Peter – Doctors and Guns

Living in “middle class” North America a) in 2019, you have no need for guns in your daily routine. No need to shoot your lunch and no need to keep the “wolf” from your door, literally.

Sounds sensible, ehh? That’s what you’d think. However, apparently not everyone agrees. Last summer the “Angel of Death” laid its clammy hand on Toronto, as there was a mass shooting on the Danforth, with fatalities and wounded. Many lives were changed forever, in a second. They were innocent lives.

Doctors in Canada have a regulatory body, The Royal College Of Physicians And Surgeons. The college investigates complaints against doctors and, if the complaints are found to be valid, can impose penalties, up to and including dismissal.

One of the trauma care doctors who treated the victims has spoken out in an attempt to organize resistance to this slaughter. Sadly, she has been faced with some pushback to this noble endeavour.

In the wake of this doctor speaking out against gun violence, a most unbelievable thing happened.


Please reread that and roll it around in your mind. What kind of sociopathic deviant do you have to be to want a doctor to lose their job because they don’t share your views on firearms?

Note that we aren’t talking about a cosmetic plastic surgeon here. We are talking about a trauma doctor, who literally saves the lives of people injured in accidents or wounded in shootings or stabbings. And not just any trauma doctor, but a trauma doctor at one of the largest teaching hospitals in the largest city in Canada.

How much do you have to loathe Civilization to wish to professionally harm someone you’ve never even met in person, someone you’ve only seen on TV? Albeit some of those 70 “odd” complaints were undoubtedly made by bots or Russian troll farms, but some of the complaints were filed by “sentient” human beings. Living in Canada.

They had a clip on the news of one of these creatures speaking about this issue. a) He said that the doctor “doesn’t know guns” and has also been quoted as saying that she should stay in her lane..

How dare you, sirrah, how dare you. You and others of your ilk want to throw Civilization, bound and gagged, into the dark abyss of Fear, Ignorance and Hatred. Thankfully, you are in the minority. We are organizing. We will resist.

Aside from the fact that he was reduced to parroting the NRA line, I’m willing to bet that the doctor knows a lot more about guns than he does about trauma care. She certainly knows a lot more about the after effects of gunshot wounds. More than she wants to, she has spoken to a grieving family in a waiting room and said something along the lines that while they did what they could, they were unable to save a wounded family member or loved one.

Last Saturday there was an excellent letter to the Toronto Star concerning this situation, and very supportive of the doctor involved. It’s well worth looking up on line.

I would like you to re read (again) what I posted in capitals, and I would like you to think carefully about it. Does it make you uncomfortable?

It should.

See you soon.

  1. a) I will not give their sad cause any extra publicity, so no names.


4 Responses to “Peter – Doctors and Guns”

  1. “What kind of sociopathic deviant do you have to be to want a doctor to lose their job because they don’t share your views on firearms?” That is precisely what has to be highlighted in the words of the NRA supporter .. that he is a sociopath on the wrong side of history, and that there is no place for his madness in Canada.

  2. I agree with Rox. Also good column which I’m sure will resonate with many. We truly don’t need this shit in Canada. Maybe WE should have a wall (wink wink) to keep these dumb ass, mighty pea brains out. One wonders exactly where society is headed and who the hell is listening to them. Selfishly, sometimes I’m glad I won’t be alive to see the end result but I fear for my kids…..

    • Peter Montreuil Says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself, but nobody would ever accuse the gun lobby of an excess of altruism.

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