Peter Posts Prodigious (Moving) Pictures….

Last week’s column was the first of several on my olde office, for after all, when one works for nearly 20 years in the same place, it’s more like a marriage than a fling!

I really like Facebook, I like the access it gives me to great music. I like to help “spread the word”, and share band information as much as possible. So it happened that a while ago I shared some information on a show which developed into becoming Facebook friends with Myke Penney. He thanked me for sharing his post and asked if I wanted to check out his band, “Jailbirds”. He even sent my their new EP, The Black River, which will be released shortly. Listening to it in its entirety, I was really impressed, and humbled that he would entrust their work to me before it was released. I sent him a couple of my columns and he really liked them and mentioned that he hadn’t heard of some of these bands. Hmmm, Myke, thanks for the idea……..Here is a clip from “The Black River”, by the way. The whole EP sounded this good to me.

In my latest Canadian Music Week column, I mentioned “Hotel Mira” and how powerful I found their lyrics to be. I did not have a chance to talk to the band at the time, but, heeding my own advice, I “liked” and “followed” them on Facebook. Thus, when the announcement of a new song of theirs came up on my timeline, I was able to make contact with the lyricist, Charlie Kerr. He was pleased that I was pleased with his lyrics. I sent him the relevant column, and he liked it. The band is putting out an EP on August 17th, and have just released single from it entitled “Baby”, which is available at the usual streaming options. Here is another of their tunes, “3 A.M. Lullaby”.

What do “indie week” and a hacker have in common? “Tokyo Taboo”. This band is another “indie week” find. I did not have the honour of judging them, but I did have the pleasure of seeing this English group two nights running. They put on a very intense show. The hacker? Well, one of these “reptiles” hacked their homepage, so they are reconstructing it a bit at a time. Here is a video which was shot at Laguna Beach, California, (which I once visited) and it deals with a subject close to my heart. So many of these fine musicians are using their talents to get us to open our eyes to topics like sexism, homophobia and, in this case, depression. They start recording a new album in just over two months, by the way.

“Vajra” is another band which I was lucky enough to see two nights in a row last year at “indie week”. Their music has a number of influences, all the way from the Indian sub continent through to driving metal. They are very busy touring, and will be in Sweden in August. If you get the chance, get out and see them! (The rest of you can wait until they return to North America 😉!) This is a video of a live performance of their song “The Mirror”, and I think you will enjoy it.

While I like to focus on original indie bands when I write about music, the world of music is a wide one indeed, and the only criteria which a band needs to meet to get mentioned in my column is that they make good music. Several years ago I helped arrange a dinner/dance up in Orillia, Ontario, the place where I grew up. We needed a band for the dance, and someone suggested “Charlotte and the Dirty Cowboys”. Now, aside from the fact that that is one of the coolest band names I’ve ever heard, I saw video of them performing and they were great! Their repertoire includes classic rock and country et. al, and they normally play in the Orillia/Barrie area, although they have played in Mississauga and Toronto as well. The show was excellent, the dance floor was packed and I would highly recommend them. Note that the video is a montage of their songs, but I think it conveys the energy and musical ability of this group quite well.                                                                                               

About a year ago, I had the chance to see “The Wild” at The Mod Club. This is another outstanding Canadian band, and they are currently on tour in Europe in support of “Rose Tattoo”. This is a video from about a year ago, and I thinks it speaks for itself. Very clever, great song, unpretentious, typically Canadian. Enjoy.

Of course, my puckish sense of humour couldn’t resist putting this video up next! “Secret Broadcast” is another amazing talented band whom we don’t get to see very often. Their latest show was at Adelaide Hall in support of “Monowhales” EP release. While speaking of new releases, here’s “Secret Broadcast”‘s new song, “Cause And The Cure”. Note the excellent stage presence.

The Kerouacs  are another outstanding group from Niagara Falls, Ontario. (Is it something in the water?) I’ve seen them several times, and have always enjoyed their show. It’s obvious that they enjoy playing as much as we enjoy listening to them play. Here’s one of their original songs, “Satisfy Me”, as well as their cover of a famous “Tears For Fears” tune.

Unfortunately, news in the “indie music” scene isn’t always pleasant. One of the hardest charging bands in Toronto has played its last show, “Last Bullet”. Their frontman, Bryan Fontez, will be playing the drums for “The Reed Effect” and “The Luke Austin Band”, as well as continuing to compose. Here is their last video, and a Hell of way to end their run. Thanks for the great music and memories, and good luck to all of you.

While he certainly wasn’t an “indie musician”, or maybe he was, SONY hadn’t been founded when he was alive, he was a great musician, and I’m going to throw in this little bonus for you, as you see, there have been a few changes in today’s column. J.S. Bach’s “Air On A G String”. Simply beautiful music back and enjoy it, and be grateful that Phil Spector never got the chance to produce him!

Last Saturday evening, I went to The Phoenix Concert Theatre as Jeannie Reid had put me on the guest list. Four outstanding bands were on the bill, including “Sure”, “Stuck on Planet Earth”, “Local H” and “Marcy Playground”. I ran into Pat Blythe at the show, she seems to go everywhere. She covers the local music scene like Kevin Pillar covers centre field, I see her at shows more than I see myself! Anyway, I saw her, and when I later ran in Jeannie Reid, I thanked her for her kindness. Pat stayed for some of the evening, after taking some of her amazing photos, she came back to where I was to say goodbye, and asked if I knew where Jeannie was. I pointed to the front of the stage, Pat took the time to seek her out and say goodbye to her before leaving. I was impressed. Class, my friends, it’s in you to give. (When Pat got to her next show, it took her 35 odd minutes to find a parking spot. Didn’t stop her, though!) Jeannie came to say goodbye to me before she left, as she had to leave early, by the way.

As far as the show itself, I had not heard of 3 of the groups, so I went to their Facebook pages and did some research. One band in particular had the crowd singing along with them. At first I felt bad because I had never heard of them, but then I remembered that you can’t know everything about anything, so I sat back and enjoyed myself. Here is “Local H”. I can understand the attraction.

Here endeth today’s lesson. I hope you take the time to watch the videos and listen to the music and learn more about the bands that interest you. If you like a band, “like” and “follow” its Facebook page. That can pay off, as it did for me. The point is that this troubled world is full of troubadours, who seek not only to entertain, but to educate and inform. Seek them out, go to the venues, take a friend, get there early. Prepare to be amazed.

See you soon


6 Responses to “Peter Posts Prodigious (Moving) Pictures….”

  1. Hahaha….thanks….although if I’m constantly running into you at shows so you must be right behind me sir! ….and thanks, as always, for keeping an eye on the gear 🙂 Nice to know it’s safe. I actually did the Last Bullet’s final interview at their last show at the Horeshoe. What an amazing band!!!! If you check out See Rock Live, a photo I took of them with their adoring fans is in there…..

  2. Peter Montreuil Says:

    I certainly will now! Thanks.

  3. Marlene Schuler Says:

    Refreshing to listen to Bach’s concerto. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this piece.

  4. Peter Montreuil Says:

    One of my favourite pieces of music, Marlene. Things tend to get dusty at “Chez Montreuil” when I listen to it.

  5. Roger March Says:

    See Not Ed’s Garage on fb.

    You have good taste.

  6. Peter Montreuil Says:

    Thank you, I will check it out. And thanks, much appreciated. Authors rarely get standing ovations.

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