Peter and CMW 2019 Memorable Bands and Venues

The last two months have been very rough for Lois and I as we deal with her hospitalization and her illness . We are handling it as a couple, and many, many, thanks to our legion of friends. Bless you all!

Then I got a most welcome email. Canadian Music Week was upon us again, and I had media credentials to collect. Great news, great news indeed. So off I went, picked up my credentials and not one, but two programs. Was I looking forward to this!

I decided to go to “Lee’s Palace” on Thursday night, to see “Grown Up Avenger Stuff”. I had seen them previously at “indie week” and had been quite impressed with both their stage presence and their musicality. This was the first show which I had been to in about two months, I regretted the great shows which I had missed, but I had just been too run down to be able to attend.

Grown Up Avengers Stuff

It did not matter, it did not matter, loyal reader. I was sitting facing the stage when I felt a hug. It was Kirk Reed. He was the vanguard of a contingent of Toronto indie musicians who graced the venue with their presence. Shannon, Chris and Dylan, so very nice to see you at that show. I was very impressed when you all moved out onto the floor in front of the stage during the show, musicians supporting musicians while the band played on. It was one of those moments when I was glad to be there.. Give “Grown Up Avenger Stuff” a listen. You owe yourself, inter alia.

The Rec Room

Friday night I was off to “The Rec Room” on Bremner Boulevard, to see “The Reed Effect”. After “a journey of a thousand miles”, I finally reached the venue. After finding my way back to the stage, it was so very nice to run into some musical buds, who were out supporting their friends’ band. Hey Shannon, J.C. and the “Reed Effect” crew.

The Reed Effect

They have had a minor lineup shakeup, but the musicianship, the passion, the energy of “The Reed Effect” is unwavering. Kirk Reed is an immensely talented musician, and his band is not afraid to push the envelope. Sample, he sang one song in which he added a line from “San Francisco” by Scott McKenzie (sp?) and later tacked on a line from a Zeppelin tune a).And he made it work!! Jaw dropped. I headed home after yet another great show.

While waiting for the streetcar, I noticed two young men on the platform. One suddenly leaned in and kissed the other on the cheek. It wasn’t an overt display of affection, just a “thanks for being here and making this nice evening even nicer.” I didn’t say anything to them, but blessed the tolerance that so many of us adhere to. Thank you both, I felt even happier after seeing that.

Hem and Cherish at Cherry Cola’s

Saturday night I went to Hem Advani’s birthday party. I have known Hem for quite some time, and he is well respected in the community. The party was held at Cherry Cola’s, which is my favourite bar on the face of the planet.

There was, at the same time, a band playing for CMW, “The Sluggs”. How would you imagine Brazilian punk rock would sound? Toss your preconceived notions and give this band some “eartime”. As pretty much always in my columns, check out the bands which I mention. I will never steer you wrong.

The Sluggs

If you want to expand your musical horizons, get off the couch. Treat yourself and buy a wristband to a local music festival. My two festivals of choice in Toronto are “indie week” and “Canadian Music Week”. To quote Robert Lamm, “Only the beginning”.

See you soon.

  1. a) My knowledge of their body of work is sadly bereft, in comparison to that of my contemporaries….

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