Peter’s Advice on Finding the Music and Spreading the Word

Music is omnipresent in our world, and sadly, it is far too tempting to judge the current level of musical proficiency by what gets rammed down our throats on a regular basis. Mainstream radio, the media, even commercials, these all purport to “spread the gospel” of contemporary music to the uninitiated, or at least, to those who want others to do their thinking for them and to dictate their taste.


If I have learned one thing over the last 6 years, it’s that just because something is popular, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good, or even “OK”. (Anyone else in the room remember ‘Pet Rocks’?) There is a strong indie music movement out there, all across the globe. Creative people are thinking, writing, rehearsing and performing, telling their story to us all. And “their story” is “our story”, or at least has some relevance to us all.

Every night in most locales around the world, this wonderful indie music is out there, to be picked like  apples from a tree. That is, of course, if you care to get off your couch and get out to discover. (If you’re not interesting in doing that, well, I have just wasted some electrons 😉 !) However, if you are interested, then you know what to do. Here’s a bit more advice for you, however.

If you know a band and decide to go see them at their next show, do some research first on the acts playing that night. if you have the chance to . There will be 2 or 3 other bands on the bill, and while  your band might be playing at 10:00 P.,M., if the doors at 8:00, if possible,do yourself a favour,  and get there early. Catch the opening act. Take a friend, or 2. Buy some beer, talk to the other bands. If you like their sound, pick up a CD.

Here’s what to do afterwards. Did you like the show? Well, then talk about them on the various social media platforms available to you. Mention them to your friends, your co workers, your family. This is very simple to do. “I saw this great band last night, ‘The Hopping Hobbits’.” a) (Note that this method works even if the Wi-Fi is down.)

If you genuinely like their music, play it, and play it often. Talk about them, (in moderation, of course.) Help them build their fan base one person at a time. Help give them a shot at their “15 minutes of fame”. Generally, they deserve it.

Also, if you can, follow up on tips about bands that you get from other people. “You Tube” is an excellent way to expand your musical horizons. Don’t be afraid to go outside your “comfort zone”, either. To paraphrase Frank Zappa, a mind, like a parachute, works best when it is open.

There are numbers of great music festivals held worldwide throughout the year. Not only does this expose you to music from around the world, it also gives you the opportunity to attend seminars on every subject from “song writing” to “marketing your band” and beyond.

Buy yourself a wristband, which will give you maximum flexibility, maximum choice, the chance to immerse yourself in this great music, to support not only these fine musicians, but the festival itself, as well as the venues that help stage this amazing music.

We at DBAWIS will be reporting back to you over the next week about Canadian Music Week, which is currently running in Toronto. Thankfully, there are so many great bands, so many great venues, so many great seminars; that we can only give you a taste of the festival. If you can, be there yourself.

And don’t forget about all the other festivals out there, all the other opportunities to experience the wonderful indie music that you rarely hear “on the outside”. Take the time to attend at least some of these, if you can. Believe me, your ears will thank you.

Here are a few names of some pretty good indie bands to enable you to start your own research into this fascinating topic, and no, there won’t be a test afterwards.

Check out “The Redhill Valleys”, “Weigh The Anchor”, “James Blonde”, “The Reed Effect”, “Jim Dan Dee”, “Fortunate Losers”, “Jailbirds”, “Andre Pettipas and the Giants”, “Tokyo Taboo” and “Uforia”.

  1. a) Fictional band name made up at the request of our long suffering legal department.
The Hopping Hobbits
See you soon!

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