Peter Montreuil – My Dear Lois

While I will be writing further columns on the urgent need for well enforced gun laws, as we are confronting people who apparently want to turn Omaha, Nebraska into Omaha Beach, I will be doing some columns on the blessings in my life as well.

Today’s subject is the most important part of my life, Lois Forbes, or as she’s apparently known to many members of the Greater Toronto Area indie rock scene, “MydearLois” a). We encountered each other on a telephone line b), and agreed to meet for coffee. She arrived at the date a few minutes late, smiling when she saw me. Her face then fell when she realized that I had my coat on and was standing by the cash register c). In the event, I took her to dinner, partly because the coffee shop was noisy and crowded, so her emotions ran the complete gamut in the space of about 10 seconds. d)

We got along very well and proceeded to let our romance bloom. Lois is a very kind and giving person, in spite of the fact that she has had more than her share of heartbreak and misfortune throughout her life. I understood that, as Bad Luck has gleefully used me for batting practice on a number of occasions.

It wasn’t a case of “Misery loving company”, btw, but of two people who connected on a number of levels. As I always say “Life makes a lot more sense when you find someone who truly ‘gets’ you”.

We went to a lot of restaurants in the early years of our relationship, and hence here are a number of dinner “occurrences” which I personally witnessed. Enjoy (or not) !

-Taking her to “The Keg”, at Yonge and Eglinton, and running into a co worker of mine and his partner. So nice. Lois and I went into the restaurant and had a great meal. I decided to finish off the meal with a Blueberry/Grand Marnier tea. Tea delivered, I consumed it, but remarked to my beloved “This is the weakest tea I have ever drunk as an adult!”

Having said that, I lounged back in my chair, my hand moved the sugar bowl a few inches…..and I saw a pristine, unused tea bag lurking behind it. Furtively looking left and right, I quickly deposited the bag into my shirt pocket and we departed ASAP, in order to dodge the derision of the wait staff.

-One morning we went to breakfast. There was a clear plastic bottle containing red “fluid” on our table, with a colour illustration of the restaurant on the label. In my defence, that’s all it said. Now I don’t know about you, but it has been my experience that lately there has been a movement to promote hot spices to accentuate your “dining experience” (not here there won’t be), so I asked the waiter what the mystery squeeze bottle contained.

The conflict on his face was obvious. Should he protect the chances of getting his tip or just “tell” this old fool off? After some cogitation, he replied “Why, it’s ketchup……sir!”

-We have sometimes gone to “The Blake House”, a great restaurant in Toronto.. One evening when we were there, I heard a voice I recognized say “Well that is a fine mustache, sir!” I swiveled my head and saw Gordon Pinsent e) speaking to me. We had a very interesting conversation for a couple of minutes before he excused himself to have his dinner.

-We were going there for Valentine’s Day one year. Having “…run out of altitude, airspeed and ideas…” f) regarding a present, I grabbed a talking ” Lambchop” doll. Lois was delighted with it and insisted that it sit on the table with us. I was going to give it some lettuce to eat, but thought better of that.

One of the things that I enjoy the most is that we don’t have to fill every second with mindless conversational drivel. We can just sit there, drink tea and drink in each other’s company.

I’ll finish with a question, loyal reader.

Is there someone who makes your world go around?

Tell them, for god’s sake. Hug them, hold their hand, do them a kindness. Far too often we assume that people “just know”. Grab the moment, because it’s fleeting.

Let’s finish this week with a great song by a great band “Weigh The Anchor” Enjoy “This Time Next Year”. I do.

  1. a) Another member of my inner circle, Reg the Cat also has a following among the GTA indie scene, as I used to buy the bands beers when I saw them and tell them that Reg had told me to do so. He is, AFAIK, the only Cat to ever have a song dedicated to him at the  legendary”Horseshoe Tavern”.
  2. b) Not THAT kind of telephone line, and shame on you for even knowing that THAT kind of telephone line even exists! I had to Google it 😉 !
  3. c) She thought that I was going to leave because she had been 10 minutes late. She later told me that although she was crestfallen, she took solace in the fact that I had at least waited to tell her in person.
  4. d) I have written two previous columns about our relationship, for those interested.
  5. e) While the phrase “an iconic Canadian actor” is almost stereotypical, it is true in this case.
  6. f) Aviation lingo meaning that your day is about to go into the dumpster.

See you soon.


3 Responses to “Peter Montreuil – My Dear Lois”

  1. Teresa Coulter Says:

    A beautiful column this week. You and Lois have a wonderful relationship. I’ve seen this for myself. Your words are thoughtful and loving. You are an inspiration. I’m already looking forward to your next column.

  2. June Pollard Says:

    Hi Peter! I truly enjoy reading all your columns but my favourite ones are when you write about ‘My Dear Lois’!!! I am so pleased that she has been doing well with her Physio Therapy treatment. It is hard work but with you at her side & in her heart, I know that she will do well!!! Love is a powerful emotion for ‘good’ in a person’s life. May both of you ‘thrive’ in ‘The Power of Love’ (a little music anecdote Peter) for many, many years to come! I know that all your friends thrive on the written words of your devotion to each other! j./x0

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