Peter Montreuil – Not About the Camouflage and Markings of the Ki-45 “Toryus” of the 53rd Sentai of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force in the Philippines, 1943-1944

Time for my weekly random assortment of letters, numbers, punctuation marks and images. I am not able to put up the column I wanted to, so you are getting “potpourri”, yet again. ( It was either this or an article on the camouflage and markings of the Ki-45 “Toryus” of the 53rd Sentai of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force in the Philippines, 1943-1944. )

Camouflage and markings of the Ki-45 “Toryus” of the 53rd Sentai of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force in the Philippines, 1943-1944. 

My long suffering editor would probably think that to be a bit too “niche” a topic, sadly. Anyway, here goes some potpourri.

Some Potpourri 

Further to my “cellphone” column, Lois also has one of these devices. She has had hers for about 4 years, and is still having trouble getting used to it. Upon arrival at her place, one of the first things I do is check her battery level. Generally it is about 37%, so I put it to charge. As I have explained to her, the only thing that a cellphone with no battery life left is good for is use as a paperweight. (I always leave the house with my phone charged to 100%, “just in case”.) And you know, the charge level isn’t the thing I have to check. Of its own volition, her ringtone will often reduce to an inaudible level, so I’ve learned to check that and adjust it when necessary.

One of her friends put password protection on Lois’ screen. Unfortunately, the combination of adult sized fingertips and teeny weeny keys can often produce hilarious results when trying to access the device for its primary use, (when one has no papers that need weighting, at least.) For my part, I too have a password on my screen, after I accidentally “butt dialed” her cousin several times in the space of a few minutes. Jennifer’s a sweetheart, but I sensed an understandable hint of testiness in her tone after the third “call” in the span of 5 minutes.

Hers is not the only cellphone “possessed” in our relationship, as the various iterations of communications technology in my possession have also demonstrated demonic possession on several occasions. One afternoon, after work, I was walking (running??) to the subway to get the hell out of Dodge. I suddenly heard my cousin’s voice…….from my back pocket! Somehow my electronic friend had made a long distance call. Sid was as surprised as I was, but we had a brief chat. I think it’s one of the few times I’ve talked to him that he hasn’t been on a golf course 😉 .

One evening I was at a show and decided to take a picture with my phone. It was most definitely not a stellar moment, as my flash, rather than working as advertised, blazed steadily, like the “Leigh Light” searchlight on a Royal Air Force Coastal Command Wellington. The couple sitting in front of me gazed back in trepidation, while I was just glad that they couldn’t see me clearly. I got the shot, stuck the offending phone in my pocket and hied me hither before the couple’s night vision returned!

On another occasion, Reg had jumped out the window, (relax, I live in the basement) and gone into a darkened cul de sac between my apartment building and the house next door. I turned on the light and proceeded to look for the miscreant feline. I was right beside the darkened apartment next to me, which houses the building superintendent and his two little dogs. His two yappy little dogs. All was calm, all was dark when my phone, all by itself, dialled and connected with my voicemail. Stuff happens, ehh? No biggie…except that the fiendish device not only completed the circuits, but engaged “speakerphone”. “They” always say noise travels farther at night.

“They” are right. So there I was, simultaneously trying to look for a dark grey cat in an unlit area, use my fingers (which had seemed to attain the size of cucumbers) to quell the battery powered “squawk box” in my hand and to try to back away from the darkened apartment without backing away so far that I backed into the fence marking the next door neighbour’s house. (They, of course, have a dog too!) I managed to finish this Herculean labour without further incident, turned around and saw my cat going back into my apartment!

Here’s an update on Lois. She is home, and will be the subject of an entire column shortly. She has to use a walker now, and is getting pretty adept at moving it around her apartment. CoCo loves the thing, sleeps on it, and will even let Lois push her around the apartment while she is awake and riding on it!

It’s funny how different people can be. Yesterday, we were in a cab entering Toronto General Hospital. There was a car parked across the entrance to the driveway to the hospital. Our taxi driver honked. The other driver gave us the “good ole’ one finger salute”! (Note that he did this while completely blocking the hospital entrance. )

And yet, someone whom I have a casual acquaintance with gave Lois and I a gift card for “Whole Foods” They didn’t have to, but they did. Same city, 24 hours apart, two obviously very different people.

We are so grateful, so humbled for all the support and goodwill that you have expressed to us.This has been a rough time, and it can only get worse, but your positive thoughts and good wishes make a real difference. “Thank you” sometimes isn’t enough.

Next week I will write about a couple of indie bands, and the week after that marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day, so that will be the subject of my June 6th column.

See you soon.


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