Peter on Crooked Politics and Crooked The Band

Democracy is in peril, threatened by apathy. We have elected unqualified fools, both in America and here in Ontario, much to my chagrin. How could these accepting and accommodating nations welcome these wolves into their doors?

Only a misguided person could embrace the present American “Asshole In Chief” as an answer to anything. He demeans long time allies, (seriously, you financially threatened Canada? You opened a trade war with China and have to borrow money from China to pay your farmers who have ben hurt by that trade war that YOU declared, including Chuck Grassley?) while warmly embracing evil dictators. You and your minions have a problem with people enjoying a dignified retirement, or getting medical help without paying an arm or/and a leg. A pox on your house.This is not the world my parents sacrificed so much to build.

He has frequent “rallies”, Nuremburg style. He mocks anyone who disagrees with him, and the crowd goes nuts. Recently, there was video of him speaking with a young man standing behind him, and a young girl standing on the other side of the podium. She had an American flag draped around her neck, and wiped her nose with it. Why an American flag and not a plain scarf? I got into a “discussion” with someone who “opined” that the young girl had ADD. It had been a long day, I was tired, so I asked why she would be on the podium if she had ADD. (Please remember that that wasn’t confirmed that she had ADD, it was only someone’s opinion.) I got an extremely negative reaction, which was widely shared across Facebook by many people. Folks, we were played.

Remember the young man I mentioned at the same “rally”? He was, as she was, removed from the podium. He got detained, interrogated and had his ID checked, because he had “made faces” behind Trump. The same person who had called me out on the unproven ADD diagnosis posted “Well, he said that they were nice to him.”

That is how tyranny begins to take hold of our freedoms. That is what a banana republic does. We deserve better.


In Toronto and many other locales, municipal elections are later this month. Get out there and vote.

American friends, mid terms coming up. Do your duty.

In our recent provincial election in Ontario, we elected an unqualified fool as our premier. His experience in politics was limited and, after grabbing the reins with the support of roughly 17% of the eligible voters in Ontario, he is ruling as if with Divine Intervention. He arbitrarily slashed the size of Toronto City Council almost in half and also cancelled regional elections involving political opponents of his. Petty, vindictive son of a bitch, fawning corporate toady.

I called him “Dog Food” in a post, and a long time friend of mine unfriended me because I engaged in “…childish name-calling…”. Well, I have spoken to someone who bought drugs off him, and he is busy tearing down the worker protections that previous governments put into place.

Organize and fight back. It’s not as hard as they want you to think it is.


If you can, get to The Horseshoe Tavern tomorrow night, as The Crooked release another EP.

As optimistic as an unchecked lottery ticket to be back, lots of great stuff in the wings waiting to appear. I just felt this short column was most important to publish now. (Reg’s birthday column coming soon.)

See you soon.


5 Responses to “Peter on Crooked Politics and Crooked The Band”

  1. Peter montreuil Says:

    I can’t wait for Reg’s birthday column ;).2

  2. well done, Peter .. fight the power! 😉

  3. June Pollard Says:

    Asshole in chief, unqualified fools, demeaning, embracing evil dictators, petty vindictive, crooked son-of-a-bitch …..Wow! I am thankful you didn’t tell us how you really feel Peter! ❤ LOL
    Actually, I have about another dozen descriptive words & phrases you could add to your 'repertoire' of delightfully, eloquent groups of words that express a concept of the individuals you are describing. I am going to attempt to be positive that more people will get out & vote in the upcoming elections both here & south of us. And hopefully the voters will work together to end the rule of tyranny in Canada & the US.
    Thanks again Peter! No matter what you write, you have the ability to engage the reader – you have a gift!!!

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