An Important Message from Bob….

It is with regret I post this, Dear Readers…

Due to circumstances beyond my control, new columns being posted here will be sporadic and fewer for the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Once the issues I must deal with are dealt with, our regular schedule will resume.

Look for new columns from Roxanne, Chef Tom, and Gary Pig Gold, begining tomorrow with The Prodigal Pig’s monthly Column  for September.

My sincere apologies.

Just Some of our Fine Writers

Please use the archive window on our Home Page to look for ‘new to you’ columns from all of our past and current writers that now number 2000 or more posts. Word press informs me that the best way to search is by year and name of writer, so “Segarini 20xx will be the best way to find the majority of my posts or Roxanne 20xx the best way to find Roxanne’s, etc. The xx’s, btw, stand for 2011, 2012, etc…add the full year, not 2 x’s.

Thank you for your patience,


One Response to “An Important Message from Bob….”

  1. Dear Bob,

    Best wishes in sorting out whatever needs to be dealt with.

    Kind regards,

    Judy Horn

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