Peter and Betty Get Ignited

My last column touched on the process of getting Internet and cable access at Chez Montreuil. As a lot happened after my press deadline, I decided this week to fill in the blanks for you, Loyal Reader.

Going back to a week ago last Monday, Betty had called Rogers to arrange for cable installation. She told me that the installer would be at our building between 8 and 10 A.M. the next day. I set the alarm the night before a), got up on time and we waited. And we waited. And we waited. Finally, at 11:00 A.M., Betty called Rogers and was told that delivery would not be until the next day. The day passed, I set the alarm clock again b) and duly got ready at the appointed time next day to “put us on line”. I took the paper bag dropped on our porch that morning and tried to get things organized in a purposeful and appropriate manner. Not only was I faced with password problems c), but finding something to write with was a huge challenge as well. As I wrote previously, I wound up calling the Rogers “help”. My mouth full of crow, I was unable to get the Internet up and running. A technician would be at our place between 8:00 A.M  and 10:00 A.M. the next morning! ” Third time’s the charm”, they say.

Rising to the back and call off my alarm, I got ” ready to rumble “. At 9:51 that morning, my phone rang. It was the Rogers technician. He informed me that he would NOT be coming into our apartment. I went out to see him in front of our building and he explained that he could not come in, but would direct me over the phone! Defeated temporarily, I retreated to Chez Montreuil.

As I am a proud luddite, I expected that the process would be complicated. He had a bit of an accent and I am an olde cranky man who didn’t want to look like a complete idiot in front of his intended.  I expected ( and got), some “static” from him about my email address “”. d) As the whole sorry process unfolded , Betty sat on the couch stifling her laughter. I kept thinking of all the bomb disposal movies I had seen in which the hero wondered whether to cut the blue wire or the green wire.

At length Technology had been conquered. The Internet was up and so was the cable. We had a new remote control, which even had a voice control. Betty tried it and then handed it to me, telling me to give it a try. Befuddled, I parroted the 3 letters sacred to most Canadian men. “TSN”. The electronic servant obeyed e) and realizing my mistake, I hurriedly “changed the channel “, saying “CNN”. To my relief, again the channel changed. Quickly I handed the remote back to Betty, hoping that she hadn’t seen my “faux pas”.

Proud Man with Working Remote

Apparently she hadn’t. She is still here, and we enjoy watching TV together.  The Internet works as well, and things are going well here at Chez Montreuil!

I am afraid that you will have to wait until next week to read my dear aunt Louise’s beautiful poem. I have nearly 6 months to get back into her good books before my birthday, so I can take a chance. Before I wrap up, never miss the chance to tell someone who is important to you that they are indeed important to you.

See you soon.

TeeVeeing Together

  1. a) Something I have rarely done since I retired, as an aside.
  2. b) Two days in a row?? I am channelling my inner Percy Sledge and yes, Google is your friend.
  3. c) Passwords may be case sensitive, need special characters or numerals. They may need to be “strong”, and they generally need to be entered twice. The problem then arises of finding a writing utensil that works and deciphering your own printing for the second entry. “Is that a Y or a 7?”
  4. d) To my surprise, not everyone I meet is a Montreal Canadiens fan. I get some grief as well over the spelling of “…phan…”, which celebrates my favourite jet,the McDonnell Douglas Phantom.
  5. e) Suddenly I remembered early in our telephone conversations when I said offhandedly that I didn’t want to watch sports on TV all the time. Betty just about came through the phone at me, she was so happy that I didn’t “hang” on sports.  Time for me to change the channel!

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  1. Andrew Cruikshank Says:

    Peter…. How do i register to receive this blog? Andrew

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