Peter Blount Oops and Blonde…James Blonde

Last week, I wrote about music. This week will be more of the same….but differen

Billy Gibbons of “Z Z Top” fame has released a solo album, and is touring in support of it. He booked an opening act (Benton Blount 1)) and the tour began. Everything was going smoothly……..but then came the mid-term elections. Shortly after voting, the “opening act” went on Facebook and posted a picture of himself wearing a MAGA hat, holding food from Chick fil A and wearing an “I Voted” sticker.

However, remember, my friends, that actions have consequences, and in this case, the consequences were a) Facebook suspended him from posting for 24 hours and b) furthermore, Billy Gibbons removed him from the tour.

His response to these setbacks? He posted a video which runs almost 11 minutes. And what a video it is/was 2)!!

Filmed while trudging back to his van after having been given the word, the video shows him bemoaning his cruel Fate. Yes, this “America’s Got Talent” alum waxes lyrical about the bitter brew that Life has poured for him, all because he “spoke his mind” (sic) 3) . Such a sad, self serving soliloquy, as he lays out his cards, but vows to carry on the fight.

He makes a number of strident, but rather puzzling, points as he rambles on down the street. Here is a somewhat disorganized precis of his remarks, for your reading (dis)pleasure.

For example, he mentions that the guys in his band have made sacrifices and put their lives on hold to go on this tour and were “…basically doing this for free…”.

Well, if you’re touring with Billy Gibbons “…for free…”, you need better management, buddy. As an aside, one very important function of being in a band is making time for rehearsal, and yes, Life can wind up in upheaval. It’s all part of the music biz.

He later goes on to say that all he would keep posting pictures of himself voting, he would keep up the struggle.

Except, you can’t post a picture of yourself voting, (that would be illegal.) In this case, you posted a picture of yourself wearing a MAGA hat and holding fast food from a fast food chain whose CEO is actively anti LGBTQ2+.

He even shows a picture of the show poster with his name on it, just to prove that he’s telling the truth about the tour.

(The tour didn’t get cancelled, btw. Your part in it did, pal, because you were stupid.)

He goes on to confuse someone who is”jaded” with someone who is upset by a picture.

(That’s actually not the correct definition of “jaded”, by the way. Your lyrics must be very interesting.)

He sighs dramatically and talks about his range of emotions. However, he takes great pains to explain to his fanbase that he was in “…Facebook jail, not real jail…”.

(Draw your own conclusions about being stupid enough to need that explained to you!)

His homepage has some interesting comments, both from him and his “fans”, in the aftermath of this “horrible event”. Apparently, he has gained lots of followers (since then, of course.) He jokes about going to get a Chick Fil A sandwich before his next gig. One of his fans suggests he do some Christmas shopping at Hobby Lobby, an American retail chain infamous for its stand against providing birth control for its employees. Anyone who posts a comment against him is electronically piled on by his loyal following. This reaction reminds me of the hot air balloon that landed near Paris in the 1780s and was promptly attacked by the locals, who thought that it was a demon.

This self serving video really annoys me. I find it disgusting that this poor ole boy laments just how unfair the world is………………………………………………………….to him, and that people back him. He whines about his freedom of speech while he and his ilk would deny it from others. As Julie London would sing “Cry Me A River”.

If I was him, I wouldn’t worry about future gigs, though. I hear that Threatin is hiring.

Before I go, here’s an interesting thought, by the way. When Colin Kaepernick, an African-American, “took a knee” to protest racism and police violence, was cut from his NFL team, couldn’t catch on with another team but then signed an endorsement deal with Nike, there was a veritable tidal wave of right wing outraged backlash concerning a boycott, culminating in people burning their Nike gear on camera. (I wonder if anyone burned their shoes while they were still wearing them?) Of course, the negative impact on Nike was minor, as the destroyed gear had already been paid for. In fact, Nike’s stock ROSE in the next while.

Contrast THAT with what happened when a certain submarine sandwich chain spokesperson, (who happens to be White), after receiving due process and a fair trial, was imprisoned for numerous and varied sex offences involving minors. Although HE got sentenced to almost 16 years in jail, was heavily fined and faces further criminal charges as well as pending civil lawsuits, there was no internet maelstrom of discontent, no campaign launched to boycott HIS former employer.

Enough to give one pause, isn’t it?

But enough negativity, loyal reader!  You are in on the birth of a new feature of this column, which follows. Read the following sentence (to yourself, please!) in a whiny voice. “Gee Peter, theres no good contemporary music.” In fact, there is, my friend. However, don’t just take my word for it. Watch this week’s featured band, “James Blonde” playing “Cynical” live.

A Niagara peninsula based trio, “James Blonde” has been working the Windsor-Montreal corridor, with side trips to Ottawa. Recently they have branched out into the north eastern U.S., as far south as Philadelphia. Shortly, they will be opening for “Boney M’ at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto. Bigger things are coming for them, I’m sure!

See you soon.

1) The only time I will mention this name in this column.

2) Available on his page.

3) Quoted, but not necessarily correct.


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