Peter Goes Where Everybody Knows His Name

Well, last week was “interesting”, as I was going with Lois to various doctor’s appointments. Before a very important one, I got trapped in an elevator. (I was able to get out in time to attend the interview in question, at the end of the day, but it still distracted me from writing a column last week, for which I apologize, and promise that that will not happen again.)

The Bovine

The weekend, however, was much better. After spending (never enough) time with my lady, I was off on Saturday night to the Bovine Sex Club to catch a “killer lineup”. Did I mention that it was a “killer lineup”? It was. Anthems in Ashes led off, followed by Nervcast, Fortunate Losers and Black Absinthe. 3 of these bands were quite familiar to me, and I had heard very good things about Nervcast, things which were confirmed when I took a look at the band’s Facebook page.


All in all it was a lovely evening , drinking beer and talking to so many great people. I had a nice conversation with Jack Cerre, whose two aunts are long time friends of Lois. (I still chuckle over the time Lois told me this and asked me over the phone “Have you ever heard of “Black Absinthe”? [Rummage, rummage, pick up a CD] “Heard of them? I’m holding one of their CDs!”) As we sat there talking, Jack commented on the great sound of “Anthems in Ashes” while that band was completing its set.

Later, Dan Moir, from “Fortunate Losers”, kindly invited me to rest my weary bones by that band’s merch table. I had become aware of “Fortunate Losers” last year, and have Fortunate 😊 enough to see them live several times since. They are touring in Nova Scotia soon, so I mentioned that maybe they should contact Andre Pettipas, a musician from that area. Dan checked the spelling of Andre’s name and put it into his phone for future reference. I just like to help out where I can.

At the end of the night, it was truly an amazing evening, four great bands doing what they love and what they do so well, and so many fine folks dropping by to talk to yours truly. Thanks to you all, Chris, J.C., Shannon, Harley, Drew, Dell and especially the nice lady who bought me a couple of beers as I had volunteered to look after her coat [I wasn’t going anywhere anyway].

An immensely satisfying and enjoyable way to spend a Saturday evening, it was. Note as well that this was only one of a number of indie gigs going on in the GTA not just that evening, but even that weekend. (Cherry Cola’s was rocking less that a “klick” away, but even I can’t be in two places at once.) As I always say, the only differences between what you heard at an indie club and what you hear at a big box venue are a) the price of admission and b) the size of the sound system.

Sunday was “Superb Owl” Sunday. I had been invited to “The Hideout” by Phillip Dodd for a Super Bowl party, and attended eagerly. It was great to run into Jeannie Reid and re acquaint myself with “Boneshaker”, which, while not the “Official Beer of Chez Montreuil”, is a fine way in which to recalibrate one’s state of mind. (Consumed in sufficient quantity, it can also recalibrate one’s state of consciousness 😉!)

Another wonderful evening, with a chili cookoff and a free shot of tequila provided by 1800, but most importantly, an evening surrounded by friends (and strangers) enjoying themselves. I was so moved that I spontaneously posted to Facebook ™ that I love my friends. I received well over 100 reactions to that, as well as some very marvellous affirmations from some frankly tremendous people.

Phillip, thanks again for the invitation, I love what you are doing with “The Hideout”, and look forward to the upcoming “Bout”.


What a great way to finish off the week and restore my somewhat battered morale! Thanks to everybody who tolerated me 😉. I encourage everybody else to get out there and enjoy the great indie music that is all around you, that we are truly blessed with.

Peter and Lois

See you next week.


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  1. Watch the tequila intake 😉 Nicely done.

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