Peter with Four More Indies to Watch

This week I’m going to expose you to four of the great current indie bands that reside and play in our local area. I think that they are worthy of further study, both on their pages and in person, especially if you are seeking new, interesting, and engaging music from the wealth of solid Canadian Indie Artists.
Let’s get right to the bands and their music, shall we?

Blind Beauty

Recently I got a request from my friend Phil Heels, of 53rd and 3rd Shows, to “like” a band called “Blind Beauty”. I did so, and invited my “Facebook” friends to “like” this band as well. To my pleasure, (and the band’s astonishment ), well over 70 of them have done so to date!

This newly formed 5 piece band is based in Rama, just across the lake from Orillia, where I had grown up, ( or least grown older ) .

Note that they are currently working up, preparing for their debut show at “The Foxx Lounge” in Barrie on June 13th, at midnight. If you can be there, be there.

Drop Top Alibi

During Canadian Music Week last year, I had been to The Bovine Sex Club to see Trampa, at the request of Darryl Hurs, and afterwards headed over to Cherry Colas Rock N Rolla Cabaret and Lounge. There I ran into inter alia, Brandon Gregory, front man for Drop Top Alibi. We had a very good conversation, and listening to him, I remember thinking at the time that this band was going places.

Drop Top Alibi

Formed in 2016 by Brandon and Dylan Wykes, Drop Top Alibi completed their lineup with the addition of Luc Ricci and Jeff Cox, who make up an extremely capable rhythm section on bass and drums. Their first CD is very good, and typical of the engagement of these energetic indie bands, they played an active part on the production side of the shop.

They have just won the HTZ-FM 2019 Rocksearch against some very stiff competition. A second CD is coming out later this year, as they keep writing and performing. Be on the lookout for it, you will not be disappointed. Here is Heavy Metal Baby, one of their recent tunes.

Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or on their webpage.

Black Absinthe

Black Absinthe

I have met many great people during my voyage through the wonderful world of indie music in Toronto. Jack Cerre stands out as one. His band Black Absinthe is a highly respected group, and it gave me great pleasure to tell his two aunts that fact..

Miss Emily

And finally, a old plastic modeling buddy of mine shared an upcoming concert announcement with me and suggested that I give her a listen. Playing at Hugh s Room on June 15th, Miss Emily, a Kingston, Ontario based singer songwriter with a great voice. I think that after listening to her rendition of Hold Back The River, you will agree.

One more statement for my indie music friends. Our world is full of competitive assholes, looking for flaws. Your spirit of cooperation rocks, and I am honoured to be your friend.

See you soon.


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