Peter and the Heel, the Shoe, and the Sock

Well, between the glacial pace of my computer startup and a bad case of late onset writer’s block, this will be an interesting column.

I am not going to write about what I was going to write about, which is my office. No, today I am going to write about one part of the health care system in Ontario, to give praise to an unsung group of people.

Women’s College Hospital

I have been having some health issues seen to recently. My family doctor referred me to Women’s College Hospital. One of my problems is a bed sore on my left heel. I got it when I was in an induced coma back in 2003. While it had been treated at the time, I had not really paid much attention to it since, until I mentioned it to Dr Chuong almost as an afterthought when I was at her office in July 2019. She asked me how long I had had it, and when I told her since 2003, I am certain that only her Hippocratic Oath saved me from anything more than a dirty look.

So off I went to WCH a). The wound clinic personnel were terrific! They cleaned out the ulcer, noting that I have a cat, so it must have been pretty dirty. A number of people looked at it and advised me on suitable treatment options. They advised me to buy better shoes, and I did so. My new shoes cost about my previous shoe budget for a decade, but my feet feel so much better. I can actually put weight on my left heel now, for the first time in a very long time. They are following up with me on a regular basis, and are not reluctant to refer me to specialists to address issues which they feel might come up.

I was referred by them to a wound clinic for regular treatment of my bed sore. They found a clinic really close to me. ( I had been afraid that I would have to have a visiting nurse come to my apartment, and as housekeeping is not my forte b)

I had some trepidation about anyone entering the hallowed halls of Chez Montreuil.  However, I was told that I could go to see them, which was great!)

This clinic is conveniently located three subway stops from my place. They are open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. This Christmas was rough on me, but I had an appointment at this clinic Christmas morning, which helped me cope immensely, as I didn’t have a chance to brood. The staff are very pleasant and supportive and to be honest, I hadn’t even realized that this service existed until I got referred to see them.

I am making good progress as far as my heel is concerned. Everyone is pleased with how well it is healing, and I am optimistic.

My doctor at WCH has also referred me to counselling, to help me deal with my loss and my sorrow.

Finally, I have had psoriasis for a long time. It has been exacerbated by the stress and anxiety that I have been going through over the last few years.

I am getting treatment for this condition and it is rather interesting. Several times a week, I go to WCH for a phototherapy session. This involves standing in a certain way in a light cabinet while being exposed to different bands of the light spectrum. (I now know how a TV dinner feels in the microwave!)

The really interesting part is my attire during this treatment. I must wear a pair of red goggles, a pillowcase over my head c), and a sock over a certain body part (ahem)! I don’t know what the nurse thinks when she sees me while she closes the light cabinet, but that’s probably a good thing!

I am so grateful to everyone both at WCH and my local wound clinic. These people are unsung heroes, and I just wanted to give them some recognition.

See you soon.

  1. a) Women’s College Hospital
  2. b) “…or even my fifty!” This is a silly phrase I coined many years ago.
  3. c) I kept giggling the first time I went for treatment because I kept thinking of “The Elephant Man”.

4 Responses to “Peter and the Heel, the Shoe, and the Sock”

  1. Damon Hines Says:

    Little things mean it shit ton! Glad you’re getting much needed treatment, Happy New Year, and welcome back!! Cheers, Peter. 👍👍😘🎶😁😎💖😉

  2. Damon Hines Says:

    Btw, my son was born at WCH 32 years ago this April,cso I have a serious love and respect for them too! Gawd luv ’em to pieces, then whole again! 😍👍👍💞

  3. Teresa Coulter Says:

    Another great column Peter! You are always informative and your big heart shines through your words of admiration for others! Don’t ever loose that.

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