Peter Stays Cool with Lucy the Fan

This week’s column will be yet another potpourri. I have looked at several different topics to write about, but rapidly changing events and the dreadful heat which has gripped Toronto “by the throat” has made me decide to address a number of issues today.

To begin with, I was pleased with the reaction to my column last week. I will continue to write about LBGTQ2 issues from time to time, from my viewpoint as a middle aged straight white male, because I think that it’s important to examine the situation. Rereading my column, I see a few egregious errors, for example, it was the first same sex “wedding” at West Point. I believe however that people could ( and did) “connect the dots ” and understand what I meant. And take another look at the paragraph about levels of punishment applicable around the world. It is truly shocking to read it. I ask you to reflect on the fact that people can be ( and are ) executed or imprisoned in so many countries…..for whom they choose to fall in love with.

Speaking of “connecting the dots”, I see that Marmalade Mugabe a) has offered a reusable COVID 19 mask for sale to raise money for his re election fund. What do you think, Loyal Reader?

Speaking of the pandemic, I see that governments are taking the necessary step of making the wearing of masks mandatory. This is a smart move, designed to protect the general public. We are nowhere near the end of this damned COVID 19, as far as I can see, and it appears that there is yet another “wave” coming, with results which no one can foresee. Again, this is a very sensible action.

To most people, that is. However, as always, there are those who make it their business to ” unbelieve”, to spread their particular brand of disinformation. Sadly, advances in technology give them not only a pulpit, but a bullhorn to use to sway the gullible who walk among us and sadly reproduce.

So it was that on Tuesday, July 7th, 2020, a group of “people ” got on the subway at the Dundas Street station. Led by a self proclaimed ” truther” b), they boarded the train without wearing masks. They rode the subway to Yonge and Bloor, chattering about their “cause ” to anyone who listened. They also handed out pamphlets and were interviewed by the media.

Their comments are both hilarious and saddening as they fulminate against ( what else?) government “control ” of our lives/minds/hearts. c)

I get very angry at people like that, who scoff at the idea of “the common good ” and feel that their own perceived “freedom ” is of greater importance and significance than any altruistic gesture towards the rest of society.

Anyway, that’s enough “with the negative waves”, or words!

Chez Montreuil is bearing up well during this pandemic, although the nasty heat which has made an appearance has added an Olympian degree of difficulty to the entire ordeal. Last week I went out to buy some groceries and fans. I had no problem getting groceries, but I was not as lucky obtaining fans. I could only find ( and buy) one. I brought it home, Betty looked rather dubious as I unpacked it. I plugged it in, clipped it to an end table and turned it on. Betty was delighted with it, once I had turned it on.  I said that she should name it, and so “Lucy” was christened! Everybody is happy now, and I also have another air conditioner to get installed as well, so Chez Montreuil will be even cooler in the future!

Lucy the Fan

A cursory glance at my timeline will convince you that humour is a very important part of my life.  I enjoy a good laugh as much as anyone else. I am going to recommend a couple of Facebook pages for those who are of a similar mindset. “Firesign Theatre” is one, very good, very funny.  Well worth looking at. Another one is

“High Church Coyote (Episcopal Humor)”. While the occasional joke requires some knowledge of Scripture, the overwhelming majority are simply sidesplittingly funny. Again, highly recommended by me.

And finally, last year my dear friend Peter Mossman passed away. We had been close friends for several years. Like me, Peter was interested in both aviation and plastic aircraft modelling d). Last Saturday his son Terry went way beyond the call of duty and delivered some of Peter’s books to me. Betty handled the sudden appearance of 3 banker boxes of books and magazines in our living room with remarkable calm, making me love her even more! One of the treasures I found was the original artwork which Peter had made when he drew my birthday card. Priceless, unforgettable!.

The Mossman Birthday Card

That’s it for this week. Stay cool, stay safe, support local music.

See you soon.

  1. a) A current resident of public housing in Washington D.C..
  2. b) I will not dignify her by mentioning her name. She had been thrown out of a Toronto hospital the previous weekend for refusing to wear a mask.
  3. c) I personally believe that there are many people who believe that “The X-Files ” was a documentary series.
  4. d) And beer, we both liked beer.

2 Responses to “Peter Stays Cool with Lucy the Fan”

  1. Janice prince Says:

    Another great column Peter. I sympathize with you on the heat wave. It was high 30’s low 40’s last week in Winnipeg. Looking foreward to your next column. You and Betty take care. Stay cool and safe.

    • Peter Montreuil Says:

      Thank you, Janice. This heat has been rough, and we now have 2 air conditioners doing their thing at Chez Montreuil. I am glad you liked it. All the best!

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