be surprising what you can find, or what can find you if you keep your “hear to the ground”. Or, what can lead to such a find. An old high school classmate shared something on his timeline recently. You may know of Johann Sebastian Bach for his concertos or his organ music. Here is one of one of his more famous organ compositions, and I bet you’ve never heard Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor”  played like this! Thanks Neil, and the rest of you, check out Helene Schulthess’s Facebook page, and her website.

Another old high school classmate messaged me one weekend, saying that he was at a festival, and this band was playing, and maybe I would like their sound. Thus was I introduced to Eklectik. I had the good fortune to meet them in person at “The Rockpile” a few weeks later, they were on a bill with “Social Strife” and several other bands. Thank you, Doug, you were right. I present, as proof of the power of music, the video of their song “Know Your Place”, dealing frankly with the difficult subject of Autism.

I also had a Facebook friend put me onto “Postmodern Jukebox“, which I very much appreciated, as they are excellent musicians and give a fresh new look to some old favourites. Thank you, Harry. This is “Karma Police” by Radiohead. Played on the piano.

A band named “Key Machine” sent me a Facebook message, out of the blue. They were working on a new album, and would like to send me a copy because they saw that I am very supportive of indie bands and music. I was so pleased to hear this, and their effort was released last month, including this song, “Traveling Son”.

This very morning, I got a message for a band named “Drop Top Alibi“. They have just released a new single available on Spotify, and their singer, Brandon Gregory, asked my opinion of it. Once I had stickhandled through Spotify’s registration process, I heard it and liked it. Here’s the Spotify track for “Heavy Metal Baby”. What do you think?

Editor’s Note – Those of you with Spotify accounts can hear this track. Unfortunately, the video has been removed from You Tube.

I always count “Cherry Cola’s” as the launching pad for my musical adventures. I remember going to airings of “The Bobcast” and being so very impressed by all the musicians involved, their skill and their passion. I became friends with the “atomic puppies” aka’ X-Prime”, and I remember one Canadian Music Week, walking down Queen Street to catch the bus home, having been to “The Drake Underground” to see “Secret Broadcast”. I ran into “atomic puppy”  Phil Taylor of what’s now “James Blonde” on the street, and he introduced me as his friend, to his friend Luke. Phil mentioned that Luke had a band named “Ivory Hours“. I said that I would have to get out to see one of their shows. Am I glad I did! Check out their “Warpaint” video. (In an interesting twist, Pat Blythe, acting on my suggestion, saw them on New Year’s Eve in London. She raved about them in an amazing column she wrote about the festivities.)

I have previously related the importance of showing up at a venue early, as the opening acts may quite surprise you sometimes. So I remember very well the evening that I heard “Crown Lands” for the first time. They were the second of four bands to play that night, and if I’d come just to see the band I knew, I’d have missed them. They released a new cd in September, “Rise Over Run”, and it is doing very well indeed. If you close your eyes while watching this live video of them playing “Misery”, you won’t believe they’re a duo.

Referencing “Secret Broadcast“, my recent column about marketing your band should have included this video, because it is an excellent example of marketing your band. It’s a great song, well shot video, photogenic band and in support of a good cause to boot, Toronto Cat Rescue. If your video is shared to the site of the organization you’re supporting, your potential audience is increased. Here we go with “More Than Friends”.

Of course, sometimes great music is almost under your nose! In my case, my nephew David Finkelstein is not only a great husband, father, son, brother etc, but one hell of a guitarist. He plays great lead guitar with “Red Zeppelin” when he’s not doing great everything else. I have no video to share for this band, but a video will feature in an upcoming column of mine. “R.Z.” are going to start performing again, and I can’t wait.

Growing up in Orillia, I remember a girl who lived down the street. She and my sister were pretty much joined at the hip for many years. Well, Cathy is doing very well indeed. We became Facebook friends, and she mentioned that she has a son Brandon, who is a singer. Well, Brandon Scott has just released his first solo video. The song is entitled “Noise”. “Noise” right under my nose!

Finally, last Saturday night, I got another message from my friend Brad Cowan. He asked what I thought of the video for his latest song, “Turn Your Demons Into Diamonds”. Again, a well thought out video supporting a great song, so I’m sharing it with you.

“What’s your point, Montreuil?”

My point is that there is lots of  great music out there. Listen and look for it. Seek and ye shall find. You’re welcome.

See you soon.


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  1. Peter Montreuil Says:

    Please note that the correct spelling of the band’s name is Ekletcik, by the way. My apologies.

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