Bob Coughs Up a Short One

Hi there.

Remember me?

Sure you do, I’m the guy that repaired the roof on your yurt and taught your youngest boy to play catch with a bowling ball and an oven mitt. It’s not my fault he wasn’t wearing a helmet …I told him to wear a helmet.

Anyhoo, I just have a minute. Thought I’d stop by and share what I’ve been doing since I got up, because everything I’ve written lately stinks, and I’m really busy, and I feel bad about not writing more, and there’s so much to do, and I don’t know what all else.

Hope this finds you well, safe, upright, and excited to be about to perhaps have a look at what’s right after this sentence.

It ain’t much, but gee whiz, I am trying my best to give you quality meat and potatoes at a reasonable cost.

It’s the …oh …shit …nothing happened after that sentence where I said there would be some things to look at right after that sentence, but there wasn’t …so I am going to put them here, right after THIS sentence.







That’s it

That’s all I’ve got today.

Will be back next week with bigger, better, wordier, and less work intensive than this week. Believe me, this might not look like much, but Jeezus! …the WORK!

Okay, I gotta go. Gotta clean up the place ’cause the GF is coming for a visit and inspection tomorrow, have to find a clean shirt to wear to lunch Sunday with room for new stains, and of course, no Friday night is complete without a shower, a kitchen clean-up, and a bowl of noodles in spices I can’t pronounce.

Have a GREAT weekend …

…Seriously …make a fucking effort.


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Segarini’s regular columns appear to be elusive at best, like a cornflake in the wind, and so go the days of our lives

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