Lois and Reg and Peter and Coco

As you know, I am still dealing with Lois’ passing. Last week, I had to have my little buddy Reg put down. Depression has been prevalent in my life over the last while, often pinning me into bed until 1:00 P.M.

I dream about Lois and I think of things that I should have said to her, ways that I could have made her feel even more loved than she was… I finally got Lois’ apartment cleaned out and I have a lot of her things at my apartment, so it sort of looks like a submarine before setting out on patrol, with every surface covered with boxes.

Now it’s not all bad, people have been just marvellous. Their good wishes and gestures of comfort make a horrid situation bearable. One person , who wishes to remain anonymous even had an expensive model aircraft couriered to my front door on a Sunday afternoon! I will be getting grief counselling and have joined a grief support group on Facebook.

I am working to adjust my attitude and take baby steps. Every day I try to take out a bag of garbage or sort through a box. Slowly the mountain of merchandise reduces, and I begin to see tangible results, as the clutter recedes like the tide.

While I have lost my little buddy Reg, Lois’ beautiful Himalayan, CoCo, is here now and becoming acclimatized to life at Chez Montreuil. She is a very affectionate cat, very clean and quiet, and gives me one more link with Lois. Instead of lamenting the “never was”, I am trying to focus on the “what was”, and that was magnificent.

There will a Celebration of Lois’ life on February 8th, 2020, at Cherry Cola’s Rock N Rolla Cabaret and Lounge, 200 Bathurst St, Toronto, On.. I am asking $10.00 at the door, all money raised will be donated to cancer, I may just donate it to one of the palliative care centres that took such excellent care of my lady. The musicians are volunteering their talents, and what awesome talents they are! Mushy Callahan, Blackdog Ballroom, Mr Mouray and Jack Cerre will all be performing, as far as I know at this point. It will be a great night, a fine tribute to my beautiful Lois, and I will be setting up a page for this event..

So I am slowly doing my best to rejoin the human race. I really do appreciate your good wishes and positive thoughts. They make a huge difference to me at this difficult time. I wish I could hug each and everyone of you. You are great folks.

Lois and Reg and Peter and Coco 

See you soon.


4 Responses to “Lois and Reg and Peter and Coco”

  1. Roger March Not Ed's Garage Says:

    i don’t know you, excepting for your columns, but your situation touches me. Best regards,

  2. cwpdjpmindy Says:

    I love your column and especially love the pictures of you two and the one with your Kitties is really special. I want to read this every time you write a column. It was wonderful. Much love to you, Doris Payne

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