Peter Gives Thanks

I am not ashamed to say that the time since my Dear Lois passed has been the bleakest of my entire life. I never knew that misery such as I am experiencing now was even possible. But it is, sadly, as I am sure those of you who have lost their loved ones are more than tragically aware.

Happier Times – Peter and Lois Together at Cherry Cola’s

I am doing what I can to survive, and people are pitching in to help out. “Humbling” is a word I find myself using more and more frequently to describe the tremendous spirit of cooperation in the local indie music scene, and it was never more clearly demonstrated than it was on Friday, February 7th, at Cherry Cola’s Rock N Rolla Cabaret and Lounge, when I had her Celebration of Life.

The last few months I have felt like I have been in a daze, unable to function, veering between wanting to get drunk and lying in my bed, unable to move. Thus I was unable to promote the event as well as I should have. It is difficult to overcome inertia. However, bands eagerly volunteered their talents, as the money raised would be donated to the fight against cancer, which gave me some motivation to act.

Cherish and Cherry’s

I lined up the venue, ( thank you, Cherish), and Mushy Callahan was the first group to offer their services. Now I love these guys, 4 brothers from Alberta who epitomize the spirit of indie rock. They write and practice and jam and gig and get their message, get their music out there. Why their stuff is not on mainstream radio is a mystery to me because it is damned good. Here is one of their more recent works, Deep Meadow.

Blackdog Ballroom was also on the bill, Mike offered his band right off the bat. Another of the bands I first became acquainted with when I started my epic indie rock journey, (7 years ago!), they crank out not only great original tunes, but excellent Britpop covers of everything from The Beatles to The Clash. They even brought Rob De Simone out of retirement to pound the skins for this occasion! When the countin for Sounds Like Now began to open their set, I knew that all was right with the world. Here is one of their originals, Bodhi Tree. Again, why is this wonderful music hidden away!

Jack Cerre from Black Absinthe was going to play at the show, but he got hurt at work, so he could not. He showed up anyway, which was wonderful to see. Black Absinthe has recently released a new song, Witness. It is a feast for the ears. Give a listen to it and watch for them, as they are playing in the Toronto area over the next while.

Mr! Mouray also supported the event. They too are busy writing and jamming and releasing new music. They are concentrating on doing studio work, and what great work it is! Who could not fall in love with a song called Cheesehead!

The event was well attended, it had snowed earlier and I had not promoted it as well as I should have, I was just too stricken with grief to really apply myself, sadly. (I hate the abyss I am in right now, truth be told.) 26 people came, and we raised almost $300 which I will be donating to the Saint Michael’s Hospital Palliative Care Unit shortly.

It was so nice to see some friends of my Dear Lois, like Anne and Richard and Andrew. Some who could not be there sent money anyway. Others messaged me with their regrets. Very humbling, that is a word I use a lot describing you people. Props to the sound guy for playing some Boz Scaggs and The Cult at my request.

And what a pleasure it was to see Mary Jo and Nancy and Lennon and Hem! Beautiful people, beautiful night, for a beautiful woman. I love you all.

See you soon.


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