Peter Ponders Pence and Paris

While I generally encourage debate on my timeline or in my columns, it is not my intention to do so today. I am well aware of pedophilia in the Catholic Church, and the “alleged” wealth and power of that particular institution. I am also well aware that people matter more than buildings.

There are any number of places online where these items can be discussed.

However, I believe that the predators in the Catholic Church will be punished, either on the Day of Judgment they believe in or, (hopefully!), both now and then. As far as the opulence of the Catholic Church is concerned, I find that discussions about this topic can veer way off course, into the realm of “the dark web”. And, of course, anyone who reads my posts and columns knows my stance on the right of everyone to live a dignified life.

Today’s column will be partly about the terrible fire at Notre Dame de Paris on April 15th this year. My life was already in a very confusing state when I became aware that Notre Dame was ablaze. My next thought was relief that my dad was not here to see this.

It was so terrible watching Notre Dame burn. And yes, my dad would feel bad about this event.

Notre Dame was started about 850 years ago. Think about that. The builders had no modern equipment to use in construction, and knowing that, they still proceeded with the project,  knowing that they would not be there to see the cathedral completed.

I saw a meme shortly after, showing the vice president “messaging ” love and respect for Notre Dame.  A friend of mine posted “Well, I watched the video about Notre Dame.  I didn’t see anything about the three fires in the South  ”

I replied that he had people who could brief him on this, because he is the vice president.

(I was tired , and went on dealing with my day. When I put my head down, my eyes popped open. )

He is the vice president. All he had to do was say that he wanted to be there,  and he has folks who not only will support him, but get him there in an hour. They could have arranged for him to speak to the elders of the various congregations. After  of course, he had inspected the crime scene (s).

He didn’t. He had the chance.

Let me finish this week with something which I found profoundly disturbing when it occurred. In the atmosphere of unease and uncertainty which is gripping parts of America following these serial arson incidents, there has been a curious lack of activity on the part of the President of the United States, the leader who publicly took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Faced with similar circumstances, previous Presidents would “request” an hour of prime time be put aside by the major networks. The President would then take this opportunity to address the nation (and by extrapolation, the world). The President would deliver a message concerning the need for the country to remain calm, to work together in harmony, to embrace each other’s differences, to work together towards a common, unified purpose. (A unified country is a strong country, a shining example for the rest of the world.)

The current officeholder, however, did not seize this opportunity. He did nothing constructive while faced with this simmering crisis, which will only get worse. Whose agenda does that serve?

Certainly not America’s. Certainly not democracy’s, nor tolerance’s either.

Finally, let me give you some comparisons to mull over …… because frankly, Baseball’s Hunter Pence is acting more vice presidential than Mike Pence, is this …

Overt racism or covert racism?

latent racism or blatant racism?

Visible government or risible government?


3 Responses to “Peter Ponders Pence and Paris”

  1. these are hard times for good people, Peter … I hear you. All we can do is keep up the good fight, as hard as it is, as tiring as it is. Hang in there, kiddo. There just has to be a pony under all of this manure.

  2. Peter, I grew up in the NYC metro area, and on that awful day when the towers fell, I silently thanked God my grandfather was not alive to witness it. That said, I totally understand your statement about your dad.

    I know that Notre Dame will be rebuilt and that the generations to come will absorb the history and thankfully gaze upon the rose windows that survived.

    Beautiful article.

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