Peter Carries On the War Against The Nazis


While I really wanted to write about music in today’s column, I felt that I had to address something else first. Indulge me, please.

In late July 1940, England was on it’s knees, exhausted and beaten. The Wehrmacht a) triumphantly stood on the coast of France, greedily eyeing England and waiting for the order to invade and conquer. The Luftwaffe b) was preparing to smash the Royal Air Force to open the way, not only for the invasion of, but, the subjugation of England.

People in positions of responsibility openly expressed their opinion that England was finished, and that it would not be long before the Nazis marched through London, claiming their territorial prize.

That didn’t deter Charles Napoleon Joseph Montreuil, (my dad), from joining the Canadian Army at that time. I didn’t find out about his date of enlistment until after his death, much to my regret, but I am very proud to learn that he stood up to be counted at this time. He rarely talked to me about his army service, but he did say that he had enlisted to fight Nazism.

He did say that he had enlisted to fight Nazism. (Repeated for emphasis.)

Many other men and women did too. Many died, but even the survivors, at the very least, had their lives interrupted for up to 6 years. So here we are, nearly 80 years later. I see live

footage of young fools wearing the German World War II “stahlhelm”, waving flags with the “Swastika” on them, parading down Mainstreet U.S.A. and chanting about entitlement and celebrating their “superiority” .  I have to ask “What? How stupid are you?”

You clearly have no idea about the evils that Nazism inflicted on the world, and if you believe that they were “socialists”, well, read a book. Is Trump your guiding star, as he seems to bless and encourage your thoughts and actions?

Here’s my opinion on the whole sorry mess. Germany post World War I was reeling after its defeat. Hitler seized his platform and began to orate. He laid blame for Germany’s woes at the feet of “others”. He cast aspersions and accusations on those who were “different”. Sadly, “mob psychology” reared its ugly head, and racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and xenophobia became just part of the order of the day in Germany. The “free world” tried to be appeasing in the face of this evil. Sadly, not satisfied with annexing more territory in Europe, Hitler plunged the world into yet another tragic world war, which would result in millions of innocent people losing their lives.

As a long time plastic modeller and amateur military historian, I will admit that the arms of the 3rd Reich can intrigue. The Germans built some good looking tanks and aircraft, and had some advanced projects on the drawing board, including jet aircraft and “super tanks”. Often, I will read an online comment like “Gee, I wish the Germans had built twice as many Panther tanks as they did.” Or, “It would have been cool if the Germans had built some of their advanced aircraft projects!”.

No it wouldn’t have. Don’t be an asshole. They built these things, using forced labour for the most part, in order to ultimately conquer free people, like your grandparents. (Remember them?)

There is a difference between “intrigue” and “infatuation”. Don’t buy into this garbage. So how can we sane people resist this shit?

Humour is an excellent weapon. There are a number of outstanding people who post musical parodies on Facebook about the nonsense which is going on. Sandy and Richard Riccardi “knock it out of the park” on a regular basis, as does “Bald Piano Guy”. I encourage you to follow them all, they are very talented musicians..

Also, as George Harrison sang, you can \Think for yourself¨. Silence implies consent, do not fall for this. My dad stood up to Nazis, and I stand beside him proudly.

Just one thing before I go. This past Thursday, August 16th, 2018. 78 years ago, Flight Lieutenant James B Nicholson was patrolling near Portland when he got attacked from the rear. His Hawker Hurricane was seriously damaged, caught fire and he had to prepare to bail out. He was up holding onto the windscreen preparing to do so when a German aircraft flew past his burning Hurricane. Nicholson dropped back into his seat and shot the enemy aircraft down, then bailed out.

For his valour, James Nicholson was awarded the Victoria Cross, England/s highest award for valour. Not glorifying war here, just acknowledging heroism and devotion to a cause.

See you soon.

  1. a) The German Army
  2. b) The German Air Force


4 Responses to “Peter Carries On the War Against The Nazis”

  1. Teresa Coulter Says:

    Great column as usual. You have a way of retelling history in a way that is clear as well as interesting. We can always count on you to express your point of view as well. Your dad had character and was never afraid to let others know what he thought just like you! Well done.

  2. Peter Mossman Says:


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