Pat Blythe – 2020 and beyond….HERE WE COME!!!!….and lots of music…..

A new decade! A new year! Purging, changing, modifying, exploring, new beginnings and some endings, recounting and remembering, wondering, searching, discovering, assessing…..all these and more as a new decade begins.

We all continue to experience loss, of loved ones and those we admired from afar. This will never stop. Some are expected (but it doesn’t hurt any less) and others we are blindsided, shocked and dumbfounded. Many faces and names will be remembered during the various award shows, particularly the Grammy’s and Oscars. Many faces and names will also be remembered forever in our hearts. There is only one I’m going to mention here. Why? Because her story and her death resonated the most with me. It’s at the end of this column.

To the planet and skies we continue to owe a huge apology. Will we atone for our plundering, burning, polluting, stealing and poisoning? No, but future generations will pay the price for our carelessness, wanton greed, recklessness, uncaring attitudes and pure stupidity.

In the meantime, my gut tells me 2020 will be a good year. Even with all the turmoil, destruction and devastation swirling around us (and that’s just south of the 49th parallel), here in the tiny microcosms of our lives we’re going to be okay. I remain ever optimistic and eternally grateful for the family, friends and the life I have. Plus there’s a wedding coming up in October and a trip to look forward to.

Shooting Stars – Rival Sons

To summarize…..

Well, that’s next to impossible! Last year was another year of change, wonderful experiences and growth. An incredible year of meeting new people, music, performances, reconnections…..and like the old Fabergé shampoo commercial…..and so on and so on and so on. The decade, well, that would take more room that this column has. Suffice to say it’s been life altering.

Joe Namath in Fabergé Organics commercial….and they told two friends

Oh, and talk about taking a step back in time! I now have a complete stereo system including a brand spanking new turntable (Christmas gift). After 20+ years of hibernation my small but mighty vinyl collection is finally spinning once again on my new “record player” and it’s been glorious! Like many of us, I made the mistake of giving away much of my collection in the early 90s. Who’s sorry now?

Ta Da! …and yes, those are milk crates

Music….eighth notes, quarter notes, running notes, treble clef, bass clef, rim shots, hi-hats and cymbals, the crack of the snare and the pounding of the kick drum, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 7/8 time signatures, the “shooka shooka” of the maracas, the tinkling of the bells, the silvery, jingling, rustling sounds of the tambourine, the sweet, pining sounds of the guitar, the hum of the strings, the sexy, plaintive calling of the sax, the punch in your core bass, the chording and harmonies, the words and sweet melodies, the voices of love, despair, hope and happiness. Music….it heals, warms, moves, comforts, soothes, brings peace, it is our happy place. Music….gives us joy, excitement, sorrow, brings back memories and helps us remember. Music…..sing, whistle, hum, cry, dance, strut your stuff down that grocery aisle, toe tapping and finger snapping. Music…..connecting, binding, borderless, colourless, genderless, timeless, universal.  Music….love it! Share it!

Without music, life would be a mistake” –Friedrich Nietzsche (philosopher, cultural critic, composer, poet, philologist, scholar)

There was loads of new tunes and releases in 2019. I probably haven’t captured them all but in the “music section” there’s at least a taste….local and international….. The Crooked, Monowhales, Hot Lips, Julian Taylor Band, Drop Top Alibi, Pterodactyl Problems, Satanic Mills, Secret Broadcast, Jeremy Hector, Rival Sons, LP, Killer Virgins, Nikki’s Wives, Kelly Fraser, The Distillers, Suzi Kory, Tribe Royal, Little Magic Sam (Sam Taylor) and more, all busy performing, touring and writing. Assorted genres, these artists put their creative hearts and souls into their work.

Following is but a taste of the music created, performed and shared in 2019 mixed with a dose of nostalgia.

