Peter’s Potpourri….

One of my childhood memories is that of my mum and dad taking us to GuardianAngels church on Sunday morning. In the summer, when it was hot, the celebrant would sometimes come to the pulpit and announce, “There will no sermon today on account of the heat.”

My loyal reader a), you are not so lucky. Today’s column is a potpourri of bits and bobs that I really couldn’t translate individually into full columns without a lot of “padding” and other tricks of the wordsmith. And you, my dear reader, you deserve better than that. You deserve the best that I can give you. So here we go.

On Wednesday, June 27th, on my way to see Lois, I slipped and fell in the subway. I made a 3 point landing and my body groaned “Not again!” Thanks to whoever called the ambulance. I don’t remember much of  what happened, I do remember being on the stretcher and saying “I’m fine, I can get up.” The young (and aren’t they all, now?) paramedic said firmly but politely “We are taking you to the hospital, …..(pregnant pause)…………sir!” They took me to St Joseph’s on the Queensway. I was there about 5 hours, got a CATscan (don’t tell Reg!), and about 5 stitches in my head. When I was discharged, they gave me a taxi chit! I am regaining my mobility, and am very grateful for the many good wishes sent to me by so many of you. I’m grateful for all the great people in my life.

This next two paragraphs are for my aviation buddies, (and you know who you are 😉). I have discovered a couple of Facebook aviation interview sites. “Aircrew Interview” is run by Mike Young, and generally features interviews of pilots in a museum setting. However, he also uses “Skype” to foster international contacts, and has travelled to Germany to meet up with a aviator. Later this month, he is going to Finland to speak to a Finnish Hornet pilot! I highly recommend this site, Mike is working hard to provide quality information and education, and he definitely “goes beyond the pale” b) with his presentations, featuring aircrew, for example, who deal with depression! It is well worth a very good look.  Aircrew Interview

My second fortuitous discovery is the “Peninsula Seniors Out And About” series. The ones I’ve seen so far have featured guest lecturers at “The Western Museum Of Flight“, in Torrance, California. They have assembled a truly fascinating roster of speakers, including one of the test pilots of the Convair “Sea Dart”, B.J. Long. Other participants have run the gamut from an L-19 pilot who flew in Korea through a U-2 “driver” through an SR-71 mechanic all the way to Steve Ritchie and beyond. (Think YF-23 test pilot…….). One of the most interesting lectures I saw was that of “Steve” Pisanos, who flew with the 4th Fighter Group during World War II. He was born in Greece and wanted to fly and go to the U.S.. The first part of his talk focussed on his attempts to emigrate, and I found it fascinating. Anyway, I share video from both of these excellent sites on my “Postwar military aircraft” site, and you really should take a look at them if aviation interests you.. The Western Museum of Flight

I love to read, and there are some books that I reread every 14 months or so, like greeting an olde friend. One of these “olde friends” is “Air Command- A fighter pilot’s story“, about Canadian pilot Raymond Collishaw, co written by R.V. Dodds. Collishaw served in the Royal Naval Air Service until it was merged with the Royal Flying Corps to form the Royal Air force. He commanded the famous “Black Flight” of Naval 10 Squadron, R.N.A.S., which later became 210 Squadron, R.A.F. (I have the excellent 1/48th scale Eduard Sopwith Triplane plastic kit, which will allow me to build his “Tripehound”.) After World War I, he stayed in the R.A.F., flew in the Russian Civil War and eventually became commander of the Royal Air Force in Egypt. He passed away in 1976. If you can find the book, I encourage you to read it, as it is a “cracking read”.

Yes, it has been hot. As much as possible, I’ve been staying indoors and keeping hydrated. However, one member of the household does not have the chance to go around in shorts and a tee shirt, so I have brought out the portable air conditioner and it is running pretty steadily here at Chez Montreuil. It vents out the window via a plastic “hose”. One night, lying in bed, I heard a rustling in the living room. I went out, turned on the light and saw a cat’s butt exiting our apartment through the gap in the window which resulted when the vent was dislocated by a probing paw.

I rushed out the door, left the building and started down the side of the apartment. The four legged miscreant observed my approach, reacted, and for the second time in less than 3 minutes, I saw a cat’s butt moving in the opposite direction.

So “my problem and how I solved it”. For the duration, I am sleeping on the couch, which is the only way to access the window. Should Reg endeavour to try to get out again, I would certainly feel his 10 kilos of Cat and hence awake in time to save the day. That’s the idea, anyway 😉.

I put a model aircraft box c) in front of the a/c which deflects the stream of cool air over His Majestic Indifference. That is His new favourite spot in the apartment, narrowly edging the food bowl.

Things have been pretty weird lately, I think you’ll agree. However, there is good and beauty out there, we just have to look for it. We at DBAWIS are constantly looking for it and trying to keep you informed about the beauty and the joy and the creative people in Life. I’m closing off today with a video. “Abbey Road” is my favourite Beatles album, my parents gave it to me for Christmas, much to my surprise and delight.

I saw this video a few days ago, and I was impressed. “Come Together” is a difficult song to sing at the best of times. I messaged the singer’s father for permission to use this video today, and he agreed enthusiastically. I’m beginning to think that the Stanfields are to indie music in Toronto what the Alous were to major league baseball! Hendrix Stanfield is showing skills in acting as well as singing, and he has a supportive structure letting him go out and create! Good on all of you!

See you soon

  1. a) I assume there’s at least one loyal reader
  2. b) “outside the fence”, from when we lived in walled villages, so not usual behaviour
  3. c) Airfix 1/48th TSR-2, now that you ask


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  1. Margaretha Goosen Says:

    Never knew you were so talented with words!

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