This song is HUGE for me….The summer of 1969 I was twelve….about to turn 13 and all around us so much was going on. Woodstock, a man on the moon, The Beatles last live performance on a rooftop, Altamont, Sesame Street’s debut, the horror of Charles Manson and so much more. I remember walking up and down the street with my new reel-to-reel tape deck playing Sugar Sugar over and over and over….you get the idea. It made me happy, it made me smile. I loved the bounce and the beat. Now, to celebrate this iconic song, Choir Choir Choir enlists the help of Andy Kim himself and a Toronto recording studio filled with voices. Sugar Sugar, “it was a frequency that made people happy.” – Andy Kim

Sugar Sugar 50 – Choir Choir Choir w/Andy Kim

Ascension – Jeremy Hector

Day of the Dead – Hot Lips

Back Again – Julian Taylor Band

Avalanche – Julian Taylor Band

Only Drug – Secret Broadcast

Monowhales – RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down)

Empathy – The Crooked

The Distillers – Man vs. Magnet

Too Bad – Rival Sons

Do Your Worst – Rival Sons

Tribe Royal – Sippin’ on Whiskey

Deep Freeze Blues – Little Magic Sam (Steve Grant on harp)

Settle of the Dust – Suzi Kory

Thank you to Martin Melhuish for this. Perfect timing to celebrate the legalization of same sex marriage in Ireland.

Jeff Beck & Tal Wilkenfeld *- Mná Na Héireann -” [Women Of Ireland]

…..and thank you to Paul DeLong for this next beauty. A gorgeous rendition of a gorgeous song….tears….

Awaken – Jon Anderson with Todmobile live in Iceland

….and then there’s this….

Firth of Forth – Steve Hackett with Todmobile live in Iceland

Oh, and one teeny tiny more thing…..check out the changes and additions to my website Luvthemusic, especially the Photo Gallery. Many, many, many thanks to my webmaster and good friend, Jain McMillan. She works magic. Click here

In Memoriam

Kelly Fraser…..her name has been ricocheting around in my head since her death was splashed all over social media and the news a few weeks ago. It took a while to sink in and connect the dots as to who she was. She was so very young and her death was so far out of left field that my brain couldn’t fathom putting the face, the name and the two performances I literally just saw, together. Everyone, and I mean everyone, from her family to the music community were blindsided and shocked…..still are. It’s rather surreal. She was only 26 and in the midst of planning her next album.

Kelly Fraser – Indie Week 2019

I wrote about Fraser in a couple of columns not even two months ago after watching her perform at Indie Week…..twice. Powerful in her beliefs with a fierce determination, proud of her people and her culture….honest and caring, soft spoken off stage, her passion and her music carried her through. Music was her vehicle, her channel, her release; her voice a potent instrument to help her and others heal and move forward.

On December 30 her family formally announced Fraser had taken her own life on Christmas Eve. Fraser had tried desperately to comfort and protect others but couldn’t comfort and protect herself. In an interview with CBC Fraser speaks openly and candidly about her life, her demons, the life of her family and her people. I think it’s heartbreaking we won’t hear that voice again.

Kelly Fraser, Fight for the Rights – CBC, The National

Fraser left behind many wonderful gifts….love, music, magic, strength, pride, passion, belief in others, hope, compassion, kindness….so if we are to remember her, keep her memory alive by passing on the gifts she gave to us.



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dbawis-buttonIn “real” life Pat Blythe has spent the past 32 years as a consultant and design specialist in the telecommunications industry. After an extended absence Pat is now heading back to the GTA clubs, immersing herself in the local music scene, tasting what’s on offer, talking to people and writing once again — sharing her passions and her deep love of music. Together for 34 years, Pat also worked alongside her late husband Christopher Blythe, The PictureTaker©, who shot much  of the local talent (think Goddo, Frank Soda Little Red-headed dancing girland the Imps, Plateau, Buzzsaw, Hellfield….) as well as national and international acts,  Currently making her way through 40 years of Chris’s archives, Pat is currently compiling a photographic history of the local GTA music scene from 1975 to 1985. It continues to be a work in progress. Oh…..and she LOVES  to dance!

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  1. Damon Hines Says:

    Effusive in her praise, eloquent in her prose, ever-lavish in sharing gifts of beloved artists she’s long cherished, or just discovered, I’m happy A. F.! to welcome Pat Blythe, along with ALL the DBAWIS gang back from the holidays! Will prob’ly share some, at least, of the bounty after I get my ears’ and brains’ teeth sunk in! Enjoy on your OWN time, alternately! You could well, and you could well do worse!
    Or something like that! Sharing! Ta VM, 👍👍😘🎶😎😂💖💖😉

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